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Friday, October 20, 2023 -- The Explosion of Anti-Semitism, Exploiting Israel, Biden's Rage

The Explosion of Anti-Semitism


I have spent a lot of time talking to Jewish friends here and in Israel in recent days.  All of us have been struck by the enormity of what we’re seeing and what is happening. 


We are in the middle of the biggest display of raw murderous anti-Semitism in the history of America.  There has never been mobs marching through the streets of our cities shouting “Death to the Jews” until now.


Jewish students on American university campuses are fearful and hiding in their dorm rooms.  The hatred for them is so pronounced that they are hiding on the campuses where their parents are paying $40,000 a year or more for their children to be educated. 


Sadly, it’s not just our colleges and universities.  Our high schools are infected with this hatred, too.  I watched a video of high school students marching through the hallway chanting, “From river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” which simply means “Kill the Jews.”


Just imagine being a Jewish student in that school.


Yes, culture wars do matter!


What we are seeing in our schools today, on our college campuses and in the streets of our major cities is explained by the neo-Marxist leftist ideology that has already transformed our university campuses and is rapidly transforming our country. 


Part of the responsibility lies with the corporatist, globalist, neocon wing of the GOP that is under the delusion that all people around the world want the same thing; that if left to their own devices they would all choose American-style freedom and democracy. 


That’s simply not true.  A good bit of the Islamic world wants a caliphate – a religious theocracy under Sharia law.  Period.  That means no religious freedom and certainly no Jews. 


And we have brought that anti-Western, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-American mindset and hatred into our country year after year after year.  And this past week, that simmering, seething anti-Semitism ripped the veil off and revealed itself, in all its rage and ugliness.


Yes, culture wars do matter.


But because the left is all in on transforming America and because too many Republicans are weak and gutless, we are now, as Chuck Schumer might say, “reaping the whirlwind.”




Exploiting Israel


Joe Biden’s White House address last night was largely what I expected.  (See next item.)  He’s doing exactly what I said he would do, and he’s doing it with the cooperation of Mitch McConnell and much of the GOP establishment. 


Support for Israel is sky-high after the Hamas massacre.  But support for Ukraine, which has depleted our weapons stockpiles, has dropped like a rock


So, not wanting to let the crisis in Israel go to waste, Biden is using Israel’s dead babies as a prop for his unpopular request for another $61 billion for Ukraine, while Israel is getting just $14 billion.  (By the way, Biden mentioned Ukraine more times than he mentioned Israel in his speech last night.)


And, for the kicker, the guy who has deliberately opened our borders is asking for money for “border security,” which will have nothing to do with actual border security.


This is the Washington Swamp doing what it does best year after year, their constituents be damned.  They are doing what the insiders want, not what you want.




Biden’s Speech


I don’t know what Brit Hume is smoking, but he thought Biden’s speech last night was “One of the best, if not the best, speeches of his presidency.”  Granted, that’s a pretty low bar, but c’mon man! 


Here are some observations in no particular order.


As I predicted, Biden stupidly suggested that Hamas does not represent the Palestinians.  Yes, they do!  It is dangerously delusional to believe otherwise.


Biden only mentioned Iran twice – highlighting how Iran is supporting Russia in Ukraine and Hamas.  In other words, Iran is the source of much of the evil and chaos in the world. 


So why on earth did he give the ayatollah $6 billion?  Why is he turning a blind eye to illegal Iranian oil sales? 


Biden did not mention that U.S. forces have been attacked multiple times in the past few days, mainly by Iranian-backed militias.


He condemned Americans as bigots, warning us about our “anti-Semitism” and “Islamophobia.”  Obviously, he doesn’t need to address the entire country about anti-Semitism.  He only needs to get his own supporters under control!


The anti-Semitism is happening on college campuses dominated by the left, in big cities, dominated by the left and in congressional districts dominated by the left that elect neo-Marxist Democrats by overwhelming margins. 


His warning on Islamophobia is disgusting.  What do Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, the mullahs of Iran, Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, etc., etc., have in common?  They are all Islamofascists and radical Islamic supremacists.


By the way, according to the latest FBI statistics on hate crimes, Jews are seven times more likely to be the victims of anti-religious hate crimes than Muslims!


Biden bragged about himself twice in his speech last night, both times regarding how he entered a war zone.  Biden so desperately wants to be seen as a “wartime president” because he knows the country tends to rally around its wartime leaders.  If we’re focused on Biden’s wars, we might forget about all his other failures.


But in their eagerness to puff up Biden’s ego, some idiot White House staffers effectively doxed the American “first responders” Biden met with in Israel by releasing a photo showing their faces.


They weren’t firefighters.  They were elite special forces.  Now, their lives may be in danger.  Their families could be in danger, and their careers may well be over.


Way to go, Joe!




Biden’s Rage


Unbelievably, Biden had the audacity to warn Israelis “not to be blinded by rage,” as we were after 9/11.  Who in the heck does he think he is? 


Jews all over the world should feel rage against the terrorists who killed more Jews in one day than any time since the Holocaust! 


“Never again” means NEVER AGAIN!


Biden is blinded by rage for his fellow Americans who just want to make America great again.  He’s got the FBI monitoring them.  He’s throwing them in jail.  He’s called them “semi-fascists.” 


No, Joe, the real fascists are the ones marching in the streets and in our schools chanting, “Gas the Jews” and calling for the destruction of Israel.


I have news for Joe Biden:  I still feel rage over the 9/11 atrocities committed by the brothers-in-arms of the thugs who just slaughtered Israelis.  That was the most outrageous line of his speech!


Are Israelis marching through the streets chanting, “Gas the Muslims”?  Are Jewish mobs attacking Arab embassies in Israel?  Of course, not! 


But that’s exactly what is happening throughout the Muslim world against Jews and against America.  Biden should be telling those people to drop their “anti-Semitism.”  


He should be telling Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, who is calling for a worldwide “general mobilization” of Muslims to pipe down.  He should be on the phone with his buddies in Tehran, who just declared another “day of rage.”




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Good News


  • Seventy-five Israeli peace activists denounced the so-called “progressive left” for celebrating the barbaric atrocities committed by Hamas.


  • The Franciscan University of Steubenville, a Catholic university, is offering an immediate transfer opportunity to Jewish students suffering from anti-Semitic harassment on other university campuses.


  • Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is forcing a Chinese state-owned company to sell its farmland in the Natural State.  Gov. Sanders also issued an executive order banning woke language, like “birthing people” and “chestfeeding,” from state documents.


  • A federal judge upheld Idaho’s commonsense law requiring students to use bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond to their biological sex. 



  • The California ad firm responsible for the Dylan Mulvaney Bud Light disaster fired 20% of its staff, including several top executives, in a major “reorganization.”