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Friday, October 13, 2023 -- Day Of Rage, Get Serious, Still No Speaker

Day Of Rage


Hamas’s day of rage and jihad is off to a predictable start.  Protests erupted in multiple Arab cities.  An Israeli embassy worker in Beijing was attacked.  A teacher in France was murdered and two others were wounded by a jihadist screaming, “Allahu Akbar!” 


Meanwhile, campus demonstrations in this country are spreading.  (See below.)  Security all over Washington, D.C., and other major cities has been increased. 


But there is one critically important thing that isn’t being done:  Our southern border isn’t being closed.  A record number of terrorist suspects have crossed our wide-open southern border, and even now Joe Biden and the Democrat Party refuse to do anything about it.


Why?  Because they are too busy “fundamentally transforming” America with a new population of future Democrat voters.


Every day, people from terrorist infested countries are pouring across that border.  Since Joe Biden took office, Border Patrol agents have apprehended more than 6,000 Afghans, 3,000 Egyptians, 1,600 Pakistanis, 650 Iranians and 500 Syrians at the southern border.  And that’s just the ones we caught!  Many more were “gotaways.”


Every day the odds grow that we will wake up one morning to the same horror Israel suffered last Saturday because Joe Biden and his party refuse to secure the border.




Get Serious, GOP


Many Republicans have been on TV this week, thankfully supporting Israel and expressing their outrage over how disgusting it was to see murderous Hamas terrorists crossing into Israel to kill women and children. 


Sadly, few of them are bringing up our open borders in these interviews, but this is the perfect time to bring it up when we see what border laxity contributed to in Israel.  Connect the dots for the American people, and make the Democrats pay a political price.


Why do I have to tell the GOP this?  There are many Republicans who claim to be strong on national defense, yet they have been virtually silent on the border. 


It should be very easy, especially now, during an interview on Fox News or CNN to say, “We know bad people are crossing our borders.  We need to get serious and close our border now.  Border security is national security.”


Every Republican should be saying this 20 times a day!


I’m no prophet, but here’s what I predict:  As soon we have a new Speaker of the House, a bill will be on the floor to support Israel, stuffed with aid to Ukraine.  And if there is any money in that bill for our border, it won’t be to secure the border, but to more quickly process the millions of people crossing into our country. 


If that happens, the GOP will lose at least a million of its voters who won’t bother to show up next November.


House Republicans should attach serious border security measures to every piece of legislation that passes the chamber.  Even if they are renaming a post office – add 20 miles of new border wall to it, and force the Democrats to own Joe Biden’s open border crisis.




The Red/Green Alliance


There’s a Red/Green alliance on the left that is right now most obvious on our college campuses.  The “Red” are godless Marxists and the “Green” are radical Islamists, who worship a god that they believe wants them to “kill the infidel.”


So, the Marxists and the radical Islamists make common cause to destroy Western Civilization, the two pillars of which are the United States and Israel. 


One constant theme on the political left (which is also used by radical Islamists) is, “End the occupation, and drive the colonizers out.” 


Israelis are only “occupying” their historic homeland.  But to the Marxists and Islamists, Israeli Jews are “colonizers,” and their victims are the Muslim Palestinians. 


Never mind that Jews were in Israel thousands of years ago, and that Jerusalem has only ever been the capital of the Jewish people.  Islam did not exist until centuries after the birth of Jesus Christ.  The idea that Jews are “interlopers” is insane.  It defies history and logic.


This Red/Green alliance thinks we, too, are colonizers here in the United States.  They believe this is “occupied land.”  You even hear it now in woke corporate announcements.  That’s why Columbus Day has been hijacked for “Indigenous Peoples Day.”  (By the way, some of those indigenous people were cannibals!)


The Black Lives Matter movement astonished some people when it issued a statement supporting Hamas.  It shouldn’t have surprised anyone.  The statement equated the condition of black Americans to Palestinians who are “resisting 75 years of settler colonialism and apartheid.”


Nearly 10 years ago, riots erupted in Ferguson, Missouri, after a police officer used deadly force in self-defense.  Many were surprised when the anti-police crowds made common cause with Palestinian activists.  But both forces viewed law enforcement, whether American or Israeli, as “instruments of colonial oppression,” and leftist demonstrators in Ferguson claimed “kinship” with the radical Palestinians.


Back to our universities.  Thousands of radical students celebrated after the massacre in Israel.  If Israel was defeated, and there was a second Holocaust, most of these radicals would dance with joy.


These student demonstrators, many of whom shouldn’t be in America, also yearn for the day when they can celebrate the destruction of this country and our conquest by Islam.


That is, after all, the ultimate goal, according to one top Hamas leader – a world dominated by Islam with “no Zionism and no treacherous Christianity.”




No Safe Spaces


Deranged barbarians at the University of Washington held a pro-Hamas demonstration yesterday.  They advertised the event with pictures of paragliders, like the ones Hamas terrorists used in Saturday’s attack.


Terrified Jewish students pleaded with administrators to step in and stop the demonstration calling for the death of Jews.   But, while the university will kick you out for defacing a LGBTQ flag, they stood by and defended the Hamas call for genocide as “free speech.” 


An instructor at Stanford this week asked the Jewish and Israeli students to identify themselves.  When a few students raised their hands, he told them to go stand in a corner.  He divided the room between the “colonized” and the “colonizers,” and then went on an anti-Semitic, anti-Israel rant.


Imagine being a Jewish student in that classroom or on the campus of the University of Washington.


When any conservative speaks on a university campus, university officials are quick to set up “safe spaces” for counseling because some students had to hear conservative ideas, which they consider “violence.”


But Jewish students hearing celebrations for the murders of Jews don’t get safe spaces or counseling.  They are mocked instead.


By the way, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) issued talking points to students to help them push back against any pro-Israel statements that might have been released by their colleges or schools in response to the atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists.  That’s disgusting!


Adding insult to injury is the fact that the Biden White House is partnering with CAIR in its efforts to – wait for it – combat anti-Semitism!  That’s like inviting a pack of wolves to a discussion on how to save livestock.




Still No Speaker


After narrowly winning the speakership nomination during a House GOP caucus vote Wednesday, Majority Leader Steve Scalise struggled all day yesterday to cobble together enough votes to prevail on the House floor. 


By late afternoon, it was apparent that he would not get the votes needed, and Scalise dropped out of the race last night.


At a caucus meeting today, Kevin McCarthy was nominated, but he withdrew from consideration.  Acting Speaker Patrick McHenry also shot down suggestions that he would continue in his current position.  House Democrats are also making offers to McHenry, with strings attached, of course.


This afternoon, two House Republicans squared off in the race for speaker – Rep. Jim Jordan (OH) and Rep. Austin Scott (GA).  Jordan prevailed 124 to 81.  He now faces the difficult task of getting to 217 to claim the gavel on the House floor.


Many press reports are predictably blaming conservatives for the ongoing stalemate.  That’s wrong.  There are a handful of moderates who are also being very obstinate.  But since the GOP is supposedly a conservative party, it seems House Republicans should err on the side of satisfying their conservative base.




Good News


  • A Florida judge ruled that a Christian teacher should not be punished for refusing to lie about a student’s gender by using “preferred pronouns.”  The judge declared that transgenderism has become “a new secular faith.”


  • The North Carolina legislature overrode two vetoes by the state’s liberal governor to pass election integrity legislation.  Among other things, the new laws require absentee ballots to be received by Election Day and “Zuck bucks” are banned.


  • A federal judge in Oklahoma upheld the state’s law protecting children from mutilating and sterilizing transgender procedures.  In his decision, Judge John Heil declared, “The Oklahoma Legislature can rationally take the side of caution before permitting irreversible medical treatments of its children.”


  • The National Hockey League banned the use of “pride tape” on hockey sticks.  The move comes as the NHL leadership seeks to prevent the game and its players from getting caught up in “distractions.”



  • The New York Times is having second thoughts about Ibram X. Kendi and critical race theory.