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Friday, November 6, 2020 -- A Colossal Embarrassment, Time For Unity, More Jobs

A Colossal Embarrassment
For decades, the United States has pressured former rogue nations that want to be taken seriously by telling them, "You must have fair and transparent elections.  That is how you get taken seriously as a country.  We would like to monitor your upcoming election." 
We tell them that U.S. observers will examine ballot security measures to ensure that ballots are going to citizens of their country and that each citizen is getting one and not multiple ballots.
We tell them that U.S. observers want to be at the ballot counting locations, and that we want to see that representatives of all parties are able to observe the counting process. 
And we tell them that we want to watch the reporting process from the central election authority so we can ensure that ballots are secured from the time they are counted to the time the results are reported.
Under the criteria we have used to judge other countries, we have not met our own obligation for free and fair elections in city after city that is run by left-wing socialist Democrats.  That should bring a sense of outrage and shame to all Americans.
The State Department should say we will no longer send representatives to judge other countries because Democrats just proved we are incapable of upholding the standards we expect of other nations.
Time For Unity?
There is a growing chorus of commentators, Democrats, Biden campaign aides, and even some Republicans who were AWOL the last four years, saying to President Trump that it is time to stop the partisanship and bring the country together. 
I understand why the left and their media allies say that.  But hearing Republicans, such as Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, say that is infuriating.  Do they not remember what happened four years ago?
The left spent the past four years refusing to accept the results of the 2016 elections! 
Rather than help unify the country, they formed the "Resistance."  They screamed at the sky.  They boycotted Trump's inauguration.  They rioted during the inauguration.  They accused the president of being a traitor and a Russian asset. They impeached the president over a phone call.
Adam Schiff went on TV time and again and declared that the "evidence of collusion is in plain sight."  He never apologized for that lie and his part in the country never coming together these last four years.
And now they expect us to just fall in line?! 
Who Would Trust Them?
Yesterday I noted that if Democrats are willing to abort a baby in the ninth month of pregnancy, we shouldn't be surprised that they are willing to cheat to win an election.  But that's not the only reason we should be skeptical of what is going on in the Democrat-dominated cities that are still counting ballots. 
The mayors who are turning in the worst totals are the same mayors who were willing to let their cities burn rather than call President Trump and ask for the National Guard to help restore order. 
These are the same mayors who are willing to handcuff and defund their own police departments.  They are morally suspect leftists, who reject the Judeo-Christian views that guide and govern us. 
Thank you!
The president is continuing to fight the left's efforts to hijack the election.  In the meantime, I want to remind you of all the incredible things we can thank him for accomplishing for the conservative cause.
Before this is over, he's on the way to bringing in ten million more voters for the GOP.
He has gotten the highest percentage of minorities to vote Republican than any candidate in modern history.
On his coattails we elected 14 pro-life Republican women to the House so far, along with pro-life champions Marsha Blackburn, Joni Ernst and Cynthia Lummis in the Senate. 
He set the standard for how any future Republican leader should fight the radical left and the media.
He has given us the best chance of ending abortion on demand than any Republican president in the history of our country.
We were one vote away on the Supreme Court from losing our religious liberty and our Second Amendment rights.  Trump stopped that assault. 
He has been the strongest ally Israel ever had in the White House, and he successfully negotiated peace deals between Israel and three majority-Muslim nations.
He dramatically reformed the tax code and massively rolled back regulations.
He aggressively confronted communist China and renegotiated unfair trade deals.
And if we prevail over the left's cheating and fraud, just imagine what President Trump can accomplish in another four years!
Democrat Divisions
"Dumpster fire." "Unexpected disappointment." "Catastrophe." "Abysmal." 

That's how some House Democrats and others in the media are describing their party's performance Tuesday night. 
Democrats promised to go on offense "deep into Trump territory."  They expected gains of 10 to 15 seats.  That didn't happen.  Not a single Republican incumbent lost, and Republicans won "deep in Democrat territory," flipping two South Florida seats and holding open seats we were expected to lose. 
With many races still not called, Democrats have lost at least half a dozen seats.  As a result, the number of pro-life Republican women in the House of Representatives will double next year. 
Yesterday, House Democrats vented their frustrations on a caucus conference call.  While Speaker Nancy Pelosi insists she has a mandate for her far-left agenda, others aren't so sure. 
Rep. Jim Clyburn, a member of Pelosi's leadership team, said, "If we are going to run on Medicare for All, defund the police, socialized medicine, we're not going to win."
Rep. Abigail Spanberger was more emphatic, telling her colleagues, "We lost races we shouldn't have lost.  Defund police almost cost me my race. . . Don't say 'Socialism' ever again. . .  If we run this race again we will get f---ing torn apart again in 2022."
Spanberger's remarks are a clear indication of the fight that is brewing within the Democrat Party.  Even New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is blaming New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for setbacks in the Empire State.
Democrats suffered a humiliating setback at the state level as well.  Republicans are well-positioned to control the redistricting process that will determine the congressional maps for the 2022 elections.
That said, Democrats aren't the only party with major problems.  The silence of many Republican politicians in recent days has not gone unnoticed by grassroots conservatives, the president or his family.
More Jobs
We got another stellar jobs report this morning as the economy continues to recover from the pandemic.  Last month, 638,000 new jobs were created, far more than the 538,000 economists expected.  The unemployment rate fell a full point from 7.9% to 6.9%, a much bigger drop than economists had predicted.
And CNBC notes that the October figures were weighed down by the loss of 147,000 temporary Census workers.