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Friday, May 31, 2024 -- What Now

What Now


The neo-Marxist left has just pushed America to the edge of an abyss. Can we keep the constitutional Republic that our Founding Fathers gave us? Or will we become just another banana republic? The fate of our nation is in your hands.


You may be sick of hearing, “This is the most important election in my lifetime.” Well, that’s not an exaggeration anymore.




The left is so desperate to maintain power that it has perverted the rule of law in order to rule. They have lost faith in democracy and won’t accept losing again. So, they have resorted to throwing their political opponents in jail on trumped-up charges – just like they do in communist China, Cuba, and North Korea.


For all the left’s talk about Donald Trump wanting to be a dictator, Joe Biden and his leftist allies are the ones acting like dictators!


We have one last chance to make sure this isn’t our last election!


With that in mind, here are a few thoughts about where we are and what comes next.




Number One


If you haven’t been praying for Donald Trump and his family, do so now. To see what this man has been put through and what he continues to endure because he insists on speaking for Middle America is disgusting and outrageous.


I can’t think of another political figure on our side who by now would not have collapsed, surrendered, or walked away from it all. The odds of finding another fighter like Donald Trump are long indeed.


And yet this morning, I listened to one of his attorneys say that Trump is resolute and strong. He said that the legal team was crestfallen, but Trump looked at them and said, “I’m all right. It’s going to be all right.”




Number Two


By mid-morning, I saw Governor Doug Burgum, Senators Cotton and Rubio, and other congressional Republicans coming to Trump’s defense. Where the heck is everyone else? Did their alarm clocks fail to go off this morning?


Every Republican congressman should be in front of a camera or microphone denouncing this travesty of justice. Where are they?


Where is Nikki Haley? When I checked her social media this morning there was nothing about the outrageous Manhattan verdict. Where is Chris Christie? There’s not enough room to name all the spineless cowards.


Thankfully, many Americans are stepping up. Trump’s campaign reportedly raised nearly $35 million since the verdict was announced.




Number Three


I’ve talked to a lot of people since the crushing news yesterday afternoon. They were bemoaning how divided the country is. I get it. I wish it was 1955 or even 1985, but it isn’t.


The left is going for the jugular, while too many people on our side are playing the equivalent of political pickleball.


We are all horrified over how divided our country is today. But in all pivotal moments in history, there is deep division. That’s what makes them pivotal moments.


As the news was breaking yesterday, Rep. Jamie Raskin was making an argument I’ve never heard before. He believes Attorney General Merrick Garland can force Justices Alito and Thomas to recuse themselves from any case related to Donald Trump. That is insane!


But that’s the moment we are in. They are willing to do whatever they have to do.


They are celebrating the fact that a local prosecutor in a Democrat-dominated city can jail or cripple a presidential candidate of the opposition party. If that idea had ever been thought of before, the American Republic would have ceased to exist long ago.


But that’s the moment we are in.


This is not a normal time, and we must break out of the mindset of insisting that we only play by normal rules.




Number Four


Mark Levin is urging an immediate appeal to the Supreme Court. I don’t see many people on our side suggesting that is possible. The consensus, which may be wrong, is that a successful appeal that reverses this decision is unlikely to happen before the election.


That means the only way to reverse this is the election, and all of us must redouble our efforts.


Make sure all your like-minded friends and family members are registered to vote.


Find one person who is on the fence and bring them our way. Maybe it’s a child, a co-worker, or a friend at church.


Don’t waste your time with die-hard liberals. But if you know someone who is still undecided and open to real conversations, that’s the person you should focus on.




Number Five


It was very telling yesterday to see the glee on the left. Hillary Clinton was cracking jokes about the outrageous verdict. Alvin Bragg was bragging during his press conference. Various commentators were elated about the knife that was just plunged into the American Republic.


Anyone you know who is happy about this verdict is a danger to you, your family, and our country. It’s as simple as that. They are enabling totalitarianism.


Celebrating this disgusting verdict is the equivalent of dancing on America’s grave!




Number Six


Many serious analysts believe that Judge Merchan should have immediately recused himself. He is a donor to Joe Biden. He is totally compromised by his own and his family’s obvious partisanship.


The political consulting firm his daughter, Loren, works for has gotten a lot of money from Democrat candidates, including $10 million from the Biden and Harris campaigns in 2020.


Trump is being threatened with a loss of his liberty not from a jury of his peers but from a kangaroo court run by his political enemies.




Number Seven


Trump’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for July 11th -- one week after we celebrate our nation’s Independence Day and four days before the Republican National Convention that will officially nominate him begins.


In addition, the first presidential debate is scheduled for June 27th. I predict that the worse Biden does in the debate, the worse Trump’s sentence will be on July 11th. Does that sound like America to you?




Number Eight


At one point last night, so many people were trying to donate to Donald Trump that the campaign website crashed, but they quickly got it back up and running.


There is no way Joe Biden can win in November if the election is a referendum on his record and what his policies are doing to America.


In the real world, 78% of Americans say that fast food is now a luxury purchase for their family, and 73% say our country is out of control.


Yesterday’s outrageous verdict certainly proves that our country is out of control.


We must regain control. We must save America from the neo-Marxist left!


Please stand with me now!