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Friday, May 3, 2024 -- Biden's Prayer Proclamation, Leading From Behind, Hope vs. Hate

Biden’s Prayer Proclamation


President Biden issued a proclamation Wednesday recognizing the National Day of Prayer. I know the National Day of Prayer organizers were very happy he did that. And he actually mentioned God twice. That’s a big improvement over other proclamations he has issued. (Here and here.)


But when I heard the news, I quickly left Washington because I was worried lightning might smite the city. In my view, there’s nothing good about Biden issuing his proclamation in the wake of his constant promoting of abortion on demand and forcing our daughters to share bathrooms with boys.


This is a president who has declared war on men and women who love Jesus and who love America.  Applauding this proclamation is like applauding an enemy for his effective use of camouflage.


If even one percent of Christians are fooled by this proclamation and Biden gets four more years to deconstruct America, we will rue the day we thought it was a great accomplishment that he issued this statement.




Leading From Behind


Joe Biden finally mustered the courage to speak out against anti-Semitism yesterday. He waited to say anything until after local leaders took action to shut down these abhorrent demonstrations of hate. Talk about leading from behind!


Sadly, the statement itself was terrible. It was full of equivocation. He called for order while, at the same time, defending the protests. Even worse, he again conflated anti-Semitism with Islamophobia.


Every time he does that, it is more proof that he has no moral capacity to lead.


There is not one incident that I am aware of indicating that Islamophobia is a major problem on college campuses. Jewish students have not been rampaging on our campuses attacking Muslims. Jewish students have not been cheering vicious terrorism, sexual violence, and chanting calls for genocide.


What we’re seeing is raw Jew-hatred. Period. End of story. It’s Jewish students who are being verbally harassed and physically assaulted.


But the sad reality is that Joe Biden is so terrified of losing Muslim votes in Michigan and Minnesota that he cannot directly condemn anti-Semitism without giving equal time to Islamophobia, even though much of the anti-Semitism is the result of Islamic supremacism.


Now, I’m going to be picky about the English language.


Anti-Semitism is a hatred of Jews. What is Islamophobia? Well, a phobia is a fear of something. Claustrophobia is the fear of confined spaces. Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders. So, if you are an Islamophobe, then you fear Islam. That’s not necessarily hatred.


Some may argue that phobias are irrational. But fear of Islamic supremacists is rational.


Have we forgotten 9/11? Have we forgotten the constant stream of attacks committed in the name of Islam by Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, the Islamic State, and the Islamic Republic of Iran?


Every year, the whole world braces when Ramadan starts. Do countries brace themselves during Passover or Christmas? No. But there is a reason why Ramadan causes such concern.


Once again, Mr. Biden, you have proven yourself to be a moral midget. You care about nothing other than your own power. God help America if you get four more years.




Hope vs. Hate


After Donald Trump left the courthouse yesterday, he picked up pizzas and took them to a nearby fire station. He unexpectedly walked in and was greeted by cheers from the firemen. Nice move, Mr. President. It must drive Biden nuts!


But there’s a part of the story that has been rarely mentioned. When Trump walked in, several firemen said essentially this, “Mr. President, save us.” I can’t fully explain why, but when I read that, I teared up.


There is a simple truth in it -- we need to be saved. Spiritually, we need God. But America politically needs to be saved from the forces that have been unleashed on us.


Millions of Americans know just how close we are to America being over.  Mr. President, please save us!


The hope that those firemen see in Donald Trump explains the hate that has him locked in a courtroom as the people trying to destroy America as we know it do their best to prevent him from campaigning against Joe Biden.


But every time something like this happens -- a spontaneous crowd of cheering construction workers or a rally outside the bodega where a worker who defended himself was unfairly prosecuted -- it makes Biden and his henchmen more fearful and more committed to destroying Donald Trump so they can finish destroying us.




The Left’s Coalition


Atheists. Convicts. Illegal aliens. Radicalized students. Pro-abortion extremists. Socialists and Marxists. America-haters. Biology deniers.


That’s quite a motley crew. Not exactly the crowd you would invite to your upcoming summer barbeque or the kind of people you would entrust with our national security.


But those groups make up a powerful coalition. Any guess what it’s called?


That’s today’s Democrat Party.


I thought about that as I read a disturbing new report from the Heritage Foundation about an executive order Biden issued not long after he occupied the Oval Office.


The order was purportedly intended to expand voting opportunities. But the Biden White House and its left-wing allies are putting a heavy emphasis on registering convicts to vote.


There’s a saying that comes to mind: “You’re known by the company you keep.”




2024 Update


  • Another poll released this week finds Donald Trump leading Joe Biden in seven key battleground states. Trump’s lead expands in multi-candidate matchups featuring Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


  • Robert Kennedy, Jr., challenged Joe Biden to drop out of the presidential race if polling continues to show that he can’t beat Donald Trump.


  • Donald Trump will make history later this month when he becomes the first major party presidential candidate to address the Libertarian Party’s national convention. Libertarians and Republicans don’t agree on everything, but all Americans who care about freedom need to be united this November.


  • There has been a major shift among Catholic voters. Four years ago, Biden won Catholic voters by five points. Now, he’s losing them by 12 points.




Issues & Threats


Everywhere we look, Americans see how the Left is failing to address serious issues while ignoring and even creating threats to our security and safety. Will we change course this November? It may be our last chance.


Read more in my latest opinion piece at AFA’s The Stand.




Good News


  • Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed legislation requiring all sheriffs to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement when criminal illegal aliens are in custody. This is a big step toward reining in sanctuary cities in the Peach State.


  • Kelly Girtz, mayor of Athens, Georgia, is facing a recall effort for his support of sanctuary city policies, which are partly to blame for the murder of Laken Riley.


  • Seventeen state attorneys general (all Republicans) are suing the Biden administration over its latest pro-abortion mandate that distorts a law meant to help pregnant workers.


  • More states are taking steps to protect their elections from interference and meddling by the federal government.


  • Four states – Florida, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Utah – are taking steps to protect their sovereignty from the WHO’s pandemic treaty.