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Friday, March 22, 2024 -- Biden's Border Invasion, Biden Betrays Israel, Schumer's Shame

Biden’s Border Invasion


Hundreds of illegal aliens massed outside of El Paso, Texas, and marched toward our border. Members of the Texas National Guard attempted to block them, but the mob attacked our troops and stampeded over the border.


The fact that these illegal aliens felt they could get away with this assault on our country is proof of just how much Joe Biden has weakened our country.


Some say we need more workers, so they turn a blind eye to this invasion.  Well, do we need more squatters invading our homes? 


Thanks to Biden’s lawlessness, an illegal alien from Venezuela has become a major influencer on TikTok. When he’s not defending criminal aliens in our country, he’s teaching illegal aliens how to occupy our homes and become squatters!


Every day, the left is sabotaging the rule of law and erasing boundaries.


When you erase the boundary at the border, then the boundary that protects your house eventually goes, too. If foreigners are willing to illegally enter our country, they will illegally enter your home.  They are already occupying your school, your hospital, etc., etc.


But that’s not all.


The left is also erasing the boundary between what a boy is and what a girl is. They are erasing the boundary between you as a parent and your children by allowing radical teachers to “socially transition” your child at school without your knowledge. And if you object, bureaucrats will take your child away from you.


But none of that matters to the people who are governing illegally and who were likely elected illegally.


And while our sovereignty is being surrendered before our eyes, the one political figure in America who is committed to securing our border, Donald Trump, is being financially destroyed by the same neo-Marxist left that is encouraging this invasion. 


The hour is late, indeed, my friends. We are fast running out of time to save our country.


Help me fight back!




Biden Betrays Israel


The U.N. Security Council voted this morning on yet another resolution condemning Israel and demanding a ceasefire in the war against Hamas. Any previous administration would have vetoed this resolution. But not only did the Biden administration support it, they sponsored it!


Joe Biden just stabbed Israel in the back at the United Nations and helped that corrupt institution condemn Israel yet again. He sponsored a resolution demanding that Israel stop fighting back against radical Islamic terrorists.


The U.N. doesn’t need Biden’s help bashing Israel. It passes more than a dozen resolutions against Israel, the world’s only Jewish state, every year.


And what did he get for it? Russia and communist China vetoed it because it didn’t go far enough to restrain Israel.


Meanwhile, Biden has summoned representatives of the Israeli government to Washington, D.C. They will arrive Sunday to be lectured by the White House about what they can and can’t do.


The Israeli delegation will be led by my good friend, Ron Dermer, the former Israeli ambassador to the United States and one of the finest men I know. 


Ron Dermer, as an Israeli Jew, can defend Judeo-Christian civilization with more passion, more knowledge, and more intellect than any of the moral midgets he will meet at the White House.




Schumer’s Shame


After Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer’s unprecedented and outrageous attack on Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu asked for the opportunity to address Senate Democrats. Schumer refused.


In his disgusting speech on the Senate floor, Schumer twice used the word “pariah” to describe Israel and its coalition government. Think about that. While the Jewish state is defending itself, Schumer says the world sees Israel as a “pariah.”


Senator Schumer, are you referring to the world that is meeting at the United Nations this week -- a collection of various thugs, authoritarian leaders, and secular globalists? Are you afraid that Israel will become a “pariah” to them? They are the pariahs!


Before the modern nation of Israel was restored, the overwhelming majority of Jews in the world lived in Europe, where they were treated like pariahs. They had no nation to speak for them and no power to defend themselves when they were victimized, expelled from one nation to another, and killed.


When the death toll reached six million, the remaining Jews were able to restore their homeland, where they were immediately treated like pariahs again and attacked by five Muslim nations at the same time.


Sen. Schumer, you should be ashamed of yourself. You should be banned from every synagogue in America. 




Now That’s Ironic


I was watching the financial network CNBC this morning when one of the network’s commentators blasted the announcement by Russia that it would begin seizing the bank accounts of LGBTQ organizations that the Russian government views as “extreme.”


Isn’t it ironic that here in America, opposing the LGBTQ movement’s extreme agenda of exposing little children to radical ideas about gender can get your bank account frozen? Of course, that doesn’t bother anyone in the American media.




Surrender Caucus Strikes Again


There is an intentional effort by Republican quislings to surrender the House of Representatives to the Democrats.


In 2022, the GOP won the House with the smallest majority in nearly 100 years. They could only afford to lose four votes on any issue. Then they expelled George Santos because he lied about his background. If that’s the criteria for expulsion, a lot more politicians need to go.


Santos’s seat is a swing district and it swung back to the Democrats in a special election. Then a really peculiar thing started to happen. Establishment Republicans, who cannot come to grips with a new populist, America First GOP, started to get out.


They’d rather land big lobbying jobs, get hired by big corporations, and be a commentator on a left-wing network than take tough votes like securing our border or stopping wasteful foreign aid. 


Most loyal members of either party know that the one thing you cannot do, even if you have already announced your retirement, is walk away from your seat before the end of your term, especially if you’re in a swing district.


Not only did the GOP kick Santos out, but a Republican from Ohio left at the beginning of the year to take a job as a university president. Now Colorado Congressman Ken Buck is leaving, and Wisconsin Congressman Mike Gallagher announced today that he will be leaving next month.


Make no mistake about it: This is an intentional effort by gutless traitors to hand the House over to the neo-Marxist Democrats before the November elections to help guarantee that we lose the election and the country. 





For Such A Time As This


This Saturday is the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Purim.  It is a celebration of the deliverance of the Jewish people described in the Book of Esther.


A Persian king, probably Xerxes, was convinced by his advisor, Haman, to kill all the Jews in the kingdom. The king did not realize that Esther, his own wife, was herself a Jew.


Esther is urged by Mordechai to go to her husband, the king, and save the Jewish people. She was afraid at first. No one spoke to the king unless he asked for them. The penalty was death.


In the Book of Esther, Chapter 4:14, Mordecai says to her:


“For if you keep silent at such a time as this, relief and deliverance will rise for the Jews from another quarter, but you and your father’s house will perish. And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”


For such a time as this. This will be an especially significant Purim for Jews in Israel and around the world. How many, when they read about Haman, the would-be Jew-killer, will hear the name Hamas, which came “to annihilate all Jews, young and old, women and children, in one day.” (Esther 3:13)


Esther is a revered figure among both Christians and Jews. Her name will live on long after the cowards currently leading America are in the dustbin of history.