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Friday, March 20, 2020 -- More Actions, A Tale Of Two War Rooms, Joe vs. The Times

More Major Actions
President Trump announced today that he is ordering all non-essential travel at the southern border to shut down.  A similar order was issued on the Canadian border earlier this week.  The president took this action to "reduce the incentive for a mass global migration that would badly deplete" the U.S. healthcare system.
In addition, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has now delayed the tax filing deadline to July 15th, and the governors of California and New York issued executive orders closing more businesses and telling all residents to remain home. 
A Tale Of Two War Rooms
Watching President Trump and Vice President Pence put together their war room of top medical experts along with leaders of corporate America to direct the battle against the coronavirus has been astonishing and inspirational.  Every day they brief the American people at least once, often twice. 
I can tell you from personal knowledge that this team at the White House, including the president and vice president, is working 18 to 20 hours a day.  Please pray for them, for their health and for their families.
There is some indication that the American people, who have been deeply divided, are watching this and reevaluating their views of the administration. 
For example, last month a Harris poll had the president's approval rating at 46%.  A new Harris poll released today now finds his approval rating is 53%. 
On the question of how Trump is handling the coronavirus emergency, 56% of Americans give the president a positive rating.  Those saying they trust information from the White House is up to 61%. 
An ABC News poll also finds similar results, showing that 55% of Americans approve of Trump's handling of the virus crisis.
Now today we're learning about a second war room set, this one set up by the left.  Reading this, you might think, "Great!  They are joining the battle against the virus, too."  Sadly, you'd be wrong. 
This war room has one purpose – to hurt the Trump/Pence Administration.  It is staffed by former aides to Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton, and it is funded by so-called "dark money" that is difficult to trace. 
They are getting together several times a day to plot attacks against whatever decisions the president makes.  This group and allied organizations are running ads in five states – Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
I've been around Washington a long time, and I have seen a lot of examples of craven politics.  But I've never seen anything quite like this. 
These leftist hacks are standing on the corpses of fellow Americans in order get a better shot at Donald Trump, Mike Pence and others in the administration who are working nonstop, doing their best to save the country from a virus.  It is disturbing and obscene.
Speaking Of Disturbing. . .
There was very disturbing news this morning about four U.S. senators – three Republicans and one Democrat.  I'm not going to name them yet because we only have partial information, and I want a few questions answered so I don't inappropriately smear several senators.
Here's the gist of it:  These senators reportedly got a briefing on the growing signs that the coronavirus was going to be a huge problem before the American people were fully informed.  There's nothing wrong with that.  They are policy makers and need to have all the information possible. 
But here's the rub: These senators then reportedly unloaded millions of dollars of stock before the financial meltdown.
If the allegations as reported are true, it is morally despicable and possibly illegal.  There are questions about whether these senators violated the STOCK Act, legislation passed in 2012 intended to prevent insider trading by members of Congress and other government officials. 
I'll update you as we learn more.
Joe vs. The Times
MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, who was once a Republican but has turned into the worst type of leftist demagogue, had a rare moment of lucidity yesterday.  Don't invest too much in the moment, I'm sure it will pass. 
But I'm pleased to report that he was troubled by the clear trend of American media outlets eagerly accepting the word of the communist Chinese government over that of western governments, as well as the president and vice president of the United States. 
In his remarks, Scarborough specifically called out the New York Times, the flagship of the American left.  Here's some of what he said:
"Western media outlets have to be far more careful because I'm seeing a surge from The New York Times [and] other articles where they are literally taking the word of Chinese authorities despite what has happened over the past three months, despite the lying, despite the cover-ups, despite the destruction of records. . .
"I don't know exactly why they're doing it, but they're showing a hell of a lot more skepticism towards western governments right now, than they are towards the Chinese authorities that actually spread this through their cover-ups, through their lies.  I don't understand it."
Well, I do, Joe, and it speaks volumes about the mindset of the American media that they trust Beijing's communists more than they trust the American president.  This same media has been telling us for years that President Trump can't be trusted because he's a fascist and a Russian asset and an idiot and mentally unstable and fill in the blank.
The Chinese Communist Party lied repeatedly about the virus. 
It harassed doctors who warned about the coming crisis, and accused them of lying. 
It lied to the rest of the world
It refused to share vital information, and made this crisis so much worse
For all these reasons and more, I and other conservative leaders recently urged the administration to investigate China's responsibility for this outbreak.
By the way, China has imprisoned at least one million of its Muslim citizens in reeducation camps.  Many are being pressed into forced labor.  The rights of Muslims are usually a big priority to the left, but apparently not if you have to criticize communists.