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Friday, June 18, 2021 -- Demoralizing The Police, Confronting Communist China, Life Is Winning


Demoralizing The Police
As I have noted in previous reports, the left's efforts to constantly restrain and demoralize the police are an alternative way to effectively defund the police.  Here's the latest example.
Portland, Oregon, has always been a hotbed of protests. So, it was no surprise when riots erupted there last year.  What was somewhat surprising to many residents was the frequency and severity of the riots.   
A federal courthouse in Portland was under siege for weeks last summer.  It was attacked again this year.  (Insurrection, anyone?)
To combat the constant rioting, roughly 50 Portland police officers agreed to form a voluntary rapid response team that could quickly deploy to deal with social unrest.  They were the first to rush into the breach. 
They were routinely assaulted with fireworks, lasers, rocks, feces, etc.  Left-wing protesters doxed these officers and threatened their families. 
Portland's liberal district attorney refused to prosecute most rioters.  As a result, state police pulled out of Portland.
During one of these many riots, a member of the police rapid response team struck a protester with his baton.  A complaint was filed.  A grand jury was formed.  Earlier this week, the officer was indicted for unlawful and excessive use of force. 
In response to this indictment, all 50 rapid response officers resigned in protest from this special force.  They will no longer rush to protect the city of Portland that clearly does not respect them.
Chaos In The Park
Community parks are great places for people to come together to relax and have fun, whether its picnics, playing with the family pet or outdoor concerts.  But not in Washington Square Park in New York's Greenwich Village.
The iconic park has been taken over by hundreds of miscreants, revelers and vagrants.  There are mass parties at all hours of the night.  Local residents pray for rain "because then we have quiet."  Worse, drugs and public sex acts are rampant.  Crime has surged. 
According to police reports, felony assaults in the area are up 80% compared to last year.  Misdemeanor assaults are up 367%.  Grand larcenies are up 183%. 
When police recently attempted to enforce a curfew, they were attacked.  Nearly two dozen people were arrested and eight officers were injured.  But it has done little to stem the violence.
The denizens of Greenwich Village are probably among the most left-wing voters in an already liberal city.  Many celebrities call Greenwich Village home.  But the "progressive" residents are mortified by what's happening now.  They can't sleep.  They are afraid to walk the streets with their children and pets. 
A recent "emergency meeting" was held to discuss the anarchy in Washington Square Park.  Hundreds of area residents complained that the police aren't enforcing the law.  While they were inside demanding law and order, there was a demonstration outside against the police.
Crime is a problem all over America.  It's going to get worse as some of it is driven by gangs and drugs, which are pouring across the border in record numbers.  But it is most prominent in places where the left is in complete control.  At some point the voters of these cities have to wake up.
By the way, I couldn't help but notice the irony of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot declaring racism a "public health emergency."  Not only is this the same bigoted mayor who refuses to grant interviews to white journalists, she had the audacity to declare:
"At almost every single point in our city's history, racism has taken a devastating toll on the health and well-being of our residents of color – especially those who are Black."
Well, Democrats have dominated Chicago for decades.  So, I guess we know who's to blame for the city's history of racism.
Celebrate Juneteenth
President Biden signed legislation creating a new federal holiday this week – Juneteenth.  The holiday recognizes the day when the last slaves in the Confederacy were freed by Union soldiers in Galveston, Texas, on June 19, 1865.  Or as one commentator put it, the day when Republicans freed the last of the Democrats' slaves.
Texas became the first state to officially recognize the holiday in 1980.  Today, 49 states recognize Juneteenth.  President Donald Trump routinely recognized Juneteenth, and proposed making it a federal holiday. 
While the left obsesses over the sin of slavery, it's important to remember our history and to recognize the sacrifices that were made for the progress we have made.  Freedom is something we should all celebrate.
Confronting Communist China
Conservative senators led by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) have introduced legislation to deny visas to Chinese scientists affiliated with the People's Liberation Army.  Sen. Cotton's legislation is urgently needed.  Communist China's history of espionage is well-documented
FBI Director Christopher Wray recently stated that his agency is opening new investigations into illegal Chinese activities every 10 hours.  And the National Institutes of Health recently admitted that it is investigating as many as 500 potentially compromised scientists and researchers.
So far, only six senators are co-sponsoring this important bill – Braun (IN), Cruz (TX), Grassley (IA), Hawley (MO), Rubio (FL) and Tuberville (AL) – all Republicans. 
I hope some Senate Democrats will co-sponsor this important bill.  Protecting our national security, industrial and medical secrets from communist China shouldn't be a partisan issue. 
Unfortunately, House Democrats defeated an amendment this week that would have required corporations to disclose any business dealings involving slave labor in communist China. 
Speaking of communist China, there are reports that Dong Jingwei, a very high-level Chinese counterintelligence official, defected to the United States earlier this year, and has provided damning information about the Wuhan lab.  We will keep you posted.
Life Is Winning!
I was honored this week to join my good friend Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, for a discussion about the remarkable advances of the pro-life movement.  You can watch our discussion here.  (My remarks begin at the 33:45 mark.)
Good News 


  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed legislation banning critical race theory from his state's public schools.  Abbott also signed legislation prohibiting state officials from closing houses of worship. 
  • The state of Texas is committing $250 million as a "down payment" to begin the construction of new barriers at the border.  
  • Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is sending law enforcement officials to the southern border to help Arizona and Texas deal with the massive influx of illegal immigration. 
  • House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy vows to remove Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Relations Committee after Republicans retake the House. 
  • Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell vows to block Joe Biden from appointing a Supreme Court justice in 2024 after Republicans retake the Senate. 
  • The woke New Jersey school board that dropped all holiday names from the school calendar to avoid offending someone has scheduled a meeting to reconsider its decision after heavy pushback from outraged parents and taxpayers. 
  • More minorities (here and here) are speaking up against Marxist critical race theory.