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Friday, July 8, 2022 -- Biden's Abortion Order, Biden's Betrayal, Two Systems Of Justice

Biden’s Abortion Order


Earlier this week, we noted how obsessed the left is with killing babies and ensuring abortion on demand.  Well, we just got more proof.


In a world full of turmoil, President Biden, once again, has signaled that his most important issue is abortion.  It’s more important than the economy.  It’s more important than inflation.  It’s clearly more important than the energy crisis. 


THE ISSUE for the party that claims to be for “the little guy” is ensuring that the littlest guys and girls of all continue to be destroyed in the womb. 


Today, under pressure from his radical pro-abortion base, Biden signed an executive order ensuring, among other things, that death-dealing abortion pills are widely and readily available. 


Now think about this:  Biden’s administration was asleep at the wheel as the country ran out of baby formula.  But they are doing everything they possibly can to ensure that baby-killing pills are everywhere!


If Republicans are smart, that juxtaposition alone would be deadly to Democrats at the ballot box this November.


In addition, the order seeks to provide extra security for abortion clinics, while it totally ignores the crisis pregnancy centers that are being attacked and firebombed by radical pro-abortion activists. 


It also orders Attorney General Merrick Garland to participate in an “interagency Task Force on Reproductive Health Care Access.”  So, in the middle of a massive crime wave, in which people are being killed in record numbers, the attorney general of the United States has to spend his time ensuring that more preborn babies are killed too.


How’s that for liberal priorities!




Vote, Vote, Vote, Vote!


In his remarks today about his latest pro-abortion order, Biden repeatedly said that abortion was on the ballot this year and he urged pro-abortion Americans to “Vote, vote, vote, vote.”  He said the Senate was just two votes away from codifying Roe v. Wade.  He’s right.


If Democrats pick up two more Senate seats, they WILL eliminate the filibuster.  They will pass the extreme pro-abortion Women’s Health Protect Act.  And they won’t stop there.


They will ram through other radical bills that seek to nationalize all elections, pack the Supreme Court, further restrict your Second Amendment rights, shutdown crisis pregnancy centers and who knows what else. 


We must not let that happen!


Please stand with CWF now.  Help me elect more pro-life, America First conservatives!




Biden’s Betrayal


Joe Biden campaigned on destroying the American energy industry, and he’s acted on that promise ever since his very first day in office.  As a result of Biden’s insane energy policies, you’re facing tremendous pain at the pump.


Because Biden refuses to even talk to America’s energy industry leaders, he’s now draining our emergency Strategic Petroleum Reserve to try to mitigate an energy crisis he created.


This reserve is intended for emergencies only – times of war or natural disasters.  It is not meant to boost his sagging poll numbers or to manipulate the market price of gasoline.  Because of Democrat obstruction, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is currently at its lowest level since 1986.  And Biden is draining it for political purposes.


As we noted yesterday, much of the oil Biden has released from our emergency reserve is going overseas.  It’s not even staying here to benefit Americans!  Some of that oil went to communist China, which is smartly buying up stockpiles of oil, while Biden is draining ours. 


But it gets even worse! 


There are reports that one of the communist Chinese companies involved in this transfer of American oil has connections to Hunter Biden.  Hunter has claimed that he divested from this company, but he’s never proven it and recent records suggest he could still be an active stakeholder.


So, let’s get this straight: 


Joe Biden hates the American energy industry. 


Joe Biden has a massive political problem. 


Joe Biden sells our “emergency” oil reserves to the communist Chinese. 


Hunter Biden potentially profits from the sale.


Remember that the next time you fill up your car or truck. 


And remember in November!




Speaking Of Hunter…


You’d think the Biden White House would keep Hunter under wraps.  And it seems they have been.  No media outlet has been able to find and interview Hunter lately in spite of all the incredible information coming to light about his “laptop from hell.” 


Yet, somehow, Hunter showed up yesterday at the White House, sitting in the front row during the presentations of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. 


This is beyond outrageous! 


The Biden crime family is flaunting the fact that their media allies and those who control the FBI and the Justice Department won’t lay a finger on Hunter.




Two Systems Of Justice


I have written before about the disturbing development of two systems of justice in America – one for the left and one for everyone else.  It’s a huge problem, and it’s a deadly cancer to any democratic society. 


But another major problem with the leftist hijacking of our justice system is how it distorts justice.  For example, we’re supposed to have compassion for illegal aliens.  But where’s the left’s compassion for the American victims of criminal illegal aliens?


Here’s another example.  You can have ambush after ambush of police officers by criminal thugs, and it gets virtually no press coverage.  But when a police officer has to make a split-second decision to use his firearm, the immediate presumption is that the officer did something illegal and it gets 24/7 coverage. 


Another big problem is that left-wing politicians and radical Soros-backed prosecutors have installed revolving doors on our jails.  Criminals are arrested and immediately released with little or no bail at all


And if you dare to defend yourself, you are in big trouble.  For example, an ex-con out on parole for assaulting a police officer attacked Jose Alba, a 61 year-old bodega worker, in New York City last week over a bag of chips.  Alba defended himself with a knife and killed his assailant. 


Incredibly, New York City’s radical district attorney is charging Alba with second degree murder. 


Stores all over America are closing their doors because crime is out-of-control and frequently goes unpunished.  And the left wonders why so many Americans are buying guns.




Good News


  • Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed the most expansive school choice law in the nation.


  • Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards signed legislation protecting preborn children.


  • This week, the last abortion clinic in Mississippi closed and four abortion clinics in Texas shut down.




  • The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the Biden Administration to stop releasing convicted criminal illegal aliens.  (Why was this lawsuit even necessary?!?!)