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Friday, January 6, 2023 -- Biden's Border Lies, America's Most Shameless, Still Voting

Biden’s Border Lies


In the surest sign yet that Joe Biden plans to run for reelection, he has suddenly discovered that there is a crisis at our southern border.  In fact, there are reports that he is planning to actually visit the southern border this weekend after having ignored it for the past 40 years! 


Biden should start his tour by apologizing to the brave Border Patrol officers he viciously smeared as racists.  But I’m not holding my breath.


In the meantime, his rambling speech yesterday was solely intended to confuse the American people and hide the fact that he has intentionally pursued an open borders agenda that created this crisis of millions of people illegally entering our country. 


This is a humanitarian and national security scandal.  It would be the lead story for every media outlet if we had real journalists instead of left-wing hacks reporting the news.


Biden knows that the efforts of Governors Abbott, DeSantis and Polis (see below) to send illegal aliens to sanctuary cities are grabbing the public’s attention.  But now he is shamelessly trying to blame Republicans for the border crisis he created! 


As far as Biden is concerned, the “crisis” is that his administration can’t figure out where to put the hundreds of thousands of migrants who are pouring across the border every month.  The crisis isn’t that millions of illegal aliens are flooding across the border, it’s that he can’t hide them all. 


Now Biden has the audacity to attack Republicans for not spending billions more on additional processing centers so we can take in even more illegal aliens.  But every effort by Republicans to provide money to secure the border, instead of providing more welfare for illegal aliens, is shot down by Democrats. 


Just to be absolutely clear:  Joe Biden is not talking about securing the border.  He’s talking about making the illegal aliens more comfortable after they have breached the border.




Biden Demands Amnesty


Biden also renewed his demand for amnesty and citizenship for millions of illegal aliens.  He said, “Until Congress passes . . . a comprehensive immigration plan to fix the system completely, my administration is going to work to make things better at the border using the tools that we have available to us.”


The past two years have made it abundantly clear that he’s done nothing to make anything “better” at the border.  Everything he has done has intentionally made it worse. 


Biden’s demand for a “comprehensive immigration plan” is what this “crisis” has always been about -- bringing in millions of people and rushing them through the citizenship process, creating millions of new Democrat voters to finish the left’s “fundamental transformation of America.”


Every Republican in Congress must understand that any amnesty deal for illegal aliens is totally unacceptable.  I would rather be fighting open borders Democrats, who are at least open about the damage they are doing to the country, than getting stabbed in the back by pro-amnesty Republicans, who are playing conservative voters for suckers.




America’s Most Shameless


If there was an award for the most shameless American, Joe Biden would be at the top of the list.  But he’d have serious competition from teachers’ union boss Randi Weingarten.


Earlier this week, Weingarten attempted to blame America’s teacher shortage on “the culture wars that put teachers and staff under constant scrutiny over any conversation involving history, racism and sexuality.”


Just to be clear:  Weingarten doesn’t want a culture war.  She wants a cultural surrender by conservatives.


She’s mad because we’re fighting back and reclaiming our schools.  And this was her way of telling parents, “You have no right to tell us what we can teach your children about the most significant things in life!”


Well, if leftist teachers have decided to leave the classroom because they’re finding it harder to tell second graders they can change their gender or that America is a racist and evil nation, that would be the best news I’ve heard in a long time!




Professor Clinton


Former first lady.  Former senator.  Former secretary of state.  Two-time presidential candidate.  Russia collusion fraudster.  Expert email deleter.  Now you can add “professor” to Hillary Clinton’s resume. 


She’s just joined the faculty of Columbia University due to her “extraordinary talents” and “exceptional” experience.  Right.


Meanwhile, former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is teaching at Harvard, along with Mr. Potato Head, aka Brian Stelter, who was fired from CNN.  Do you see the pattern here? 


But hey, there’s been an outbreak of bipartisanship in the media!  CNN just hired a Republican!  Oh, wait – it’s Adam Kinzinger, who cooperated with the Democrats for the last two years to destroy America First populism. 


Not surprisingly, he’s also advocating that a few “moderate” House Democrats (exactly who are these mythical moderate Democrats?) join with moderate Republicans to elect a “consensus” speaker of the House.




Still Voting


House Republicans made significant progress toward resolving their leadership stalemate last night.  Kevin McCarthy agreed to additional concessions and reforms demanded by conservative dissenters.  On the first vote this afternoon, McCarthy picked up 14 more votes, but remained short of the necessary majority to become speaker.


All conservatives should be happy about these reforms, even though there may be some discomfort over the tactics required to enact them.


Some optimists think there could be a breakthrough later today.  Others suggest it might take more time.  Stay tuned. 


Unfortunately, there are also reports that a handful of “moderate” Republicans are willing to join Democrats to elect a speaker.  I want to know who they are. 


Those people are not interested in advancing a conservative agenda.  And they would be the first Republicans you’d see at the White House cutting deals with Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer to undercut the conservative House majority.


Lastly, as I noted yesterday, it is absurd to suggest that House conservatives demanding reforms are embarrassing the Republican Party.  But what did embarrass the GOP was Mitch McConnell trapsing around my home state of Kentucky with Joe Biden, who muttered something about the patches on his jeans.


Once again, McConnell was providing cover for Biden’s budget-busting infrastructure bill.  Those images are what embarrasses, demoralizes and suppresses the Republican vote.




Good News


  • The “sanctuary state” of Colorado has evidently reached the limit of its tolerance for illegal immigration.  Gov. Jared Polis (D) announced that he is joining other states in sending illegal aliens to New York City. 


  • Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin ordered a civil rights investigation into Fairfax County school officials who denied National Merit Scholars awards to students in order to advance “equity,” effectively punishing high-achieving students for radical, left-wing ideological reasons.


  • At their first meeting of the year, newly-elected county commissioners in Ottawa County, Michigan, dissolved the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and fired the staff.  They changed the county motto from “Where You Belong” to “Where Freedom Rings,” and hired conservative John Gibbs as county administrator.


  • The Temecula Valley Unified School District in southern California recently voted to ban the teaching of critical race theory after a newly-elected school board was sworn in.


  • More Florida school districts are acting on the latest ruling from the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals allowing schools to maintain separate bathrooms for boys and girls.


  • An Oregon ballot initiative that severely restricted Second Amendment rights has now been completely blocked by state judges pending further legal challenges.