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Friday, January 5, 2024 -- Biden's Ugly Strategy, Brazen Hypocrisy, Billionaires Confront DEI

Biden’s Ugly Strategy


Joe Biden’s approval ratings are at rock bottom. In fact, they’re at record lows compared to modern presidents. But he and his political advisors think they have the path to victory. Today, he is rolling out his campaign strategy with a speech at Valley Forge, and it’s ugly.


Biden is losing support among black Americans and other minorities because of inflation, crime and record illegal immigration. So, his solution is to lie.


He’s telling minorities that the biggest threat facing America is white supremacy. It’s raw race baiting to divide us even further, and it’s a disgusting lie.


Polls show that support for Biden is dropping among young adults. So, what’s his answer? He has ignored a Supreme Court ruling and continues to use taxpayer money to pay off millions of student loans held by young adults.


In the process, he’s made fools of everyone who did the right thing and paid off their loans. And he’s hobbling millions of blue-collar workers who didn’t go to college with the burden of paying for those who did.


Biden’s support among women is also falling. They’re worried about rising prices, dangerous streets and the insane transgender movement canceling what it means to be a woman. His radical allies are also attacking mothers for trying to protect their children from graphic sexual material in school.


So, what is Biden’s answer? More abortions. He’s betting that women care more about the right to kill their unborn child than anything else.


The jury is out on whether this strategy of stoking racial division, fiscal irresponsibility and the non-stop promotion of the death culture will work. But one thing is certain: At the end of a campaign like that, America will be worse off, not better.




Brazen Hypocrisy


As we noted in yesterday’s report, Joe Biden is speaking today at historic Valley Forge to warn about alleged threats to democracy. The speech was initially planned for tomorrow, the January 6th anniversary.


Biden rescheduled his remarks because it might be rainy and snowy tomorrow. If only George Washington had had the luxury of rescheduling his troop deployments because of the weather!


But I still can’t get over the brazen hypocrisy of Joe Biden attempting to claim the mantle of George Washington. The entire left-wing establishment is at war with America and our Founding Fathers!


Donald Trump is the guy who built an entire campaign on the theme “Make America Great Again.” Biden and his allies don’t believe America was ever great. (Here and here.)


Thousands of schools around the country are teaching our children anti-American history from the 1619 Project, which claims America was founded in 1619 on slavery, not in 1776 with our Declaration of Independence.


Those of us who love the Founding Fathers and the principles of freedom and limited government they fought for are denounced as “Christian nationalists.”


The neo-Marxist mob spent 2020 attacking the founders. Trump warned it would start with statues of Robert E. Lee and move on to Washington and Jefferson. He was right. It is now routine for the left to attack the Lincoln Memorial every time there’s a protest in Washington, D.C.


Trump fought to keep a large American flag flying at Mar-a-Lago. The left burns the American flag.


Trump believes in American exceptionalism, that our Founding Fathers did something truly revolutionary in all of human history. For that, the left attacks him as the biggest threat to their globalist agenda.  


Well, now Biden’s in trouble. His failed policies are turning his reelection campaign and our country into a dumpster fire. He’s failing in the polls.


So, what is he doing? He’s trying to co-opt the Founding Fathers and claiming that Donald Trump is a threat to democracy!


Let’s be absolutely clear about this. Biden is not just saying that Trump is a threat to democracy. He’s saying Trump and millions of his supporters are threats to democracy. “Mr. Unity” is attacking half the country.


When they take Trump’s name off the ballot, they’re taking away the right to vote from millions of people. They are the ones threatening democracy!


As I have been warning, it’s not just Trump. Left-wing activists and secretaries of state are now trying to block other candidates -- Democrats and Republicans -- from the ballot.


Once again, the totalitarian impulse of the left is on full display. The left wants to control what you can say, what you can think, how you can raise your kids, what you can drive, how you can cook and who you can vote for.


Wake up, America, before it’s too late!




Will Perry Get Memory-holed?


There was a tragic school shooting in Perry, Iowa, yesterday. Usually, these events dominate the headlines for days. But Perry has already been shoved off the front pages, and it looks like the “lamestream media” are attempting to memory-hole this attack. Why?


Well, some outlets have reported that the shooter was an LGBTQ activist who identified as “gender fluid” or transgender. And that’s just not the narrative the left wants you to hear.


Speaking of narratives, the constant extreme rhetoric from the left, the media and the White House that conservatives are “attacking” LGBTQ youth, denying them “healthcare” and threatening them with “genocide” is sending a message that conservatives are dangerous and out to get them.


That’s got to stop before more innocent people get killed.




Billionaires Confront DEI


The explosion of anti-Semitism on college campuses has triggered long-overdue scrutiny of “diversity, equity and inclusion” (DEI) programs. Billionaire Bill Ackman, an outspoken critic of former Harvard President Claudine Gay, recently posted a long critique of DEI’s ideology.


Billionaires Elon Musk and Mark Cuban, who owns the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, also went at it. Musk suggested DEI was just another form of racism, which it is, at the expense of merit. Cuban defended it as “good for business.”


Musk then replied, “Cool, so when should we expect to see short white/Asian women on the [Mavericks]?”


I’m glad to see people like Ackman and Musk confronting the neo-Marxist ideology behind DEI. We need more people like them to use the tremendous influence they have to fight the leftist rot on college campuses and in our country today.


A more important point than the DEI controversy, however, relates to another topic Musk addressed recently – the fate of the West.


After the popular British black rapper Zuby posted that Christianity was the essential “foundation” of Western Civilization, which won’t survive in a “cultural and moral vacuum,” Musk replied, “I think you’re probably right.”


In a time when so many pastors are so afraid of engaging in the culture war, I’m encouraged to see the world’s most influential billionaire taking a stand on these critical issues like free speech, resisting neo-Marxist ideology and defending Christianity and Western Civilization.




Defending Faith, Family & Freedom


In this week’s “Defending Faith, Family and Freedom” podcast for the James Dobson Family Institute, I discuss the critical decision year ahead, encouraged by a recent poll indicating that many Americans intend to take their faith more seriously this year.