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Friday, January 22, 2021 -- Celebrate Life, Disrespecting America, Abusing The Guard

Sanctity Of Human Life Day
Today is National Sanctity of Human Life Day.  The day marks the somber anniversary 48 years ago of the Supreme Court's notorious Roe v. Wade decision effectively legalizing abortion on demand in America. 
Twice in our nation's history the Supreme Court has ruled that a whole class of individuals were not "people" and thus were not covered by the promises of the American founding.  The first occasion was the Dred Scott case. 
In 1857, the Supreme Court ruled that Scott, a black slave who for many years resided in free states, was property, not a person, so he had to be returned to his "owner."  The poison released by that decision almost destroyed the nation. 
In 1973, the court did it again.  It ruled that unborn children were not "people" deserving of protection under the law.  The poison of that decision is eating away at our souls too.
Sadly, the left refuses to recognize the gross injustice of abortion.  It celebrates the destruction of innocent unborn children, and demands that men and women of faith be forced to subsidize the annual slaughter of hundreds of thousands of children. 
Before leaving office, President Trump issued a proclamation recognizing today as National Sanctity of Human Life Day.  I'm glad he did because you know the current occupant of the Oval Office won't. 
Trump urged each of us to "celebrate and support every heroic mother who chooses life," and to defend "every innocent and unborn child, each of whom can bring unbelievable love, joy, beauty, and grace into our nation and the entire world."
Disrespecting America
All of President Biden's executive orders have been problematic to varying degrees.  (See below.) But why would a so-called "moderate Democrat" insist on immediately abolishing a commission that holds up America as a shining city upon a hill?  Why would the 1776 Commission be offensive to a moderate? 
Well, no one should be surprised by Biden's action because he isn't a moderate.  He wouldn't condemn the attacks on our historic monuments and national heroes.  You may recall that Speaker Nancy Pelosi actually defended the attacks, saying, "People will do what they do." 
If you're on the left, there is a list of things you absolutely cannot do.  For example: 


  • You cannot secure the border.  
  • You cannot in any way condemn the cancel culture, which is trying to smear and silence conservatives.  
  • You cannot be pro-life. 
  • You cannot defend the American experiment, and you dare not say that this was a noble and decent country from the beginning.  
  • You dare not remind people that slavery was a universal evil, the sad norm throughout human history, and that it was the words of our founding fathers that signaled the death knell of slavery.  

Telling the truth about America is what Donald Trump meant when he said, "Make America Great Again," and Democrats rushed to condemn him. 
And just as President Trump warned, we went in short order from banning the Confederate flag to disrespecting the American flag.  We went from tearing down statues of Robert E. Lee to tearing down statues of Abraham Lincoln. 
The unifying theme of the left seems to be hatred of America.
So Much For Unity
As I noted yesterday, all the talk about unity is just that – meaningless talk.  Democrats are using demands for unity as a means to silence opposition. 
If they were serious about unity, Joe Biden could have said a few words in his inaugural address condemning political violence, "whether it is a violent mob attacking Capitol Hill or Antifa attacking our cities."  But he didn't say that. 
He had another opportunity after Antifa rioted in Portland and Seattle Wednesday.  But Biden and other Democrat leaders didn't say anything.  And they won't because the left finds political violence useful.
Job-Killer Joe
Joe Biden was in office barely 24 hours before his actions resulted in job losses.  Another of his "Day One" executive orders was to terminate the Keystone pipeline. 
Not only did this decision cut America off from a stable source of energy from a friendly ally, but it resulted in the destruction of more than 1,000 construction jobs, mostly among blue-collar union workers.
Most Americans oppose Biden's order, and fear it will cost more pain at the pump.  They're right.  But this gift to China, Russia and Iran is just the first of many radical Biden/Harris policies that defy common sense and will destroy good-paying jobs.
I am pleased to report that there is growing resistance to Biden's executive orders in Congress, in the states and among the grassroots.  There have also been a couple of encouraging victories in the courts in recent days.  (Here and here.)  And there will be more such victories in the days ahead.
Abusing The Guard
As you know, 25,000 National Guard troops were ordered to Washington, D.C., following the Capitol Hill riot to preserve security during the inauguration.  They were promptly insulted and smeared by left-wing politicians as potential racists and threats to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. 
By the way, these were the same left-wing politicians who did everything they could to stop President Trump from bringing the National Guard to Washington, D.C., to restore order during the summer riots. 
But with the inaugural festivities over, the troops were relegated to parking garages with no Wi-fi and just two toilets for several thousand soldiers.  
"Yesterday dozens of senators and congressmen walked down our lines taking photos, shaking our hands and thanking us for our service," one Guardsman told Politico.  "Within 24 hours, they had no further use for us and banished us to the corner of a parking garage. We feel incredibly betrayed."
It's not entirely clear why this happened.  There are reports that a member of Congress complained that the Guards weren't wearing masks even though they are under orders to do so at all times. 
But pictures of National Guardsmen crammed into the garage set off a firestorm.  Several Republican governors ordered their National Guard troops to return home in response to this outrage.  Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer insisted he would "get to the bottom of this."
Well, the commander-in-chief is a Democrat.  The Senate majority leader is a Democrat.  The speaker of the House is a Democrat.  Who else could order our National Guardsmen to spend the night in a cold garage with two bathrooms? 
By the way, the left is not completely done with the National Guard yet.  While many Guardsmen are leaving Washington, D.C., at least 7,000 troops are expected to remain in Washington as part of an "enduring mission."  
What mission?  There were zero incidents during the inauguration, and there's nothing going on now. 
But if the reports that thousands of troops are staying are accurate, then the nation's capital is "occupied."  Why?  I trust the National Guard, but I don't trust Biden, Schumer, Pelosi or the mayor of Washington, D.C.