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Friday, January 12, 2024 -- The DEI Disaster, Biden Bombs, Border Battles

The DEI Disaster


A lot of bad ideas really took off in the aftermath of the George Floyd riots. One was the “defund the police” movement. Another is called “diversity, equity and inclusion” or DEI.


It’s an ideology that rejects Martin Luther King’s dream that individuals should be judged based on the content of their character and not the color of their skin.


In stark contrast, DEI sees only race, and it attacks other characteristics as so-called “privilege.” It’s also contributing to the growing anti-Semitism in America. (Here and here.)


It’s a total disaster, but it has been embraced by the Democrat Party, the Biden Administration, woke corporations and academia.


The latest DEI outrage comes to us courtesy of Johns Hopkins University.


This week, the university’s DEI office sent out its monthly message to all employees. The message noted that the “diversity word of the month” was “privilege.” This was defined as “a set of unearned benefits given to people in a specific social group.”


Of course, one person’s “privilege” disadvantages others not in the specific social group. So, what it really means is that if you’re privileged, you’re a bad person and we must correct for you.


The DEI office then listed all the people with this so-called “privilege:”


White people.

Able-bodied people.




Middle or owning class people.

English-speaking people.


So, the perfect new hire at Johns Hopkins University would have to be a poor, non-English-speaking, handicapped, black Muslim lesbian.




We must restore respect for hard work, success and achievement. We must return to hiring based on merit. Yet, if you say this, the left accuses you of racism.


But they are the racists because they are suggesting that if we hire based on merit, minorities won’t get jobs because they aren’t qualified. That’s a lie, and it’s racist.


I’m pleased to report that the university’s DEI office quickly retracted and apologized for its ridiculous list after a tremendous backlash. Just imagine if everyone who fits into one of those “privileged” categories quit Johns Hopkins. The only people left would be the people in the DEI office!


It would be great if an accomplished, articulate black doctor at Johns Hopkins University would lead the charge against this insanity – maybe someone like Dr. Ben Carson!




Biden Bombs


After months of ignoring attacks by Houthi rebels against Israel, U.S. naval vessels and international cargo ships, the United States and our allies responded yesterday by bombing 60 targets in Yemen.


How did we get here? Here are some points to consider.



  • What exactly did we bomb? How is it that we hit 60 targets and only eliminated five terrorists?


  • Biden did not get congressional approval for these strikes. Democrats and Republicans are objecting, saying he violated the Constitution and that there should have been a vote by our elected representatives. How in a “democracy” (I know we are a constitutional republic) can we hold people accountable if we don’t know how they would have voted on such a serious matter?


  • When bombs fall, it means policy has failed. So, what policy failed? Well, the Saudis were at war with the Houthis, but Joe Biden accused the Saudis of indiscriminately killing civilians and cut off support for their efforts. So, now it’s apparently our problem. Biden also removed the Houthis from the list of designated terrorist organizations.


  • Where are the Houthis getting the weapons to attack Saudi Arabia, Israel and us? Iran, which Biden started appeasing and giving money to as soon as he got into office.


  • At the same time, Biden is also trying to restrain Israel in its war against Hamas. Yet, even after Israel has been aggressively fighting for three months, Hamas is still firing rockets at Israel. So is Hezbollah. Where are they getting their weapons? Iran.


  • In other words, Biden is funding Iran, which is funding terrorists to attack Israel and us. And then we have to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to take out the Iranian-backed terrorists that Biden funded. Where in all of this madness is America’s interest being advanced, defended or promoted in any way whatsoever?


  • Why did Biden do all of these things that strengthened Iran, brought us to the moment of the October 7th massacre and to the point of war in Yemen? Because he doesn’t understand the world and the enemies we’re up against. Robert Gates, Obama’s secretary of defense, tried to warn us.


  • Mottos tell you a lot about a people. We have a lot of mottos in America – “Live free or die, “Don’t tread on me,” “One Nation Under God” and “In God We Trust.” But who are the Houthis? Well, here’s the official Houthi motto: “Allahu Akbar! Death to America! Death to Israel! Curse the Jews! Victory for Islam!”


  • Our ailing secretary of defense, our hyper-partisan, pro-Iranian national security adviser and other misguided leftists in the Biden Administration see that motto and laugh it off. It is beyond their comprehension that when evil people say evil things, they actually mean it.


By the way, when the White House finally decided to inform the American people about these strikes, it came in the form of a written statement only, not from Joe Biden speaking directly to the American people. Curiously, Biden hasn’t been seen for days.


As the New York Post put it, if we can’t trust this White House to be honest about the health of the secretary of defense, how can we trust it to be honest about the health of our 81 year-old president?




Border Battles


Yesterday, we told you that Joe Biden’s open borders policies are resulting in record-breaking illegal immigration and increasing threats to our homeland. Desperate to call attention to the severity of the problem, the state of Texas has taken several bold actions.


First, Gov. Greg Abbott started busing illegal aliens to progressive sanctuary cities. It wasn’t long before the left-wing mayors of New York City, Chicago and Denver were begging him to stop and demanding billions of your hard-earned tax dollars to help save their busted city budgets. But border states are just supposed to deal with it.


Then, Gov. Abbott started building border barriers, only to have the Biden Administration sue him to ensure that the borders of Texas remain wide open.


Now, Abbott has stepped it up a notch. He ordered the Texas National Guard to seize a public park that has become a key border crossing area for illegal aliens and to eject the Border Patrol agents there.


Sadly, Biden is using the Border Patrol as nothing more than a “welcoming committee” to process illegal aliens. Since the Border Patrol has been effectively neutered, Abbott sent in the Texas National Guard to act as a deterrent to illegal border crossers.


Good for him!


By the way, Border Patrol agents are “quietly applauding” Abbott’s bold move.




Good News


  • The Supreme Court rejected the Biden Administration’s attempt to force Idaho’s emergency rooms to become abortion centers. The high court also agreed to hear an appeal in this case and scheduled oral arguments for April.




  • An attempt to ban Donald Trump from the Nevada ballot was rejected.


  • More than half of the “most inclusive,” i.e., insufferably woke, TV shows on broadcast, cable and streaming platforms have been canceled.



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