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Friday, February 24, 2023 -- Not Trump's Fault, Biden's Border Crisis, Biden Betrays Israel

Not Trump’s Fault


The Biden Administration and its left-wing media allies have been desperately scrambling for excuses in the wake of the East Palestine disaster.  Predictably, they’re blaming Donald Trump (here and here) because of his support for deregulation. 


Joy Behar, in her typical “classy fashion,” suggested that the residents of East Palestine got what they deserved, saying, “That’s who you voted for. . . Donald Trump, who reduces all safety.”


So, what about the White House’s charge that the train derailment is Trump’s fault because he blocked a proposed Obama-era rule mandating newer braking systems? 


Jennifer Homendy, chairwoman of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), flatly dismissed that accusation.  Speaking on CNN yesterday, Homendy said:


“ECP [electronically controlled pneumatic] brakes would not have prevented the derailment. The wheel bearing failed on car number 23. So, even with ECP brakes, the derailment would have occurred, the fire would have ensued. . .”


I’m sure Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg will immediately tweet his apology to Donald Trump, if he can remember his “train of thought.”




Biden’s Border Crisis


The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on Biden’s border crisis yesterday in Yuma, Arizona.  But none of the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee attended.  Rep. Jerry Nadler said he and other Democrats boycotted the hearing because Republicans did not call “any federal government witnesses.”


In other words, Nadler only wants to hear more gaslighting from Border Czar Kamala Harris or Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas about how secure the border is.  Democrats don’t care to hear from the American people who are suffering from these insane open border policies.


So, who did House Judiciary Republicans hear from at yesterday’s committee meeting?


  • Dr. Robert Trenschel warned that his hospital is on the verge of bankruptcy because it is treating so many illegal aliens who are showing up with “significant disease” and no ability to pay. 


  • Yuma County Sheriff Leon Wilmot told the committee, “Our southern border . . . is in the worst shape I have ever seen in my career. . . [It] can only be described as the largest crime scene in the country.”


  • Yuma County Supervisor Jonathan Lines warned that every community in America is suffering the consequences of open borders as deadly fentanyl, shipped from communist China, is pouring across Biden’s wide-open border.


When Democrats talk about illegal immigration, they talk about “asylum seekers” fleeing persecution.  Well, the overwhelming majority of so-called “asylum seekers” don’t qualify because they’re not political refugees but “economic refugees.”  They’re coming here for jobs, attracted by the “magnets” of the left’s welfare state.


Once upon a time, even Bernie Sanders understood that you could not have open borders and a massive welfare state.  It’s just common sense. 


But open borders are central to the left’s radical agenda of “fundamentally transforming America,” no matter the costs to taxpayers and damage to the American people.




Biden Betrays Israel


Earlier this week, the United Nations Security Council voted to condemn Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria or what many in the media refer to as the “West Bank.” 


The Security Council’s biased resolution stated that “Israeli settlement activities are dangerously imperiling the viability of the two-State solution based on the 1967 lines.”


As we have repeatedly argued, the “two state solution” is a fantasy.  It makes no sense to create another failed Islamist terrorist state in the Middle East, carved out of Judea and Samaria.  Palestinian militants are not interested in peace with Israel or even a piece of Israel.  They demand all of Israel – “from the river to the sea.”


The Biden Administration, which claims to be a friend of the Jewish state, supported this outrageous resolution. 


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blasted the Security Council for yet again ignoring the ongoing threat of Palestinian terrorism and the Palestinian Authority’s promotion of anti-Semitic hatred.  Recent terrorist attacks in Jerusalem have killed at least 10 Israelis. 


Netanyahu ended his remarks with a shot at Joe Biden, saying, “The [U.N.] statement should never have been made and the United States should never have joined it.”


Meanwhile, the Biden Administration has stuck its nose right into the middle of Israeli politics by pressuring Netanyahu to abandon efforts to reform Israel’s Supreme Court. 


Over the decades, the left-leaning Israeli Supreme Court assumed more and more power, eventually becoming the most powerful part of the government.  Netanyahu’s coalition is trying to pass a reform bill that provides more checks and balances, similar to what we and other nations have.


Netanyahu pushed back on Biden’s pressure, saying, “All democracies should respect the will of other free peoples, just like we respect their democratic decisions.”


Biden has a long history of interfering with Israel.  The Obama/Biden Administration meddled in an Israeli election by funneling resources through the State Department to defeat Netanyahu in the 2015 Israeli election. 


Sadly, it seems Biden is meddling once again.




Speaking Of Anti-Semitism. . .


Our friends at the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) continue to do outstanding work exposing the extremism that is being taught in far too many mosques . . . right here in the United States.


The latest example comes from Anaheim, California, where Imam Moustafa Kamel, preached the following sermon earlier this month:


"The Prophet Muhammad told us . . . that the Muslims would fight Jews at the End of Times. . . '[The Jews] will be defeated, and they will hide behind stones, but the stones will say: ‘Oh Muslim, there is a Jew behind me, kill him.’ . . .


"All living creatures are opposed to this bigoted and arrogant breed of people who occupied Muslim lands and humiliated our brothers in Palestine. We pray for Allah to humiliate them in this world, and the Hereafter, to kindle zeal in the hearts of the Muslims to support their religion, and to humiliate those [Jews] soon. . . Those Jews will be annihilated in that war, and they will never rise again.”


In Hayward, California, a high school teacher has been suspended for promoting blatantly anti-Semitic materials in his classroom.  The teacher’s social media accounts suggest he may be an admirer of a fringe sect known as the “Black Hebrew Israelites.”


Meanwhile, the Biden Administration is targeting conservative Catholics and pro-life activists.




Media Notice


“The adults are back in charge!”  That was a common refrain among the media and many cultural elites after November 3, 2020.  It didn’t take long for reality to come crashing in.  Read more about Joe Biden’s foreign policy failures and national security disasters in my latest opinion piece at CNS News.


In addition to my work at American Values and Campaign for Working Families, I am once again working alongside my good friend Dr. James Dobson as senior vice president of public policy for the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute (JDFI).   


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Good News


  • The Supreme Court upheld Arkansas’s anti-BDS law, which restricts state contracts with entities that boycott, divest or promote sanctions against Israel.


  • Twenty state attorneys general sent a letter of protest to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray objecting to the FBI’s outrageous scheme to spy on conservative Catholic churches.


  • Following a warning from Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach, Walgreens announced that it will not sell abortion pills via mail-order in Kansas. 


  • A federal judge ruled that Vermont’s limited school choice program cannot discriminate against religious schools.


  • West Virginia legislators overwhelmingly approved the Campus Self Defense Act.  Once signed into law by Gov. Jim Justice, West Virginia will become the 12th state to allow concealed carry permit holders to have firearms on college campuses for self-defense.


  • A security guard at the National Archives, who ordered students attending the March for Life to remove pro-life clothing, has been fired for violating the students’ First Amendment rights. (The National Archives is where the Constitution and Bill of Rights are kept.)