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Friday, February 12, 2021 -- DeSantis vs. Biden, Someone Lied & Seniors Died, Biden Bows To Beijing

DeSantis vs. Biden
We reported yesterday that the Biden Administration was considering imposing a COVID travel ban on the state of Florida.  Not surprisingly, Governor Ron DeSantis hit back. 
At a press conference, DeSantis blasted the idea as "unconstitutional, unwise and unjust."  He said a travel ban would be a "purely political attack" on Florida.
DeSantis also ripped Biden for "restricting the right of Americans to travel freely throughout our country while allowing illegal aliens to pour across the southern border."
If we're going to start targeting states for travel bans based on their coronavirus statistics, we should be talking about New York, not Florida.  According to the latest CDC data, New York reported nearly 61,000 new cases over the last seven days while Florida reported 52,622.
Clearly, the situation in New York is a bigger problem, and Governor Andrew Cuomo is in big trouble.  (See next item.)
Someone Lied & Seniors Died
A top aide to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo admitted this week that the Cuomo Administration lied to state and federal officials about the true extent of nursing home casualties caused by Cuomo's policies.  Of course, it was all Trump's fault.
As you know, Cuomo issued an order forcing New York nursing homes to accept sick COVID patients even though the other residents were at extreme risk.  But Cuomo issued the order in the name of diversity so that makes it okay, at least in the left's fevered mind.
When the bodies of defenseless, elderly nursing home residents predictably began piling up, the coverup began.  First they tried flushing Cuomo's order down the memory hole, as if simply deleting it would make everyone forget about it.
But when Trump demanded a federal investigation and the Department of Justice started asking questions, Cuomo's staff got desperate.  They cooked the books to deliberately undercount the number of nursing home deaths and hid the ugly truth from everyone.  That effort was exposed after a recent investigation by the state's attorney general.
Legislative leaders demanded answers after the attorney general's report, and Wednesday Melissa DeRosa confessed.  Referring to the Trump Justice Department investigation, she said:
"We were in a position where we weren't sure if what we were going to give to the Department of Justice, or what we give to you guys, what we start saying, was going to be used against us while we weren't sure if there was going to be an investigation.  That played a very large role into this."
Sorry, Ms. DeRosa, but that's called obstruction of justice. 
This should be a huge problem for Cuomo, but will it?  Biden just fired almost all U.S. attorneys. 
There's a real irony here.  The two governors the media most admire for their leadership during the pandemic are Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo.  In fact, Cuomo had the audacity to write a book on leadership and he even won an Emmy for his performance.
Well, apparently that's all it was – just a performance, an act.  In reality, his so-called "leadership" was an unmitigated disaster, a travesty for thousands of families.  And Gavin Newsom is on the verge of facing a recall vote.
Meanwhile, the governor the media harassed most because he fought hard to keep his state open is Ron DeSantis, and Florida has experienced significantly fewer COVID death than either California or New York.
Biden Bows To Beijing
Remember when Barack Obama bowed to Chinese President Hu Jintao?  Well, Joe Biden appears to be continuing the tradition of his former boss, only virtually this time due to the pandemic.
Presidents Biden and Xi Jinping spoke this week over the phone, and communist China's state media are gushing with praise for Biden's demonstration of "respect for President Xi and China" in his Lunar New Year call. 
If communist China is happy after a U.S. president calls, Americans should be worried!
According to the White House readout of the call, Biden brought up "Beijing's coercive and unfair economic practices, the crackdown in Hong Kong, human rights abuses in Xinjiang" and China's "increasingly assertive actions" toward Taiwan.  
Of course, the Deep State will never leak transcripts of Biden's calls with foreign leaders, so we will never know what was really said.  But such a statement was never sufficient for the Trump Administration.  Left-wing media hacks always demanded specific answers on every issue. 
But they didn't press the Biden White House on what it is prepared to do about the suppression of free speech in Honk Kong, the persecution of Chinese Christians or the communist regime's genocide against the Uighurs. 
Meanwhile, right in front of our eyes, Biden and his team of Beijing apologists are recasting our relationship with communist China. 
It has been obvious for years that communist China is an adversary at best, if not an outright enemy.  But the Biden Administration is attempting to recast China as merely "a competitor." 
They believe the most important thing about our relationship is working with China on global warming.  So, trade issues, national security issues and human rights will be pushed aside. 
Just two years ago, Biden mocked the idea of communist China "eating our lunch."  Yesterday he suggested they just might.  But he meant it economically, not in terms of national security or the influence operations they are running in the U.S. and in other western countries.
There's another irony here. When the left talks about beating China economically, it usually has to do with green jobs and climate change. (They've already lost that battle!)
Yet it often seems like the left is trying to be like communist China in its efforts to silence dissent and suppress religious liberty here in America.  Adopting an enemy's worst behaviors is a strange way of trying to beat them.    
Closing Arguments
Today President Trump's lawyers will get their chance to refute the wild accusations made by Speaker Pelosi's impeachment team.  There are reports that Trump's attorneys may not use the entire time allotted to them.  No doubt they don't believe it will take 16 hours to convince senators that the First Amendment still means something. 
But if "incendiary rhetoric" is the standard for impeachment, I certainly expect them to show lots of video featuring Democrats, including Joe Biden, using over-the-top rhetoric to demonize conservatives and even justifying physical violence, which Donald Trump did not do on January 6th.