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Friday, Febburary 2, 2024 -- America Last, Schumer Scrambles, Betraying Israel

America Last


You probably don’t know the name Jhoan Boada, but he has become the symbol of the left’s America last policies.


It was very revealing when this thug looked into the cameras this week and gave you and the rest of the country the middle finger (on both hands!) as he walked out scot-free, without having to post a dollar in bail. This after viciously attacking two New York City police officers.


Boada and the thousands of others like him may be uneducated. They may not have a good command of English and probably don’t know much about our history. But they can read the equation of power pretty easily. 


And why would he respect you or our country? He’s got all the power on his side.  He must have.


Why else would he be getting free food, free travel, free housing and free legal representation? All of the most powerful forces in the country are on his side. Why would we expect him to respect America? He thinks he’s in charge. 


There are reports this morning that four of the illegal aliens who attacked the New York City police officers have already fled and may be on their way to California. Go figure.  And get this – they were reportedly given bus tickets by a “church-affiliated nonprofit group.”


But maybe Boada did us a favor. Maybe he just gave us a way of identifying what’s happening in our country. At every level, powerful forces and their minions are “flipping us off” day after day, week after week, year after year. 


When Barack Obama lit up the White House in the colors of the LGBTQ movement, he was “flipping off” the American people in dozens of states who voted to protect thousands of years of history, law and religious values. 


Why else would Joe Biden invite drag queens to the White House, who then ran around topless, if it wasn’t to show you exactly what he thinks of us?




The Marine vs. The Illegal Alien


Do you remember Daniel Penny?  He was on a New York City subway when a criminally insane homeless man started threatening other passengers. Penny, a Marine, restrained the man, and other passengers eventually assisted him. Sadly, in the ensuing struggle, the homeless man died. 


Penny epitomizes what brave men in decent societies do when weaker people are in danger. But for his trouble, Penny had to post a $100,000 bond to get out of jail. He’s being charged with manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide. 


His life has been turned upside down.  Even if he is eventually exonerated, he will be buried in legal debt. When was the last time most of us even thought about him? Nobody invited Penny to the White House to thank him for his courage. 


Now think of Jhoan Boada, who attacked police officers and flipped you the finger after he got out of jail without posting any bond. When people like Boada get into trouble, they are provided free legal assistance. In many blue states, if he suddenly decides he wants an education, he will qualify for taxpayer-subsidized tuition. 


A country that turns Penny into a criminal and lets this thug walk free, beat up police officers and go back on the streets before the sun goes down is a country on the verge of disintegration. 


Make no mistake about why this is happening: The neo-Marxist left did this to us. We saw it again this week as House Democrats overwhelmingly opposed commonsense measures to deport illegal aliens who commit fraud, drive drunk and recklessly evade Border Patrol agents.


In each case, most House Democrats were essentially flipping you the finger!


And, yes, there is a plan to replace Americans like Penny with people like Boada, who just showed us how much he disdains you and our country.




Schumer Scrambles


Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer is going all out to force a vote on a proposed “border security deal” as quickly as possible. As of this writing, most senators haven’t yet seen the text of the legislation. But reports indicate it is at least 200 pages long, and Schumer wants a vote next week, perhaps as soon as Wednesday.


What’s the rush?  Well, the Senate is about to leave town for a two-week recess, so this just has to be done now. Right?




Immigration law is extremely complex. Sen. Kyrsten Simena (I-AZ) recently said, “Even the most minor change can have unintended consequences.” That’s why past “comprehensive” deals have collapsed after serious scrutiny.


And that’s exactly what Schumer is trying to avoid. He doesn’t want the American people to know what’s in the bill, and he really doesn’t want the opposition to have any time to mobilize against it.


For example, there are indications that one way this deal “reduces” illegal immigration is by opening up new “legal” pathways to enter the country. That doesn’t do anything to actually reduce mass migration into the country.


Moreover, I guarantee that nothing in this deal will correct the damage Biden has done over the past three years. Any serious “compromise” on securing the border would require that this administration start by removing the millions of people who arrived here under their watch while we determine how the rest of this deal will work. 


But you can tell from this week’s votes in the House of Representatives that Democrats will fight tooth and nail to not remove anyone, including criminals!


This is the pattern every time. It happened in the 1987 amnesty. 


Ronald Reagan was promised by RINO Republicans that they had worked out a deal to secure the border. Part of it included an amnesty for millions of people, but they promised that would be the end of it. “We’ve got a deal to stop it,” they said.


It was one of the biggest mistakes of his presidency. We legalized millions of illegal aliens, the border was never secured and we sent a message to the whole world that all you have to do is just get across the border and you’re home free.


Republicans should be learning from past mistakes, not repeating them.




Betraying Israel


There were disturbing reports this week that British Foreign Secretary David Cameron and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken might recognize a Palestinian state in order to jumpstart the “peace process.”


That’s a strange thing to say while Israel is still fighting Palestinian terrorists. Hamas is not interested in two states living side-by-side in peace. It is committed to the destruction of the Jewish state.


Any step toward recognizing a Palestinian state would be a total betrayal of our ally, Israel. It would send precisely the wrong message at the worst possible time by rewarding the terrorists who massacred over 1,000 innocent Israelis on October 7th with their own state!


In what world does it make any sense to create another failed, radical Islamist terrorist state in the Middle East, carved out of Judea and Samaria? Who do Blinken and Cameron think will run this new Palestinian state?


It won’t be “Palestine.” It will be “Hamastan.” The Palestinian people elected Hamas to govern them in 2006, and the vast majority of Palestinians today still support Hamas. 

This is not a foreign policy that will promote peace in the Middle East. But foreign policy and Middle East peace have nothing to do with it.

This Washington Post headline likely explains what’s driving this madness: “Michigan’s Arabs And Muslims Push To Defeat Biden In Critical State.”


Every pro-Israel Christian and every pro-Israel American will have a very clear choice this November.




Good News


  • Florida is requiring every driver’s license to accurately reflect an individual’s biological sex, not their “gender identity.”



  • The school board in Carroll County, Maryland, unanimously adopted a new policy that restricts explicit books in school libraries. 


  • Harvard just lost another billionaire donor over the university’s embrace of extreme neo-Marxist ideologies.


  • The University of Texas at Austin has canceled racially segregated graduation ceremonies as a result of a new law prohibiting “diversity, equity and inclusion” (DEI) offices and programs at public universities.


  • Utah Gov. Spencer Cox signed legislation eliminating DEI programs in state government and at public universities. He also signed legislation protecting women’s spaces (bathrooms and locker rooms) from men claiming to be women.