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Friday, August 16, 2019 -- Fighting For Faith, Family And Freedom

Fighting For Faith, Family And Freedom
One of the left's big themes is that the president and his supporters are racists.  If you need any more evidence, check out the latest column by Byron York detailing how the New York Times is shifting its coverage of the president from Russia to racism.
Trump addressed this absurd claim during his New Hampshire rally last night.  Here's what he said:
"Our movement is built on love. . . We love our family.  We love our faith.  We love our flag and we love our freedom, and that's what it's about. . .  We love our neighbors and we love our country." 
It is a beautiful quote, and, of course, it is true.  Without any doubt, I know all of you reading this would agree with those words.  And he has said it before.
Whether the president intended it or not, it is also a great description of what the culture war is all about and why it is raging with such intensity.  This is a fight over the very meaning of America.
Notice there is not a word in the president's statement that refers to race or ethnic background.  The president's supporters come from every ethnic group.  Native-born American, immigrants, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc.  

  • We love our families.  That has been a huge battleground over the last 20 years.  The courts forced a radical redefinition of marriage and family.  And I believe the reaction to that decision led more Christians than ever before to vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.
  • We love our faith.  For decades, the left has been chipping away at religious liberty.  Earlier this summer, the Supreme Court was forced to rule on a case brought by some who wanted to tear down a war memorial because it was a cross.  We won that case, but imagine how it would have gone if Trump had not nominated the last two justices.  In an era of rising anti-Semitism and militant secularism, those who cherish Judeo-Christian values must stand firm.
  • We love our flag.  Of course we do. Sadly not everybody does.  The left has been associated with flag burning for decades.  (Have you ever seen a conservative demonstration try to make its point by burning the flag?)  Some liberal politicians want to drop the Pledge of Allegiance.  When Colin Kaepernick disrespected the flag and national anthem, the left defended him.
  • We love our freedom.  Virtually every freedom guaranteed to us in the constitution is under attack by the left.  Freedom of speech is under attack on university campuses and online by big tech.  The freedom to defend yourself with a firearm and religious freedom are under attack.  Economic freedom is under assault by socialists.

It is very revealing that any time the president or any conservative defends these things the left tries to define our defense as some form of "bigotry" or as somehow racially motivated.  Progressives know they are very vulnerable on these issues.  And so the only way they can win the debate is to shut it down by linking these values to hatred.
So when the president takes on Colin Kaepernick over the flag, virtually no one on the left says, "The flag doesn't deserve to be honored."  Instead, they say, "Look at Trump attacking a black man." 
And that brings us to the election. 
Much of the Republican establishment believes that the president must make his campaign all about the economy and our economic success.  That is a powerful argument for his reelection.  Historically, presidents who preside over strong economies win elections, while presidents who preside over weak economies lose.
But tell that to Mitt Romney. 
Barack Obama presided over a weak economy and all that Romney talked about was the economy.  He ran from cultural values issues like a cat with its tail on fire. 
James Dobson and I met with him privately, and urged him to stand up for and defend Chick-fil-A.  He wouldn't even do that.
Meanwhile, Obama constantly signaled his position on left-wing cultural issues.  Law enforcement is racist.  America isn't exceptional.  We owe the world an apology.  While all that was jarring to us, it rallied young, progressive voters, which polling shows have some of the lowest patriotic impulses in history.
Thankfully, I have no doubt that Donald Trump understands all this. 
Yes, he will trumpet great employment figures, a booming energy industry, rising wages, etc.  But he also knows that man does not live by bread alone.  He knows that faith and family, God and country are more than just buzzwords and slogans.
I am convinced that no future Republican presidential candidate will be able to win the White House unless they are willing to speak boldly for the silent majority of Americans who embrace the president's words about faith, family and freedom.