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Friday, April 5, 2024 -- The Betrayal Continues, No Moral Equivalence, Communist Chutzpah

The Betrayal Continues


What is happening right now to the U.S.-Israel alliance is a monumental shift in the wrong direction at the worst possible time.


Israel and the United States have the same enemy. That enemy is the Islamic Republic of Iran. Never forget that Iran calls America, not Israel, “the Great Satan.”


But when Joe Biden was Barack Obama’s vice president, they undermined Israel and empowered Iran.  Donald Trump reversed that. But now Biden is undermining Israel and empowering Iran again.  Only this time, it’s more dangerous than ever.


Earlier this week, Israel took out two key Iranian terrorist operatives in Syria. We should be grateful that Israel ended their reign of terror.


But reports indicate that Biden essentially soiled his pants and got on the phone to assure Iran we had nothing to do with the strike. It was a pitiful, groveling reaction.


Seeing how quickly Biden ran from our Israeli allies, Iran vowed to make a major strike on Israel. So, what does Biden do?


He gets on the phone and berates Bibi Netanyahu for civilian casualties in Gaza. Then the White House leaked details of the call to the media, further demonstrating Biden’s efforts to distance America from Israel.


That display of weakness will only embolden Iran and make an attack on Israel even more likely because the mullahs see us abandoning the Jewish state.


But wait. . . There’s more.




No Moral Equivalence


Speaking in Europe yesterday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken outrageously suggested that Israel was becoming like Hamas. 


He said, “Democracies place the highest value on human life, every human life. . . If we lose that reverence for human life, we risk becoming indistinguishable from those we confront.”


That’s a joke! The Biden administration’s pro-abortion policies domestically and even in foreign policy (here and here) make it painfully obvious that this administration doesn’t “place the highest value on every human life.” But I digress. . .


Sadly, Blinken wasn’t alone in criticizing Israel. 


During an interview with CNN, White House National Security spokesman John Kirby was asked to clarify Blinken’s remarks and tell viewers just how close Israel is to becoming like Hamas. Kirby responded, “Well, it’s difficult to say on a scale like that.”


Difficult to say?!


He went on to offer something of a defense for our ally, but then criticized the way Israel has been conducting its war against Hamas “in recent weeks and months.”


Months? It’s not even been six months since the October 7th massacre.


You may recall that Kirby, on behalf of the Biden administration, set an impossible standard for Israel a week after Hamas brutally massacred 1,200 Israelis.

He told reporters:


“We don't want to see any civilian deaths or injuries as a result of this conflict. The right number of civilian casualties, quite frankly, . . . is zero.”


And now we have Joe Biden calling Benjamin Netanyahu and demanding an immediate ceasefire, telling him that he must stop fighting Hamas. Disgusting!


There is no moral equivalence between the democratic state of Israel and the terrorists of Hamas. NONE!


America’s message should be a simple one: “Hamas must lay down its arms, surrender, and release all the hostages. Period.” Instead, all the pressure is on Israel.


Not surprisingly, Hamas is praising Biden for his “clear changes in [American] policy towards Israel.”




“A Grave Mistake”


What set off Biden’s latest “stab in the back” was the tragic deaths of several members of a well-known aid group, World Central Kitchens.


There is no way that the Israel Defense Forces intentionally struck that group. It is beyond the realm of possibility that Israel deliberately attacked an aid group. 


But, of course, the media, the United Nations, and Israel’s enemies are all insinuating that it was intentional and a war crime. 


The IDF immediately investigated the incident and has released its initial findings, calling the strike “a grave mistake.” Two officers have been fired, and two senior commanders have been reprimanded.


But the White House is furious because they know this incident makes it even more challenging for them to keep the Hamas wing of the Democrat Party in line in places like Michigan and Minnesota.


Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t need advice from Joe Biden. He has a history of being wrong, including opposing the raid to take out Osama bin Laden.


Here’s more history. 


Biden ignored the advice of his generals and royally screwed up his retreat from Afghanistan. Among other things, he turned over security to the Taliban. Predictably, 13 American troops were killed, and many more were grievously wounded by a homicide bombing at Kabul airport’s Abbey Gate. 


In the aftermath of that self-inflicted wound, Biden pressured the Pentagon to help him look tough. So, they gave him a target of what they thought was an Islamic extremist, and Biden ordered a drone strike.


We ended up killing a family of ten, including seven children.


Did Benjamin Netanyahu berate the United States then? Did Israeli officials call Taliban leaders to make it clear that Israel had nothing to do with those deaths, and that it was all on us? Of course, not.


Biden is a complete hypocrite who only cares about his own power. And right now, he is willing to do incalculable damage to the U.S.-Israel alliance and the Netanyahu government that will be difficult to repair.


All of this – the call to Netanyahu, the public berating of Netanyahu, the call to Iran – is happening as Iran and its allies are celebrating Al Quds Day. That holiday, celebrated by Islamic supremacists, is dedicated to the destruction of Israel and the celebration they look forward to when all of Jerusalem is conquered in jihad.


We know what would happen to Israeli Jews if that day ever came.


Everything Joe Biden has done in the last 72 hours has demoralized our most reliable ally and emboldened our sworn enemies, making it far more likely that something horrible will happen in the days ahead.




Communist Chutzpah


Earlier this week, Taiwan suffered a major earthquake. Multiple nations expressed their condolences and offered messages of support. 


But at the United Nations Wednesday, Beijing’s representative thanked all those countries for their sympathy over what happened to “China’s Taiwan.” That takes chutzpah!


Needless to say, Taiwan’s leaders were outraged by the veiled threat. The foreign ministry in Taipei issued a statement condemning communist China’s “shameless” behavior.




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Good News


  • Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation eliminating so-called “squatter’s rights.”


  • The Georgia legislature passed new election integrity measures, strengthening ballot chain of custody and providing additional transparency in the ballot counting process.


  • Idaho Gov. Brad Little signed legislation protecting the religious liberty rights of adoptive and foster parents. He also signed legislation protecting parental rights in the health care decisions of minor children.


  • Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed legislation strengthening protections for religious liberty.


  • A federal appeals court ruled that Pennsylvania should only count mail-in ballots that are signed and dated. This is a significant victory for election integrity.


  • Grassroots activists in Washington State scored a major victory over the progressive left. They forced the liberal legislature to approve three commonsense initiatives, and three more will appear on the November ballot for the people’s approval.