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Friday, April 26, 2024 -- The Immunity Hearing, The Danger Ahead, The Company You Keep

The Immunity Hearing


As is often the case, the media headlines regarding yesterday’s Supreme Court arguments over presidential immunity were contradictory. Consider these dueling headlines from the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal:


“High Court Poised To Reject Trump’s Immunity Claim” (Washington Post)


“Justices Seem Open To Some Immunity For Trump” (Wall Street Journal)


As I suggested yesterday, the truth is likely somewhere in between.


The justices did not seem inclined to accept the idea of total immunity, but the conservative majority was clearly concerned about the kind of outrageous partisan behavior that we’re seeing right now by rogue prosecutors in Atlanta and Manhattan.


We can’t assume anything. But most legal analysts who are independent or lean in our direction felt that yesterday’s arguments and the justices’ comments were very good for President Donald Trump.




The Danger Ahead


The real evidence of just how good yesterday’s Supreme Court arguments were for Donald Trump is the reaction of the neo-Marxist media and the progressive political juggernaut.


They are in complete meltdown mode today. They are baring their teeth and snarling, signaling what is coming if they win in November.


Multiple commentators on MSNBC and other outlets referred to the conservative justices as “criminals.” That is not an accidental choice of words.


Their aim is to criminalize political opposition. That’s what totalitarians do, and the American political left is increasingly totalitarian.


That’s why these Soros prosecutors are persecuting Donald Trump. That’s why congressional Democrats are trying to strip him of Secret Service protection. They want him in jail, and they want him dead.


The left’s theme yesterday was that the Supreme Court, as it is currently constituted, must be smashed. So, recently, they have tried to shrink the court.


They have been demanding that Justice Clarence Thomas recuse himself from multiple cases, which he will not do. Now they are demanding that Trump’s three appointees recuse themselves.


If Biden wins this November and if the left’s majority expands in Congress, they will shift from shrinking the court to expanding the court as big as necessary to change the majority by packing it with leftist hacks.


That would remove the only institution of government that is protecting our constitutional rights, which is why the left despises the Supreme Court.


None of us can afford to relax or take anything for granted.


I know many of you are tired of hearing, “This is the most consequential election ever!” Well, it actually is. The survival of our constitutional Republic is hanging by a thread.


Please help CWF fight back! Stand with me now!




The Gutless GOP


Unfortunately, the radical left isn’t the only problem we’re facing. Significant elements of the Republican establishment do not want Donald Trump to be president again. They believe that if he is defeated, it’s not only the end of him, but also the end of the MAGA movement and populist conservatism.


This is not a new rift in the party. As I have outlined before, the establishment bitterly fought Ronald Reagan, too, and it has crushed other populist movements in the party.


The MAGA movement fights for the working class. It puts Main Street ahead of Wall Street. It is strong on national defense but puts America’s interests first.


It believes in free markets, but not at the expense of American workers. Instead of just paying lip service to the culture war, it is serious about winning it.


In contrast, the GOP establishment wants to go back to being the party of Big Business, Gerald Ford, and the Bush dynasty, where we keep surrendering more and more ground to the socialists and Marxists.




The Company You Keep


America’s enemies are watching what is happening on our college campuses today, and they are smiling. It shouldn’t surprise us, as our enemies would love nothing more than to see America torn apart and laid low.


Izzat Al-Risheq, a top Hamas official, blasted the Biden administration for violating the rights of the radical pro-Hamas student demonstrators, adding, “Today’s students are the leaders of the future.”


Just a reminder: Hamas brutally slaughtered 1,200 innocent Israelis, including women and children, on October 7th. The attack killed more than 30 Americans, and other U.S. citizens were taken hostage. That’s what these radical students are defending.


The Islamic Republic of Iran chimed in, too. Ayatollah Khamenei offered his support for the campus protests, tweeting:


“Western governments say the Resistance Front is terrorism. This comes at a time when people flew Hezbollah’s flag . . . in the US. The people of the world are supporting the Resistance Front because they are resisting & because they are against oppression.”


Iran’s foreign minister also condemned the “suppression” of the protests against the “Israeli regime” as “worrying” and “disgusting.”


Just a reminder: Iran is the world’s leading state-sponsor of terrorism. The radical Islamic regime has the blood of Americans on its hands. And the mullahs are once again engaged in brutally suppressing the rights of the Iranian people.


But as the old saying goes, “You are the company you keep.” It is very revealing that Hamas and Iran would be praising these radical students. As I noted yesterday, they are Hitler’s ideological heirs.


Do any of these university presidents have any sense that they should engage in some reflection and self-examination?


Not long ago, most Americans wanted all our children to get a “higher education.” We were convinced it would make them better people, more successful, and better able to help the country.


But as academia is increasingly dominated by socialists and Marxists, and as critical race theory and diversity, equity, and inclusion indoctrination have replaced education,  our institutions of “higher learning” are increasingly producing extremists who hate America and want a revolution.


Now, Americans are sickened by what’s happening at these colleges and universities, while our death-worshipping enemies are praising the rioting students.




Speaking of Death Worship. . .


What we’re seeing in our streets and on our college campuses isn’t about helping “innocent Palestinians.” It’s far more dangerous than that.


One of the student protest leaders at Columbia University has openly called for the death of “Zionists.” And Columbia administrators are reportedly negotiating with him.


The barbarians are inside the gates!


The virulent virus of Jew-hatred and Israel-hatred continues to spread across the country and in our institutions of higher learning. While there are some differences in how Red states and Blue states are handling these anti-Semitic outbursts, there appears to be no solution as of now.


A counterdemonstration by Christians and Jews was held yesterday at Columbia University. There was a massive police presence to protect them. That tells you everything you need to know about the “tolerant” leftist students.


And don’t assume it’s just college campuses. No, this hatred is being nurtured from a very early age.


A drag queen recently led elementary-aged children in chants of “Free Palestine” at an event called “Queer Story Time for Palestine.”


I wonder what Hamas and the ayatollah would have to say about that!




A Deceptive Deal


A senior Hamas official offered a new ceasefire deal this week. Hamas would disarm in exchange for Israel returning to the pre-1967 borders.


Israelis refer to those borders as “suicide borders,” because it would be virtually impossible to militarily defend a shrunken Israel.


But that’s not all. Hamas insisted on the right of return for at least five million of so-called “Palestinian refugees.” None of these people have ever actually lived in Israel! That would result in Israel being demographically swamped by militant Islamists. And Hamas also insisted on being part of any future Palestinian government.


So, the bottom line of Hamas’s offer is that they will accept a ceasefire in exchange for the end of the Jewish state. 


The Biden White House desperately wants a “two-state solution,” but even they rejected this deal because they don’t want Hamas involved in the Palestinian government.


Well, good luck with that. The Palestinian people elected Hamas to be their government!




Tune In To Family Talk


Please tune in to Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk radio show!


On today’s broadcast, former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and I conclude our discussion about Israel’s war with Hamas.


You can find station listings here. Or you can listen online here.




Good News


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation allowing volunteer chaplains and patriotic organizations access to school campuses. DeSantis is also refusing to comply with the Biden administration’s radical rewrite of Title IX regulations.


Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed legislation expanding school choice options and banning squatting in the Peach State.


Superintendent of Education Cade Brumley is directing all Louisiana schools to ignore the Biden administration’s radical rewrite of Title IX regulations.


State Superintendent of Public Instruction Ryan Walters is directing all Oklahoma school districts to ignore the Biden administration’s radical rewrite of Title IX regulations.


More than a dozen British “senior clinical psychologists” publicly apologized for the role their profession and professional organizations played in promoting radical transgender procedures for children.