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Friday, April 21, 2023 -- Release The Manifesto, Erasing Women, Manchin v. Biden

Release The Manifesto


Almost every morning when I wake up, I am reminded of the six Christians who were gunned down at a Christian school in Nashville.  That story certainly disappeared quickly, didn’t it?


Fortunately, the shooter was taken down by brave police officers.  Once again, good guys with guns stopped the bad “guy” with a gun.  But we really don’t know much about her, except that she was a woman “transitioning” to be a fake man and taking male hormones.


The Biden Administration is always on the lookout for any hate crime, real or imagined, that it can blame on us.  But in the aftermath of the Nashville shooting, they ran to the microphones to say, “We have no idea what happened here.  Let’s wait until the investigation is finished.”  


That must have been a first for them.


Unbelievably, Joe Biden actually joked about it.  When told that some conservative senators believed the shooting was a hate crime, Biden laughingly said, “Well, I probably don’t then.”


But almost a month after the shooting, we still don’t know the killer’s motive.  The shooter is dead, so we can’t interrogate her.  But she left behind a manifesto and multiple diaries. 


There is a treasure trove of information that could tell us what motivated this woman to kill Christian children at a time when leftists are saying that conservatives and Christians want to commit “genocide” against trans people.


Multiple leaders at every level are demanding to see this information, but the FBI is refusing to release it.  One local official said she was told that the manifesto is a “blueprint for total destruction” and would be “astronomically dangerous” if it were released.


So, we’re supposed to believe the FBI fears that the Nashville trans shooter was some kind of “evil super genius” from the latest Marvel movie? 


Her plan seemed simple enough:  Get guns, walk into a school and start shooting.  It’s not like we haven’t seen this before.  No, something else is going on here.


It is totally reasonable to believe, and I do, that the motives of this shooter are seriously inconvenient for Joe Biden, the attorney general, the Deep State, the liberal media and their left-wing political allies.


This reminds me a lot of the FBI’s infamous coverup of the mass assassination attempt by a crazed Bernie Sanders supporter. 


He came to Washington, D.C., with a “hit list” of Republican congressmen in his pocket and then opened fire on the House GOP baseball team as they were practicing for a charity game.  The FBI initially said it couldn’t determine a motive, then labeled the shooting as “suicide by cop.”


Journalist Glenn Greenwald is trying to sue to force the release of the trans shooter’s manifesto.  But so far, at least two law firms have refused to take the case.  Why?


I join the growing call for the manifesto’s immediate release and any information that points to the motive. It is important for the American people to know the truth.  It is important for churches and Christians to know if they are in danger from the trans movement and the increasingly violent and unhinged left. 


Just days after this atrocity, another trans Christian hater was arrested for plotting attacks on schools and churches.  Thankfully, he was turned in by his own family.




Erasing Women


As we noted yesterday, the House of Representatives voted along party lines to pass a bill protecting girls’ sports from boys who claim to be girls.  The American people overwhelmingly support this commonsense legislation, yet every House Democrat voted against the bill.


Needless to say, House Democrat Leader Hakeem Jeffries had some explaining to do.  So, he told reporters, “Republicans are trying to sensationalize an issue that doesn’t really exist.”


There you have it, friends. The male Democrat House leader just erased a bunch of women by telling female athletes that they “don’t really exist.”


Tell that to Riley Gaines and all the other female swimmers who lost to Will Thomas.


Tell that to Payton McNabb, who suffered a concussion and other injuries because a much stronger boy was playing against her girls’ volleyball team.


Tell that to Chelsea Mitchell, who was the fastest girl on her track team until two boys pretending to be girls showed up.


Tell that to Erika Newsome, whose skull was crushed by a transgender mixed martial arts fighter.


If the Republican Party doesn’t start running ads on this issue now, it will be guilty of political malfeasance.



Manchin v. Biden


West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, the Democrat chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, is increasingly frustrated with the Biden White House and he’s increasingly vocal about it.


Earlier this week, he blasted the Biden Administration’s draconian regulations that are designed to force Americans into electric vehicles.  In a statement, Manchin accused the Biden Administration of empowering communist China, saying:


“The EPA is lying to Americans with false claims about how their manipulation of the market . . . will help American energy security.  In reality, this is a Trojan horse. To meet these timelines will mean strengthening our reliance on minerals and technologies controlled by the Chinese. . .


“This Administration is taking steps that will only result in a more energy secure and powerful China. I don’t believe that making progress on climate change should come at the expense of our national and energy security.” 


Yesterday, he ripped into Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm for violating the Inflation Reduction Act, which he helped to write.  But that’s not all. 


Manchin also slammed Biden for refusing to negotiate with Republicans over the debt limit.  All the White House has been doing is bashing Republicans and demanding they increase the debt limit with no conditions so Democrats can keep spending like drunken sailors.  (My apologies to drunken sailors!)


Manchin applauded Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s leadership, and blamed the stalemate on Biden’s “deficiency of leadership.” He warned that a historic default was looming because “President Biden continues to refuse to even negotiate,” while McCarthy has proposed “the only bill actually moving through Congress that would prevent default.”




Poll Position


According to the latest Harvard/Harris poll, Donald Trump maintains a 35-point lead (55% to 20%) over Gov. Ron DeSantis in the GOP presidential primary.  No other candidate is in double digits. 


The survey results come as conservative talk show host Larry Elder announced that he was joining the GOP contest.


Looking ahead to the November general election, Trump leads Joe Biden by five points (45% to 40%) and he leads Kamala Harris by ten points (48% to 38%). 


Speaking of Biden, the poll finds that many voters are very uneasy about the notion of “four more years.”  Fifty-six percent have doubts about Biden’s mental fitness to serve as president, while 67% say he’s “too old.”  And if he did win reelection, 63% believe it is likely that Kamala Harris would end up “taking over at some point.”



Still Waiting


As we’re sending this report, we’re still waiting for news of the Supreme Court’s initial ruling on the abortion drug mifepristone.  A decision is expected at some point today.  We will give you a thorough analysis on Monday.




Good News



  • The Florida Department of Education expanded efforts to protect students from inappropriate sexual content and radical gender ideology to middle and high school curriculum.


  • The Kentucky Department of Education expanded efforts to protect students from inappropriate sexual content and radical gender ideology in schools.  Among other things, all schools are now required to have a parent’s permission before a student can “change their gender.”


  • Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves signed multiple bills into law that promote adoption, support pregnant mothers and advance the culture of life.


  • North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum signed legislation protecting children from mutilating transgender surgeries and sterilizing drugs. 


  • The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned Berkeley’s ban on gas appliances.