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Friday, April 19, 2024 - Israel Responds, More Abortion Mandates, Massacre Averted

Israel Responds


As you know, Iran fired 300 drones and ballistic missiles at Israel last week, hoping to kill thousands of innocent Israelis. Joe Biden told Israel not to escalate the situation.


Israel just had 300 missiles fired at it. What exactly is escalation? Firing 301 missiles in response? 


Israeli leaders wanted to respond immediately, but Biden was already telling Israel, “Don’t.” There are reports that the same message was being communicated last night when Israel launched what appears to be a relatively minor counterstrike.


There’s another story being reported this morning with glee by the leftist media. The Biden administration has been contacting nations around the world and telling everyone they could that the United States had nothing to do with last night’s attack.


In my view, Israel’s limited response only makes sense if the White House is also telling Iran right now, “If you ever launch another attack like the one you launched a week ago, we will join Israel in obliterating you.”


Unless that message is being communicated, Biden’s pressure on Israel sends an entirely different message to Iran, which is “You can launch any attack you want and the United States will restrain Israel, and Israel will acquiesce out of fear of losing U.S. support.”


That is a prescription for disaster. Not only does it invite further aggression, but no one will invest in and want to live in any nation that can be routinely targeted by its enemies and prevented from defending itself by a feckless American president.


Biden and his appeasers are forcing Israel to make decisions that are not the best decisions for Israel’s security. The only way this pattern is going to stop is to have a president who really is a friend of Israel. And his name is Donald Trump.




A Miracle


There's a social media post going around purportedly from a physics professor regarding the incredible success of Israel’s Iron Dome and David’s Sling missile defense systems.


The post suggests that they operated as if one person was coordinating every system and that it was done with near perfection, achieving a totally unlikely result.


Now, these systems are very good. Experts say they generally have a 90% success rate. But what happened last week was that 99.9% of the 300 missiles and drones Iran launched at Israel were destroyed.


The Israeli Defense Forces said this was a “significant strategic achievement.” As the social media post put it, “If this is not an act of God, then I no longer know what a miracle is.”


Here’s another miracle: Intelligence reports indicate that half of the Iranian missiles fired at Israel “failed upon launch or in flight due to technical issues.” Clearly, Iran fully intended to kill thousands of Israelis. But not one Israeli died.


Of course, the Bible tells us to expect miracles like that when it comes to the nation of Israel.


But that does not mean we don’t have to stand with Israel now against the terrorists of Hamas and Hezbollah and their Iranian masters. Supporting Israel against death-worshipping radical Islamists is the right thing to do. It is a matter of good versus evil.




More Abortion Mandates


A few years ago, Congress passed the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA). As the title clearly states, the legislation was meant to help pregnant women in the workforce.


It empowered the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to enforce the law by requiring employers to do everything possible to help ensure that pregnant female employees give birth to healthy babies.


So, employers were instructed to accommodate doctors’ appointments, offer temporary reassignments to less physically taxing jobs, or provide chairs so a pregnant woman didn’t have to stand on her feet all day.


Predictably, the Biden administration just released a new rule to the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, forcing employers to accommodate abortions. It is perverting a law meant to ensure healthy babies by turning it into a club to ensure more abortions – the exact opposite of a healthy baby.


Rep. Virginia Foxx, chairman of the House Education and Workforce Committee, blasted the new regulations, saying, “The PWFA does not apply to abortions. The term ‘abortion’ is not once mentioned in the law. Instead of following congressional intent, the Biden administration is using the regulatory process to advance radical policy goals.” 


Biden frequently takes time out from claiming that Trump wants to be a dictator to doing another dictatorial act himself. And the same media that hyperventilates about Trump being a possible dictator totally ignores Biden’s actual dictatorial behavior.


This is just another example of how Biden and his party are obsessed with abortion and pushing abortion every day and every way they can. They believe his road to reelection is paved with dead babies!


When they’re not warping our foreign policy and appeasing the death-worshipping Hamas wing of their party, they are trying to turn America into a death-worshipping country where the number of abortions goes up year after year.




Massacre Averted


Federal and local law enforcement officials have prevented what could have been a horrific massacre in the Washington, D.C., suburb of Rockville, Maryland.


An 18 year-old student was arrested for plotting to attack a high school and an elementary school. Police found a 129-page manifesto describing the attacks, including this chilling line: “I have also considered shooting up my former elementary school because little kids make easier targets.”


The physiology here is very telling. While most media outlets are reporting the student’s name is “Alex,” the police statement indicates that is a “preferred name” and the student’s real first name is “Andrea.” The statement then proceeds to refer to Andrea as “he.”


Before the trans phenomenon became popular, driven by the Biden administration, the money-hungry medical establishment, and the insane left, school shootings were universally committed by boys. Why, all of a sudden, are girls becoming so violent?


I have a theory: These “trans boys” are being pumped full of male hormones, which makes them more aggressive. That’s why men grow large muscles, go off to fight wars, and are more likely to respond physically in various situations.


At the same time, our twisted culture is telling her that she is a victim, that she is discriminated against, and that she is hated. So, she reacts to those messages as an angry young man would. 


Plus, these sick doctors are not addressing the multitude of other mental health issues that transgender individuals are almost always suffering from. In short, they are treating the wrong thing and making the other mental health issues worse.


One of the left’s favorite arguments is that if you don’t allow these children suffering from gender dysphoria to get powerful hormones and deforming surgeries, they are likely to kill themselves. That’s not true. Higher rates of suicide are not related to gender dysphoria but to all the other mental health issues that doctors are ignoring.


In this case, reports indicate that Andrea has been “hospitalized for mental health issues three times since 2022” and once claimed to be Jesus. Furthering her obvious delusions by telling her she is really a boy is medical malpractice and cruel.


But what is increasingly obvious is that if you push struggling and unstable teenagers into these radical, unscientific experiments, they are more likely to kill somebody.


Just a reminder: we still have not been allowed to see the manifesto of the Nashville shooter who murdered six people at a Christian school. I am confident that the reason is because it would be another blow to the insane trans ideology.




Good News


  • The Supreme Court allowed Idaho’s law protecting children from sterilizing drugs and radical mutilating surgeries to take effect while the legal challenges against the law proceed in the courts.


  • Polls show that the radical pro-abortion constitutional amendment on the ballot in Florida may well be defeated.


  • Fifteen state attorneys general (all Republicans) are demanding that Bank of America explain its customer account cancellation policy amid increasing reports that the bank is discriminating against conservative and religious customers and organizations.


  • Parental rights activists held prayer rallies across the country last week in support of the traditional family.


  • More than 100 anti-Israel protesters, including Rep. Ilhan Omar’s daughter (who was also suspended), were arrested and removed from Columbia University.


  • Google fired more than two dozen radical leftists who staged protests in the company’s California and New York offices.