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Friday, April 12, 2024 -- Leftist Lawfare, FISA Fiasco, You Are The Enemy

Leftist Lawfare


Today’s neo-Marxist Democrat Party is committed to waging lawfare to crush, imprison, intimidate, and bankrupt their political opponents -- us. They are obviously doing it to Donald Trump.


But every week there are other examples of how they are doing it to other normal citizens, elected conservatives, and the heads of conservative organizations fighting for conservative values.


The Federalist Society has played a major role in helping presidents identify conservative individuals to fill judicial vacancies, including Supreme Court vacancies.


The left is furious that it no longer owns the Supreme Court and that the court is no longer doing the left’s dirty work. You know, taking prayer out of school, changing the meaning of marriage, pushing abortion on demand -- all the radical culture war changes in America.


We have the Supreme Court right now, and the left is dedicated to reversing that. If Biden wins, they are likely to succeed.


Right now, Democrats are pushing legislation to force the justices (i.e., the conservative justices) to recuse themselves from any case involving any issue they have ever expressed an opinion about.


They can’t subpoena the justices, so they are going after the head of the Federalist Society, Leonard Leo, a well-known friend of Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito.


Under pressure from dark money left-wing groups, Senators Durbin (D-IL) and Whitehouse (D-RI) are demanding all of Leo’s records, letters, and any communications with current justices of the Supreme Court.


This is a disgusting and dangerous extension of neo-Marxist lawfare. Leo is a private citizen. There is no legitimate legislative or oversight purpose in going after a private citizen.


But this isn’t a legitimate exercise. It is an exercise in raw political power meant to intimidate Leo and other conservatives.


It also proves that any hope of America coming together in an extraordinary commitment to bipartisanship is nothing more than a vain hope. The neo-Marxist left intends to rule by crushing us.


And our side is still led by many people who yearn for a return to the 1950s, which will never happen, and who believe the problem is people like Donald Trump and conservatives who fight back.




FISA Fiasco


Legislation to renew the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) failed to pass the House of Representatives earlier this week. But it did pass earlier today.


Conservatives are conflicted on this bill, but the majority of elected conservatives in Congress are clearly in favor of it.


There are some reforms in the current bill. Frankly, I wonder if “reforms” are enough at this point. But there is a stalwart group of skeptics, and I say, “God bless them!”


We all remember how people like James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Stzrok, and Lisa Page abused their power.


The supporters of this FISA law say, “Well, those rotten apples are all gone.” As a reminder, none of them went to jail. Instead, they’re making lots of money writing books and pontificating on CNN and MSNBC.


Anyone who thinks we have cleaned up the CIA, FBI, and Homeland Security isn’t paying attention. The left has permeated these institutions, and they are abusing their power to go after conservatives. (See item above.)


More importantly, we know the abuses are still continuing. (Here and here.)


We know that current FBI employees in multiple field offices were surveilling traditionalist Catholics because of the absurd belief that they were a terror threat. Not only was no one fired, but Director Wray has repeatedly resisted giving Congress correct information about the scandal.


We know the FBI spied on concerned parents at school board meetings using terrorist threat tags.


We just learned that after January 6th, various government agencies collected massive amounts of data from phone companies and banks looking for various markers. They wanted to know who went to certain sporting goods stores and who purchased Bibles and other religious books.


And any information on American citizens these government agencies can’t get businesses to voluntarily surrender, they are buying in massive quantities.


We found out that the government was targeting historic American symbols like the Betsy Ross flag and the Gadsden flag as markers of “extremism.”


Joe Biden and powerful Democrats regularly equate normal conservative views with fascism or the Taliban. They smear Christian patriots as a threat to the country.


We know that a variety of government agencies are working with the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to identify “extremist groups.” Well, guess who the SPLC thinks the extremists are? All of us.




You Are The Enemy


How much more evidence does anyone need to say, “Hey, we’ve got a big problem here”?


Can so many elected Republicans really be so stupid that they can’t connect the dots?


Are they really willing to ignore all that?




Many pro-CIA and FBI Republicans say, “The intelligence community needs these powers to go after terrorists.” Fine. Go after terrorists. We empower these people to protect us from our enemies.


But look again at everything I just outlined.


The leftists who have infested our intelligence agencies increasingly see us as enemies of the “fundamentally transformed” neo-Marxist America they want to build.


In their minds, they are protecting America, i.e., themselves, from domestic enemies, i.e., Americans like us.


One final reminder or warning.


Previous Congresses have put some restrictions on what the CIA, FBI, and related intelligence agencies can do when interacting with American citizens protected by our Constitution.


But now we know that the heads of these agencies evaded those laws by calling their friends in foreign intelligence agencies and asking them to spy on Americans. 


This is a fundamental question: Who watches the watchers? Who controls the people with incredible powers and prevents them from using those powers on us?


By the way, where do you think the heads of all these government agencies, their top officials, and many Pentagon officers were educated? In the same woke left-wing universities that are permeated with moral relativism, globalism, and anti-Americanism.




Anti-Semitism At Berkeley


Erwin Chemerinsky, dean of the University of California Berkeley’s School of Law, and his wife, a professor of law, have a tradition of hosting dinners for law school students. Earlier this week, they held a celebratory dinner for the graduating students.


Unfortunately, one of the law students just happened to be the leader of Students for Justice in Palestine, a radical Muslim group that is on many U.S. college campuses. She attempted to hijack the dinner with a ranting tirade against Israel and its war against Hamas.


Chemerinsky, a well-known progressive, and his wife are Jewish. In recent weeks, they have been subjected to vile anti-Semitic attacks. He recently wrote that nothing in his 70 years of life prepared him for the anti-Semitism he has experienced on Berkeley’s campus since the October 7th massacre.


What happened at Chemerinksy’s home ended up showing not that discourse is possible, but that our universities are producing revolutionaries who follow none of the niceties of normal discourse.


In its own way, this was a small example of the clash of civilizations we are witnessing today. One side cherishes life and upholds the values of common decency and individual respect. The other side worships death and uses our sense of decency as a weapon against us.


That’s exactly what is happening right now, with the whole weight of world opinion bearing down on the Israeli people, who were savagely attacked just six months ago by the barbarians of Hamas.



Good News


  • Idaho Gov. Brad Little signed legislation protecting state employees, including public school teachers, from being required to use so-called “preferred pronouns,” which forces them to lie about biological reality. Little also signed legislation that defines sex and gender as “male” and “female” only.


  • A federal judge in Kentucky struck down the Biden administration’s radical climate change regulations meant to force Americans into electric vehicles.


  • The Republican National Committee is suing the state of Nevada for “impossibly high” and inaccurate voter registration rolls.


  • Texas officials pulled $8.5 billion from the investment firm Blackrock over its left-wing “environment, social, and governance” (ESG) policies that are preventing investments in energy companies.


  • Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon signed legislation protecting children from sterilizing drugs and mutilating surgeries.