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Tuesday, November 14, 2023 -- March For Israel, Biden's Bias, America Last

March For Israel


For weeks now, we’ve witnessed multiple demonstrations from hate-filled, pro-Hamas extremists all over the country.  This afternoon, Americans of all races, faiths and backgrounds came together in our nation’s capital to show their support for Israel. 


The March For Israel was the right answer and a powerful answer to the anti-Semitic bigotry that has run rampant in our cities and on our college campuses over the past month.


The march for Israel was peaceful.  The massive crowd proudly waved many Israeli and American flags, the two pillars of Western, Judeo-Christian civilization. 


No one was attacked or beaten by the pro-Israel marchers.  Nor did they vandalize buildings or historic monuments.  No flags were burned in anger.  In fact, the Star-Spangled Banner was proudly sung from the main stage.


There were no calls for genocide.  But there were plenty of calls for peace and justice.


The march was sponsored by the Jewish Federations of North America and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.  It was supported by leading Christian organizations, such as American Christian Leaders for Israel and Christians United for Israel (CUFI).


Speakers at the march included Israeli President Isaac Herzog, famous Soviet dissident Natan Sharansky, Speaker of the House Mike Johnson and Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer and CUFI founder Pastor John Hagee.  The marchers also heard from several family members of Israeli hostages kidnapped by Hamas.


They all, in their own way, delivered the same message:  America stands with Israel!


We stand with Israel against the hate of Hamas. 


We stand for freedom and civilization against the barbarism of radical Islamic supremacy. 


After the Holocaust, the world made a promise to NEVER AGAIN turn a blind eye to anti-Semitism and genocide.  Today, nearly 300,000 Americans stood with Israel to honor that promise.


At the same time the March For Israel took place, members of Congress heard chilling testimony about the disgusting anti-Semitism that is so prevalent on our college campuses. 


The battle to purge extremism at every level of academia (here, here and here) is essential to preserving freedom in America and to preserving America’s alliance with Israel.




Biden’s Anti-Israel Bias


In the immediate aftermath of the October 7th massacre in Israel, I predicted that many politicians, and especially Joe Biden, would rush to defend Israel, but over time they would start to pressure Israel. 


Sure enough, it wasn’t long before Biden called on Israel to “pause” its war against Hamas and congressional Democrats joined him in demanding a cease-fire.


Yesterday, it got even worse as Biden had the audacity to play right into the narrative of Israel’s enemies. 


Those enemies shield themselves behind civilians.  Then they try to get the entire world to condemn Israel when it goes after the evil terrorists that killed Israel’s civilians and who are now hiding behind Gaza’s civilians.


Biden again demanded that Israel pause its military campaign in Gaza and demanded that “Hospitals must be protected.” 


Why is he doing that?  To appease the radical elements of his party that literally want Israel wiped off the face of the earth.  The emotion he showed is right out of Hamas’s talking points and playbook.


The New York Post today took him to task for it, as should every pro-Israel Democrat in Congress.  The Post correctly noted that:


“[Biden’s] phrasing amounts to a passive-aggressive dig at Israel, suggesting it’s being careless around the Al Shifa hospital complex, when it is striving to minimize civilian casualties — even as Hamas seeks to maximize them. . .


“Biden should be calling out Hamas for these atrocities every time he talks about protecting civilians.  And slamming the terrorists for refusing to accept Israel’s offer to get all children out of the hospital and all civilians to safety — and for hoarding for themselves the fuel the hospital needs.”




Climate Insanity


This morning, Biden spoke at a White House event in which he said for the umpteenth time that the biggest threat facing humanity is climate change and everything must be done to confront this existential threat. 


The idea that climate change is the greatest threat facing us today is insane!


The existential threat facing the free world is the growing power of hateful ideologies – communism, Marxism and the modern-day Islamofascism that is trying to destroy Israel now.  It also wants to destroy us, as well. 


The greatest danger we’re facing in confronting this growing threat is feckless leaders like Joe Biden and the weak leaders governing much of Europe who cannot muster the moral courage to speak clearly about what is happening at this moment.




America Last


After babbling about climate change this morning, Biden headed to the Left Coast for a major summit with Asian leaders in San Francisco. 


For years now, the residents and taxpayers of San Francisco have been told that there’s nothing local officials can do about the exploding homeless crisis, the rampant crime, drugs, defecation and sex in the streets.  They were told to just grin and bear it. 


Well, a few days before Xi Jinping, the head of Communist China, arrived in San Francisco for the summit, the drug addicts, the homeless and the gangs were all cleared out in a blink of an eye.  San Francisco’s streets and sidewalks are clean again!


By the way, Xi will not find this unusual at all.  This Potemkin village is exactly what communist China does whenever there are major events in Beijing.  Who knows, maybe Xi gave Newsom some tips when he was in Beijing recently.


Speaking of Newsom, he addressed complaints that San Francisco was only cleaned up because of the Asia-Pacific Cooperation summit.  With his characteristic condescension and smugness, Newsom said, “I know folks say, ‘Oh, they’re just cleaning up this place because all these fancy leaders are coming into town.’  That’s true because it’s true.”


Just one more example of the left putting Americans last.




Joe & Xi Together Again


The White House has high hopes for Joe Biden’s meeting with Premier Xi.  But yesterday, White House aides were quick to assert that the president fully intended to raise some tough issues with China’s leader. 


Really?  Is Joe Biden going to bring up communist China’s COVID cover-up?  Is he going to bring up Beijing’s spy balloon?  Is he going to bring up communist China’s constant spying and stealing of our technology?  Or its genocide against the Uighurs and persecution of Christians?  I’m not holding my breath.


But several reports did indicate that Biden was planning to warn Xi against any Chinese interference in the 2024 elections.  You’ve got to be kidding me! 


The implication is that Biden doesn’t want Xi helping Donald Trump.  That’s absurd!  Trump humiliated Xi, and Xi loves this president.  We know the communist Chinese have a major investment in the Biden family.  They’re expecting a return on their investment.


By the way, communist China will interfere in this election through a little thing called TikTok.  Experts say it is molding the attitudes of America’s young adults on a host of issues, including Israel’s war against Hamas.  And the Biden Administration is totally fine with TikTok promoting left-wing narratives.