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Tuesday, December 20, 2022 -- Deceit & Danger, Threatening Oversight, Left-wing Lies

Deceit & Danger


A seventh tranche of information exposing Twitter’s censorship regime was released yesterday by Elon Musk’s team.  Among the latest revelations is the fact that the FBI jumped into action to suppress the news about Hunter Biden’s laptop THE DAY BEFORE the New York Post broke the shocking story.


Just a reminder: When the FBI was notifying Twitter executives in October of 2020 that Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation, the FBI knew that was false.  They knew that was false because they had seized Hunter’s laptop in December of 2019! 


They knew the New York Post story was true.  They knew the laptop contained serious evidence of potential crimes by Hunter Biden.  But elements of the FBI were doing everything they could to strangle that story in the cradle to protect Joe Biden. 


In addition, 51 former intelligence experts from various agencies issued a public letter saying the story had all the hallmarks of Russia disinformation.


But Russia wasn’t meddling in the election – elements of our own government were meddling in the election!


Just to be clear, the FBI was feeding Twitter disinformation!  And dozens of so-called intelligence “experts” covered for them.


It’s absolutely critical that you understand this:  Deep State Government agencies were lying so Big Tech and the left-wing media would lie to you in order to prevent you from learning the truth. 


Just as they lied about Russian collusion and investigated President Trump under false pretenses for at least two years!


This Orwellian behavior is what you would expect from authoritarian regimes that don’t trust their own citizens. 


The Deep State’s deceit is a national scandal and the real danger to our democracy.




The Deep State’s Tentacles


In addition to the gross dishonesty, the relationship between Twitter and the FBI was far more complex than just one man -- former FBI General Counsel James Baker.  The number of former FBI employees working at Twitter astonished Musk’s team. 


There were so many of them, including James Comey’s FBI chief of staff, that they welcomed new hires from the FBI and networked together.  This nexus of having so many of their own people inside Twitter gave the FBI vastly more influence than was previously understood. 


For example, the FBI was heavily pressuring Twitter to turnover user data “outside of the normal search-warrant process.”  No doubt Twitter’s ex-FBI employees were advising the company that it had better comply. 


As a reminder, Sen. Rand Paul repeatedly pressed FBI Director Christopher Wray about this issue and Wray refused to give a direct answer.


When someone finishes up their career at the FBI, it’s often assumed they would go work somewhere else in law enforcement.  But who knew that the obvious go-to place for former FBI agents was Big Tech? 


It’s also quite revealing given that Big Tech’s left-wing leanings have been obvious for many years.  As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together.


There is a lot of evidence that the social media company Tik Tok is really a front for the Chinese Communist Party.  It now seems likely that Twitter and other Big Tech companies are fronts for the Deep State.


In fact, we also just learned that the FBI paid nearly $3.5 million of your tax money to reimburse Twitter for all the work it was doing for the FBI.




Threatening Oversight


Former Congressman Devin Nunes is accusing anti-Trump bureaucrats in the Justice Department of spying on him and his staff in late 2017.  Why would they do that? 


Well, Nunes was chairman of the House Intelligence Committee then, and he was aggressively investigating the role of the FBI and the Department of Justice in pushing the false Russia collusion hoax.


The Justice Department didn’t like it and got a grand jury to issue subpoenas to Google demanding that the tech giant “turn over personal email and phone data for at least two Intelligence Committee lawyers working for Nunes.”


Keep in mind that this was happening around the same time that Robert Mueller’s investigation of Trump was heating up and when FBI Agent Peter Strzok was removed from Mueller’s team because of his outrageous anti-Trump bias.  With Strzok in jeopardy, was the Deep State searching for another “insurance policy”?


It is the responsibility of Congress to provide oversight of the executive branch.  But executive branch agencies were secretly investigating the investigators! 


Who authorized that?  Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is an obvious suspect since he openly threatened to investigate members of Congress who were asking too many hard questions.


Again, this is exactly what you would expect in a country sinking into authoritarianism. 


Keep in mind, friends, that over the last 20 years the state security bureaucracy has slowly turned its focus away from foreign enemies and toward “domestic enemies.”  Joe Biden spews more vitriol about “ultra, mega MAGA” than he does about Islamic terrorism or the threats from communist China.


Our Founding Fathers established a system of checks and balances and the separation of powers so that no one branch of government could run roughshod over the others.  But the leftists who are now claiming that conservatives are a threat to democracy are methodically dismantling those checks and balances, putting our constitutional Republic at risk.


Here's the key point:  The people entrusted to keep us safe from foreign enemies are rapidly becoming a serious threat to our democracy and our freedoms. Instead of stopping foreign propaganda, they are censoring the truth and labeling normal debate as “disinformation.”




Looking Ahead


Government reform and draining the swamp may well be the most important issue in terms of preserving our freedom in next the presidential election. 


There’s going to be a robust competition for the GOP nomination in 2024.  In recent years, as concerns grew about some individuals at the FBI, many Republicans in government have had a hard time balancing the normal conservative instincts of supporting law enforcement versus the need for small, limited government. 


The default position has been, “Well, it’s just a few bad apples at the FBI.”  But increasingly, this rot looks deep and way beyond a few bad apples. 


So, as people try to assess who they would like to see nominated in 2024, we should ask every contender these simple questions:


“How do you see the nature of the problem at the FBI and the intelligence conglomerate?  Do you think it only needs a bit of fine tuning or do we need a full house cleaning?” 


Anyone who suggests that a little fine tuning is sufficient, isn’t up to the task of preserving our liberties.




Left-Wing Lies


As we reported last week, Joe Biden’s border crisis is getting dramatically worse.  Late yesterday, the Supreme Court jumped into the fray when it issued an emergency order blocking Biden’s plan to lift Title 42 restrictions at the border. 


Unfortunately, I suspect this positive news will be short-lived.  The Supreme Court has a well-established history of bowing to the executive branch when it comes to immigration issues. 


Meanwhile, the left-wing hive has kicked into high gear because it knows the dam is about to burst.  From Sunday talk shows to Hollywood celebrities to the White House podium -- they all had the same talking point:  “The border is being inundated because Republicans keep saying we have an open border.” 


It’s an insane talking point, and it’s gaslighting the American people.  But it’s had more exposure in the last 72 hours than most conservatives can get in a month -- and it’s a total lie!


If the border is in fact closed (and it’s not!), why would someone lying that it is open result in millions of illegal aliens entering the country?  Their entry is proof that the border is open!


If the border is secure, why is Joe Biden asking for billions of additional dollars to “prep for a migrant surge?”


Sadly, the left-wing lies and the media’s malfeasance appears to be working.  The latest Harvard/Harris poll finds that the vast majority of Americans grossly underestimate the number of illegal aliens pouring across Joe Biden’s wide-open border.


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