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Thursday, January 12, 2023 -- More Biden Documents, About That Center, Putting America Last

More Biden Documents


We no sooner sent out yesterday’s “End of Day” report when news broke that Joe Biden had a second batch of classified documents in a different location.  Those initial reports did not say where the documents were found. 


This morning, Politico reported that the classified documents were discovered in the garage of Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware, home. 


Of course, we all know just how seriously Biden takes classified documents.  He told us this week that he was “surprised” to find out that top secret documents were in his office closet at the Penn Biden Center, a Washington “think tank.” 


He must be “shocked” to find out that classified documents were in his garage, too.  Of course, that begs the question:  How did they get there?  And, there’s evidently some confusion as to exactly whose home it is


In 2018, Hunter Biden claimed on a background check that he owned the property where the documents were discovered.  I’m sure we all feel better knowing that classified documents may have been discovered in Hunter’s house! 


There’s no reason to believe this is the end of Biden’s classified documents scandal.  (Has the FBI looked for any classified documents on Hunter’s laptop yet?)  It should be the end of the Trump/Mar-a-Lago faux scandal, and it is certainly shining a bright light on the left’s gross double standard of justice


By the way, we now know that the first batch of classified documents at the Penn Biden Center were discovered on November 2nd.  Not only was this information kept from the American people, but two weeks later, in a blatant act of misdirection, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel to investigate Donald Trump.


Under pressure to avoid any further obvious contradictions and double standards, Attorney General Garland announced today that he is appointing a special counsel to investigate Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified information.


One final point:  Joe Biden’s Senate records have been locked away at the University of Delaware.  His lawyers have aggressively resisted every effort to have those papers opened to the public.  Why? 


They must be opened up now!  National security demands it. 




About That Center. . .


Less than four weeks after Joe Biden left the Obama Administration in January 2017, he was hired by the University of Pennsylvania at a rate “nearly double what full-time Penn professors made.”  That was a pretty quick and generous transition for the former vice president.


Emails from Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop indicate that plans for the Penn Biden Center had been negotiated months, if not years in advance.  In fact, there was even some discussion that Hunter might land a job at the center, too.


The emails also outline several priorities for the vice president’s relationship with the university and the center.  One of those priorities was curiously listed as “wealth creation.” 


As one government ethics expert put it, “The Penn Biden Center is a dark money, revolving door nightmare where foreign competitors like China donated millions of dollars to the university so that they could have access to future high-ranking officials.”


Among the “future high-ranking officials” who worked at the Penn Biden Center, along with the current occupant of the Oval Office, are a top White House national security official, the current ambassador to a European security organization and Secretary of State Antony Blinken.


The fact that classified documents on Iran, Ukraine and the United Kingdom were in that center should raise alarm bells with everyone. 




Pro-Life Victories


True to their promises, House Republicans advanced two bills yesterday that resulted in small, but significant pro-life victories.  They also served as a stark reminder of how extreme the left has become.


First, the House voted on the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.  This legislation would require medical care for babies who survive botched abortions. 


Sadly, there are cases of babies who manage to evade the abortionist’s knife and escape the womb alive.  But then the wounded newborn is often abandoned on a table with no medical care until the baby dies from its injuries. 


This is infanticide.  It is barbaric, and it has no place in America today.  Not surprisingly, some pro-abortion Democrats attempted to twist Scripture to support their radical views.  This is becoming a common tactic – distorting God’s word to justify decadence.


The vote should have been unanimous, but it wasn’t.  Every Republican voted pro-life.  But 210 out of 212 Democrats voted to let innocent babies die.  See how your representative voted here.


It’s very revealing that the number of House Democrats – all two of them – who are troubled by infanticide is so small, they could easily fit in a closet with Joe Biden’s classified documents!


Then the House voted to condemn scores of attacks against churches, crisis pregnancy centers and pro-life groups that have occurred since Roe v. Wade was overturned. 


This, too, should have been a unanimous vote, but it wasn’t.  Every Republican voted to condemn the violence by pro-abortion radicals, but only three House Democrats joined them.  See how your representative voted here.


Republicans must not be afraid of the abortion issue. These votes clearly expose the extremism of the modern Democrat Party.  More than two hundred House Democrats just voted for infanticide and against condemning pro-abortion attacks on churches!


If there is a serious and sustained effort to expose the Democrats’ pro-abortion extremism, there will be a GOP landslide in 2024!




Putting America Last


If you need another example of the Biden Administration putting America last, look at what’s happening right now in the illegal alien sanctuary of New York City. 


Struggling to deal with the impact of Biden’s open border policies, New York officials started housing thousands of migrants in New York City hotels that cost around $500 a night.  But according to one hotel employee, the situation is extremely chaotic. 


There is regular violence.  The migrants are doing drugs and drinking all day.  There are public sex acts.  Hundreds of pounds of food are wasted every night because the migrants refuse to eat it, yet somehow they are bringing in their own food. 


Where are they getting the money for Uber Eats or take out? 


How many Americans, thanks to Biden’s record inflation, are suffering from “food poverty”?  How many communities in the Rust Belt were left behind by globalism and abandoned by Washington’s elites? 


I don’t recall ever hearing George W. Bush talking about those forgotten Americans.  I guarantee “Beijing Biden” doesn’t care about it.  He’s too busy building a wall around his beach house!


The media and, regrettably, many religious organizations will do anything to argue for the rights of migrants illegally entering our country.  But they are silent about the plight of working class Americans of all races who have borne the brunt of open borders and mass migration over the last 30 years.


Politicians like Bobby Kennedy used to travel throughout Appalachia arguing for better lives for those Americans.  You never hear the word “Appalachia” today unless it’s to attack coal miners over climate change.




Speaking Of Climate Change. . .


You probably saw reports earlier this week that the Consumer Products Safety Commission, relying on very questionable “science” and under pressure from left-wing Democrats in Congress, is considering banning gas stoves. 


There was an immediate backlash, and the Biden White House is now in damage control mode.


While I appreciate the backlash, I must admit I am puzzled by the fact that you can get a bigger reaction out of people over gas stoves than assaults on free speech, religious liberty or infanticide. 


Sensing the potential danger, the Biden White House put the word out that it wasn’t planning to ban gas stoves.  But they are. 


This is all part of the left’s radical “Green New Deal” agenda to ban all fossil fuels everywhere and anywhere.  We have written before about how left-wing cities are pushing to ban gas appliances.  Just this week, the liberal governor of New York called for a ban on gas heating and appliances.


Well, let’s assume that the left succeeds.  By necessity, all gas appliances will be replaced with all electric appliances, further straining our electric grid, which is also supposed to handle millions of new electric cars. 


Where’s all that electricity going to come from if we ban coal and natural gas?


The only restriction on natural gas I favor is one that stops the left from gaslighting us!