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Monday, June 17, 2019

A Win For Now
Today the Supreme Court overturned a ruling against Christian bakers in Oregon based on last year’s narrow decision in favor of Colorado baker Jack Phillips. It is a win for now.
But the Court continues ducking the fundamental issues at stake. And it cannot continue to do so for much longer.  Mr. Phillips is being sued yet again.

China's Courageous Christians
I read an article recently that I wanted to share with you about the persecuted Church in China.  Christians there are suffering tremendously, but they are not weakening in their faith.  They are doubling down, and their commitment should inspire us to do more in defense of our values.  
Chinese Christians are memorizing Bible verses, entire chapters even, because the communist regime has stepped up its campaign of oppression.  Churches are being destroyed.  Bibles are being burned, confiscated and even rewritten to promote the communist ideology.
But as one Chinese Christian recently told Pastor Wayne Cordeiro, "We memorize [Scripture] as fast as we can because even though they can take the [Bible] away, they can't take what's hidden in your heart." 
I was also moved by the prayer of Pastor Cordeiro, who met with a group of 22 Chinese Christians recently.  Eighteen of them had been imprisoned because of their faith. 
He asked what would happen if Chinese police raided their meeting.  They told him, "You will get deported in 24 hours and we will be sent to prison for three years."  Yet they were willing to travel for hours, risking arrest and worse, just to meet with him.
When one of the Chinese Christians asked Pastor Cordeiro to pray that the Chinese would become more like him, he said, "I will not do that."  Cordeiro lamented that many Christians in the West had become too comfortable and complacent, taking their faith for granted.
He told the Chinese Christians, "I will not pray that you become like us, but I will pray that we become just like you." 
Wow!  What a sobering and humbling statement.
China's Christians certainly have a very different perspective on matters of faith.  They are desperate to internalize the Word of God so they can live it in the face of extreme persecution.
Religious freedom is one of the foundations of our country and it makes America a truly exceptional nation.  Surely each of us can do more to share our faith and defend our values when we have the freedom to do so. 
The Extreme Left
As I have noted recently, the radical left is doing its best to try to shutdown debate and silence opposition. At the same time, liberal politicians and the progressive movement are lurching ever further to the left.  It's an interesting combination.  The more extreme they become, the less they want to talk about it. 
While I can appreciate the desire to hide their radical views, it is important that we debate the issues making headlines and that you understand just how radical and out-of-touch many of these ideas are.
Below are some ideas that have been recently proposed by high-profile left-wing politicians.  Polling proves that the American public is not on board with the left's extreme agenda. 
For example, immigration and border security are in the news right now.  But. . .

  • Only 24% of the public supports the left's radical open borders agenda.
  • Only 24% of the public supports abolishing ICE, the agency responsible for arresting and deporting criminal illegal aliens.
  • Only 20% of the public supports so-called "sanctuary city" policies that shield illegal aliens from law enforcement.
  • Only 16% of the public supports chain migration or basing our immigration policy on "a person having relatives in the United States."

Unfortunately, when it comes to passing commonsense border security policies and immigration reform measures, Congress appears hopelessly gridlocked.  Hopefully, new elections will result in meaningful changes that can break the impasse.
And speaking of elections, progressives have some pretty whacky ideas about voting too, like lowering the voting age and letting incarcerated felons and illegal aliens vote. 

Many crucial values issues are often decided by unelected judges in the courts, the most undemocratic of our institutions.  Yet now that the left fears it is losing its grip on the courts, progressives are proposing some radical ideas like packing the Supreme Court with more liberal judges.  Not surprisingly, the left is out-of-touch on this and on many values issues.  For example:

Please share this report with your friends and family members so they understand just how extreme the left has become.  In spite of what they may be hearing on the evening news or reading in their local paper, the vast majority of the country has not lost its mind!