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Tuesday, December 15, 2020 -- Hoarse & Sore, Major Cyberattack, Good Company

Hoarse & Sore
Joe Biden gave a rough speech to the American people yesterday.  It was a rough speech to listen to because he was clearly sick.  His voice was hoarse, and he frequently coughed throughout his remarks. 
But at various points he also sounded like a sore winner.  Biden seemed incredulous that anyone would question the results of an election with so many irregularities.  He declared that the election was "honest, free and fair." 
Well, there are millions of Americans who question that, including 30% of Democrats!
"Faith in our institutions held.  The integrity of our elections remains intact," Biden said.  "Now it is time to turn the page, to unite, to heal."
Of course, that's not what the left, including Biden, did four years ago.  They declared open "resistance" to the new administration. They held massive protests in silly hats.  They rioted at the inauguration.  They even screamed at the sky!
And behind the scenes, they were working to sabotage the incoming administration.  We know that Joe Biden was in that infamous Oval Office meeting in which they tried to overturn the results of the 2016 election, not through the courts, but secretly through the Deep State bureaucracy.
Major Cyberattack
Does the name Christopher Krebs ring a bell?  If not, keep that name in mind.  I'll come back to Krebs in a moment.
Over the past 24 hours, there have been disturbing reports of a massive cyberattack against the United States, which now appears to have spread to other countries.  Multiple government agencies, including the Commerce, Defense, Homeland Security and Treasury Departments, were compromised.
We don't yet know the full extent of the attack.  Russia is the primary suspect, although security experts won't rule out China. 
The attack likely began sometime in the spring, but it was only recently detected.  It was so successful because it hijacked a software update from a well-respected company, SolarWinds, to create a "back door" to access other systems.  According to reports, about 18,000 private and government computers downloaded this "tainted update."
Of course, every federal agency has its own IT department with staff responsible for protecting against cyberattacks.  And there is an entire agency devoted to coordinating and supervising the government's cyber security efforts.  It's called the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), and it's part of the Department of Homeland Security.
Until recently, CISA was led by Christopher Krebs, who gave numerous interviews insisting that the 2020 election was the "most secure election ever."  He was fired by President Trump on November 17th.  
Given that this major cyber attack took place right under his own nose, I don't think we can trust anything Krebs said about the election being secure.
Good Company
Michael Gerson is one of the kennel-fed poodles who makes a living as a "conservative voice" at liberal outlets like the Washington Post.  And, of course, he saves his worst vitriol for real conservatives.  I haven't seen Gerson go after the radical left with near the same level of passion that he deploys against conservatives like Eric Metaxas or me.
Yes, I found myself in good company today when Gerson attacked me, Tony Perkins, Bill Bennett and Jim DeMint in his latest Washington Post column. 
His argument essentially boils down to this:  If you don't accept the results of an election with so many oddities, irregularities and statistical red flags (not to mention the first election in history that depended on mail-in voting), then you're no longer a conservative.
Gerson, who claims to be pro-life, can't get his arms around the idea that today's left, built on the "right" to destroy babies in all nine months of pregnancy, might cheat in an election.
Gerson just can't fathom that a movement willing to weaponize our intelligence agencies against a populist conservative and his appointees might cheat in an election.
Gerson refuses to believe that a movement totally content with allowing American cities to burn would ever cheat in an election.
I don't need lectures from establishment sellouts like Michael Gerson.  I'd much rather rely on true conservatives like you than be paid by one of the left's leading propaganda outlets.
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Padlock This Gates
Pardon the pun, but someone needs to padlock Bill Gates's mouth. 
There's a lot to admire about Mr. Gates.  He's a living example of the American dream.  He had a great idea and made $120 billion in America.  But he's also a globalist, who despises the idea of America first. 
In an interview yesterday, Gates declared that bars and restaurants should be shut down, and that we won't get back to normal until sometime in 2022
He should be ashamed of himself.  He made these remarks just as the first doses of the COVID vaccine were being administered! 
Yesterday should have been a day of hope, symbolizing the beginning of the end of this national nightmare.  Yet Gates is promising more pain to come.
Gates can't possibly begin to understand what small business owners are facing right now because left-wing bureaucrats and politicians are listening to people like him.  If he wants another economic shutdown, then I suggest he donate his billions to struggling workers and families.
Gates is one the biggest public advocates for vaccines.  But it's not surprising that some people don't trust them when they are associated with people like Gates who don't seem to like America very much.