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Friday, April 30, 2021 -- Biden's Odd Choice, Ratings Bomb, Good News

Biden's Odd Choice
Yesterday, President Biden took a victory lap in Georgia after his unofficial State of the Union address to celebrate his first 100 days in office.  
But going to Georgia is an odd choice for Biden.  He has condemned the state for returning to the days of Jim Crow.  He supported punishing Georgia with boycotts.  Yet the first place he goes after his big address to the nation is Georgia?
Once again, the visual of his rally was just like the bad optics from his speech before Congress.  It was as if we're stuck in April of 2020, not April of 2021.  Many at the drive-in rally stayed in their cars. 
And the vaccinated Biden, with his vaccinated wife and his vaccinated Secret Service agents all seemed to panic when he couldn't find his mask at the podium. 
I don't understand the message they are trying to send.  This was an outdoor event, and he just told us that we don't have to wear masks outside.
Ratings Bomb
While Big Media continues to act like Biden's address to the nation was a modern-day version of the Gettysburg Address, the American people obviously disagree.  The ratings are in and Biden bombed.  Only 27 million people tuned in to Biden's address Wednesday night. 
Apparently, the only time Biden supporters show up is on Election Day.  Strange.
For perspective, Donald Trump's first address before Congress in 2017 got just under 48 million viewers.  In 2018, 46 million Americans tuned in for Trump's State of the Union address.  In 2019, just under 47 million tuned in.  And in 2020, 37 million watched the State of the Union address.
So, Donald Trump's worst ratings were still significantly better than Joe Biden's showing Wednesday night. 
In addition, a new Rasmussen poll asked voters to rank Biden's first 100 days.  Only 36% said they were a "success," while 44% said they were a "failure."
Asked if Biden has been a "better" or "worse" president than expected, only 26% said Biden has been "better than expected," while 39% said he has been "worse than expected."
Biden's radical agenda is clearly failing to unite the country.
I hope you have had a chance to review our list of Biden's 100 mistakes in his first 100 days.  Please share it with friends and family members, especially those who may still cling to the fiction that Biden is a "moderate." 
And please support our efforts to stop Biden's radical agenda. 
We can't do it without you!
Arizona Audit Continues
Last week, we reported that the Arizona Democrat Party had gone to court furiously attempting to prevent the state of Arizona from auditing the election results in Maricopa County, Arizona's largest county. 
That seemed really bizarre since Democrats and their media allies have assured us for months now that there were zero irregularities in the election.  So, why fight an audit that could prove them right?
Well, the left has a problem.  In spite of their insistence that the election was squeaky clean, a lot of Americans just aren't buying it. 
For example, Rasmussen also asked voters whether they believed Joe Biden won the election fairly.  Only 48% of voters said yes, 39% said no and 13% aren't sure.  Amazingly, even 13% of Democrats don't think Biden won the election fairly, but they are glad he won anyway.
I am pleased to report that Arizona Democrats lost their appeal to stop the audit, and hand recounts of more than two million ballots have been underway for several days now. 
In response, Arizona's left-wing secretary of state dispatched observers. Now left-wing groups are calling on the Biden Justice Department to send federal monitors to Arizona.
I have no idea how this will come out.  But if major fraud is discovered it would delegitimize the idea that Biden has a mandate for his far-left agenda. 
And for those who suggest that continuing to question the results amounts to undermining democracy, I would argue that this audit is much less of a threat than packing the Supreme Court.
Or creating more states to pack the Senate. 
Or nationalizing all election laws. 
Or flooding the country with illegal aliens.
Or waging war on law enforcement.
Or abusing our intelligence agencies to create false narratives about Russian collusion.
Pence In The Palmetto State
Former Vice President Mike Pence made his first public address yesterday since leaving office.  Speaking before South Carolina's Palmetto Family Council, Pence praised the historic accomplishments of the Trump Administration, and blasted the Biden/Harris Administration for, among other things, "unleashing the worst border crisis in our history."
Pence vowed to fight for election integrity, stand with law enforcement and resist critical race theory.  The vice president reminded his audience of what it was like the last time Joe Biden was in the White House and how Republicans won a historic victory of 63 seats in the 2010 elections.
Pence said confidently, "God isn't done with America yet," and he relayed a very poignant story about how he came to faith in 1978 at a youth festival that was almost canceled. 
You can watch his speech here.  His remarks begin at the 35:32 mark.
Will We Listen?
Years ago, a woman waited patiently in line to speak with me after I had finished delivering a speech.  When her turn came, she started crying.  She said she had escaped communism in eastern Europe.  But she was starting to see everything she ran away from happening here in America.  That was startling to hear. 
Today, more and more refugees from communism are speaking up with the same warning.  One of them is Maximo Alvarez.
Alvarez is a refugee from Castro's Cuba.  Communism and socialism are not theoretical systems of government to him.  They are a harsh, brutal reality.  But Alvarez has said that when he looks around America today, he sees shadows he thought he had outrun. 
Every communist revolution has followed the same pattern.  It begins with people yearning for power telling their fellow citizens that they know a way to give them everything for free. 
The totalitarian left inevitably declares war on a nation's police and military.  Sound familiar?  That is, of course, until they can gain power and the police and military are used to oppress the people.  The totalitarian left doesn't want the people to be able to protect themselves, so only the government has guns.
A totalitarian revolution always mocks God and tells you to follow the science.  The totalitarian left thrives on division and envy.  And it relies on censorship and media propaganda to survive.
All these things are the shadows that Alverez thought he had outrun.  His father once told him to do everything possible to stop this from happening in America because there's nowhere else to run. 
When Paul Revere warned the colonists that the British were coming, they heeded his warning.  Will we heed the warnings of those who escaped the clutches of the totalitarian left before it's too late?
Good News

  • Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed legislation preventing biological men who claim to be women from competing in girls' sports. 
  • Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed sweeping pro-life legislation into law. 
  • California Governor Gavin Newsom will face a recall election later this year. 
  • Montana Governor Greg Gianforte signed three pro-life bills into law. 
  • Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed three pro-life bills into law. 
  • The America First Legal Foundation is suing the Biden Administration for racial discrimination.  The lawsuit stems from the recent COVID relief bill that included special payments (reparations) only for black farmers. 
  • New polling finds overwhelming support for voter ID laws.  This poll, and others like it, demonstrate just how extreme Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi are.  Their election bill, H.R. 1, repeals all state voter ID laws!