Campaign for Working Families

One Giant Leap
Fifty years ago tomorrow, American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon.  It was an incredible accomplishment, the culmination of years of painstaking work and preparation, and a source of tremendous national pride.

The Left vs. Law Enforcement
While the border crisis continues, the American left is becoming more violent, and its enablers in Congress and the courts resist efforts to stem the crisis.  Here's the latest developments from the weekend.

Standing With Israel
Thousands of pro-Israel activists are here in Washington, D.C., for the 14th annual Christians United For Israel Washington Summit. 

A Glorious Fourth
Here it is, July 5th, and we're still free men and women.  None of the things the fake news media and the progressive left, including the presidential wannabes, warned us about happened yesterday during the July Fourth celebration at the Lincoln Memorial. 

"What The Fourth Of July Means To Me"

A Walk Into History
Last week, while the 20 presidential wannabes engaged in two debates and often looked like squabbling children, President Trump was commanding the world stage during a trip to Asia. 

The Defining Moment
There will be many defining moments in the presidential campaign over the next 17 months, but there was a big one during the second round of Democrat debates last night. 

Round One
It has been said that illegal immigrants do the work Americans won't do.  I disagree.  But I watched the Democrat debate last night because I bet most of you didn't want to.  You're welcome.  

The Peace Cross Can Stay

A Happening
It is hard to describe last night’s massive Trump rally and reelection announcement in Orlando, Florida.  The Amway Center arena was packed with 20,000+ cheering supporters.  Tens of thousands more had requested tickets, but there was no space.

Tune In Tonight

A Win For Now

Dean Flop
Yesterday's House Judiciary Committee hearing featuring former Watergate felon John Dean was a complete flop.  Republican members of the committee were well-prepared and they peppered Dean with tough questions.