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Wednesday, April 13, 2022 -- Leading The Free World, Another Known Wolf, Fake Agents Freed

Biden:  Leading The Free World?


Joe Biden is using every horrible day of the carnage being inflicted on Ukraine by Vladimir Putin as a political opportunity for himself and his party. 


The globalists that dominate the U.S. government and the political strategists of today's socialist Democrat Party see the Ukraine war as an opportunity to distract the American people from the damage they're doing to our country. 


In addition, the conflict gives Biden an opportunity to be seen as "Commander-in-Chief" and "Leader of the Free World."  He is neither.


Nonetheless, Biden and his strategists believe patriotic Americans will eventually rally around him, particularly if the conflict drags on to Election Day in November. 


It's revealing that no one in key positions in Washington is calling for serious negotiations to find a compromise to end the war.  It's revealing that the always vocal, left-wing anti-war movement isn't staging mass protests against Joe Biden right now.


Meanwhile, Biden's own rhetoric makes it less likely that peace talks and negotiations that could end the death and destruction will take place. 


His rhetoric makes it more likely that Vladimir Putin will fight to win or die trying.  Only a fool would assume that if Putin is cornered, he won't use the ultimate weapons at his disposal.


In Iowa yesterday, "tough guy" Biden very intentionally claimed that Putin is engaged in genocide.  Virtually every European leader distanced themselves from Biden's remarks. 


French President Emmanuel Macron, locked in his own tough reelection campaign right now, said he would not repeat Biden's accusation.


Macron sees Putin's invasion as "brutal" and "madness," but he urged Biden to be careful with his language.  Macron said we should try "to rebuild peace."  He added, "I'm not sure that verbal escalations serve this cause."


But "tough talk" combined with his typical weakness serves Biden's cause.  The danger is that his bombastic rhetoric and his ignorance of history can cause the heartbreaking devastation of Ukrainian cities to spread to cities in the rest of Europe.


I am no fan of Macron.  But as a Frenchman, he knows the devastating toll of Europe's land wars.  In World War I, France lost two million people.  France was occupied during World War II.  England lost its empire, even though it was on the winning side.


The next few weeks could far surpass the savagery of the first 58 days of the Russian/Ukrainian war.  May 9th is observed in Russia as Victory Day, marking the end of World War II, and honoring the 27 million Russians who died in that conflict.  Putin will want to point to success in Ukraine on May 9th, just a few weeks away. 


As I write, there is an eight-mile convoy of Russian tanks headed into Donbas, and Ukrainian forces are massing to meet them.


We need, at a time like this, a sober, mentally competent president who understands strength and is prudent with his words.  Instead, we have Joe "Come On Man" Biden with cackling Kamala Harris waiting in the wings.


God help us.




Another Known Wolf


Do you remember the name of the man who drove his car through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin?  Don't feel badly if you don't.  The media quickly buried the story when it was discovered that Darrell Brooks, Jr., wasn't a right-wing MAGA supporter. 


He was a career criminal out on bail, thanks to liberal soft-on-crime policies.  He was also a raving black nationalist who appeared to deliberately target white people. 


That also seems to be the case with Frank James, the suspect in yesterday's mass shooting on the New York City subway.  James has a long social media history.  He is a supporter of Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam, and he posted quotes from Fidel Castro. 


He seems obsessed with the concept of a race war and "killing whitey," declaring, "The vast majority of people, white [people] are racist."  He was also infuriated that Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was married to a white man, writing, "She married the devil."


In one post, he referred to 9/11 as "the most beautiful day, probably in the history of the world."


By the way, Newsweek reports that James "was previously known to the FBI . . . though he was cleared after multiple interviews in 2019."  Really?  So, we have another "known wolf."


Maybe the FBI should stop investigating parents at school board meetings and stop inventing MAGA hate crimes like the Whitmer kidnapping plot and start reopening some of those "cleared" known wolf cases.




Fake Agents Freed


Last week, Arian Taherzadeh and Haider Sher-Ali, two men with ties to Pakistan and Iran, were arrested in Washington, D.C., charged with impersonating federal agents at the Department of Homeland Security.  Among other things, the men claimed they were investigating the events of January 6th.


They lived in an exclusive apartment complex where many federal employees live, and they provided several government employees with lavish gifts including flat screen TVs, iPhones and even rent-free apartments. 


They reportedly had a list of every person in the building, as well as access to the building's video surveillance.  Incredibly, they were able to fool multiple Secret Service agents, including agents assigned to the White House as members of the first lady's security detail. 


This deception apparently went on for at least 18 months, and it raises serious concerns about the effectiveness of our national security under the Biden Administration. 


By the way, the FBI had nothing to do with exposing these frauds.  They're too busy investigating parents and conservative activists.  No, these fake agents were busted by the Postal Service!


Their arrests initially made big news here in Washington.  But in a couple of days, it was pushed off the front page.  Here's the latest bizarre twist:  A judge has denied the government's request to keep the men locked up.  They are instead being released under electronic supervision. 


Here's a question that comes to my mind:  Who was paying for this incredibly elaborate ruse?


Here's another thought:  Several weeks ago, on the anniversary of the death of Iranian General Qasam Soleimani, the Iranian government demanded that key Trump officials including former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Adviser John Bolton be arrested and tried for war crimes.  If they weren't, Iran essentially threatened to assassinate them. 


Now some are speculating that these two fake agents may be connected to such a plot.


If true, the Biden Administration and significant elements of the Deep State have an interest in keeping a lid on this story because it could seriously complicate Biden's efforts to revive the Obama/Biden nuclear deal with Iran.




Pence Speaks Up For Freedom


Former Vice President Mike Pence addressed a packed audience at the University of Virginia last night.  That he spoke at all was a victory for free speech. 


Left-wing students had protested his appearance and tried to get him canceled.  Thankfully, they failed.  This is, after all, the university that Thomas Jefferson founded.


I'm pleased to say that the vice president made full use of his time at UVA.  He blasted cancel culture and the woke left, saying, "The antidote to cancel culture is freedom. The antidote to woke America is freedom. . . [and] every one of you must be prepared to stand on the ramparts of freedom in your life."


During a question and answer session, Pence was asked what he would say to UVA swimmer Emma Weyant, who according to the NCAA finished second in the women's national swimming championship when she was defeated by a biological man.


Pence said, "Emma Weyant won that race."  He added that even though Joe Biden was fighting for the right of men to compete in women's sports, "Common sense needs to reign, and it will reign. . .  We need to defend the integrity of women's sports in America for the benefit of women everywhere."