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Tuesday, October 13, 2020 -- Day Of Rage, Who Loves America, You Don't Deserve To Know

"Day Of Rage"
It's hard to express how angry I am over the latest outburst of leftist violence in Portland.  Statues of Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, two of the greatest Republican presidents, were torn down and the Oregon Historical Society was ransacked in a "day of rage" on Sunday. 
The destruction of those statues is all the proof you need that this violence has nothing to do with black lives or racism.  This nihilism has nothing to do with making America a better country. 
The riot itself was billed as a demonstration for "Indigenous People's Day."  The Biden campaign put out a statement for Indigenous People's Day and ignored Columbus Day, the actual federal holiday.
I can say with certainty that none of the thugs participating in Sunday's violence are Trump/Pence voters, but a significant percentage are undoubtedly Biden/Harris voters.  This is not a fringe movement, but the heart of the Democrat Party. 
Why do I say this?  Because, among other things, one of the rioters was a former Democrat candidate.  Democrat staffers and officials have been arrested at other riots.
I have no doubt that the Portland rioters were inspired by what they have been taught at our "institutions of higher learning." They are immersed in a campus culture that mocks patriotism. 
They have been taught "anti-American history," taught that America was evil from its "founding in 1619" and that the American Revolution was fought to preserve slavery, a disgusting lie.
They have been inspired by Nancy Pelosi, who condemned law enforcement officers as "Stormtroopers" and by other leftists who have denounced America as "systemically racist." 
The left's rhetoric and its radicalism created this violent mob, and the Biden/Harris ticket is empowering this mob.  Just yesterday the guy we're told is a "moderate" stoked the left's hatred of America once again.  See below.
Who Loves America?
After the shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin, Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers raised eyebrows for declaring, "It's amazing to me why we [black Americans] keep loving this country and this country does not love us back."
Joe Biden quickly embraced Rivers's statement and has repeated it during recent campaign events.  Yesterday in Ohio Biden said, "Think about what it takes for a black person to love America. . .  'We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men,' we've never met that standard."
What an outrageous statement for Biden to make!  He served as the vice president to the first black man ever elected and reelected as our president.  And Biden has the audacity to say, "We've never met that standard."
Biden's statement mocks every black man and woman who wore the uniform of our all-volunteer military.  It mocks every grave of a patriotic black veteran.  It is a poisonous message to every young American.
Once again, we see just how desperate the left is to gain power, even if it has to tear down America in the process.
You Don't Deserve To Know
As you know, the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett are underway.  Predictably, Democrats have condemned the hearings as "illegitimate" and condemned Barrett as an "extremist."  Incredibly, one left-wing Democrat suggested that Barrett, a highly successful working mother of seven, would setback women's rights!
First, let's set the record the straight on the question of legitimacy.  A Supreme Court vacancy has occurred 15 times during a presidential election year.  In all 15 times, the president made a nomination, as is his constitutional right.
In seven of those times, the Senate was controlled by the opposition party and there were only two confirmations.  That's a confirmation rate of just 29% when the White House and the Senate are controlled by different parties.
In eight of those times, the Senate was controlled by the same party as the president.  Seven of those nominations were confirmed.  That's a confirmation rate of 88% when the White House and the Senate are controlled by the same parties.  And that is the situation we have today. 
There was nothing unusual with the Senate refusing to confirm Merrick Garland in 2016.  It would have been highly unusual if Garland had been confirmed.  And there is nothing unusual about the Senate proceeding with Judge Barrett's confirmation now.  It would be highly unusual if Judge Barrett were not confirmed.
Moreover, in the course of their remarks, one Democrat after another has revealed their true intentions as they label Barrett a threat to abortion, a threat to Obamacare, a threat to LGBTQ rights. 
In other words, they aren't interested in the Constitution, but their policy agenda.  They want activists making policy from the bench.  Thankfully, Judge Barrett rejects that philosophy.
In her opening remarks yesterday, Barrett declared, "Courts are not designed to solve every problem. . . The policy decisions and value judgments of government must be made by the political branches elected by and accountable to the People."
But Joe Biden has no interest in being accountable to the people.  When asked recently about his views on packing the Supreme Court with more left-wing judges, Biden said, "You'll know my position on court-packing the day after the election."
Pressed later by a reporter as to whether voters deserved an answer, Biden doubled down, saying, "No, they don't."
Meanwhile, Chuck Schumer isn't being coy.  He told MSNBC that Democrats would be "right" to pack the Supreme Court with left-wing judges.  Schumer also said he was plotting ways to block Barrett's confirmation.
An Absurd Analysis
Fox News ran a story yesterday about Joe Biden calling court packing a "boneheaded idea" 23 years ago.  Some Fox commentators suggested that Biden may have a problem with his left-wing base as a result.  I can't believe how absurd that analysis is. 
Biden used to be pro-life.  We know what his position is today.  The Joe Biden of decades ago would have no chance of being nominated by today's Democrat Party.  That's why he has moved so far to the left on every issue. 
Meanwhile, the left is claiming that Trump and Senate Republicans are attempting to pack the court with Judge Barrett.  That's not court packing.  That's fulfilling a constitutional obligation to fill a judicial vacancy. 
Court packing is not liking the make-up of the court, not waiting for a vacancy and increasing the number of justices by legislation so you can install activist judges who will rubber stamp your radical agenda. 
That is the only definition of court packing that has ever existed.  It is foolish for analysts at Fox News to defend Biden over some decades-old statement.
The most telling point here is that the left is attempting to redefine court packing in order to justify their efforts to do real court packing in the future, just as Chuck Schumer did.
"President Harris"
Yesterday, Joe Biden made several statements that raise serious questions about his mental faculties.  


  • When talking about the 2012 campaign, he couldn't remember Mitt Romney's name. 
  • He told an Ohio audience that he was running for the United States Senate.  He last ran for the Senate in 2008, the same year he was elected vice president. 
  • Later in the day, he directed supporters to the wrong website. 

Unfortunately, these kinds of memory lapses are not unusual for Biden, and the people who love him the most have to know what is happening to him.  The fact that they are not protecting him, and quite frankly the country, from this deterioration is beyond sad.
It almost leads one to conclude that the powers controlling the Democrat Party are convinced Kamala Harris is the real power behind this ticket.  And the American people seem convinced as well, as most don't expect Biden to finish his first term.