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Tuesday, May 7, 2019 -- Smearing Barr, No Love In Philly, Repairing A Nation

Smearing Barr
The House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote tomorrow morning on a contempt citation against Attorney General William Barr. 
As I have noted before, the left's over-the-top efforts to smear Barr are driven by the fear that he is committed to upholding the rule of law and exposing the deep state's abuse of our national security tools to spy on Donald Trump.
Here's what you need to know:  Chairman Jerry Nadler is demanding that the attorney general release the entire Mueller report to his committee, completely unredacted.  This demand is unnecessary and illegal.
It is unnecessary because Barr made a version of the report available to members of Congress that was 98% unredacted.  It is illegal because the remaining redactions are related to grand jury information, which is required by law to be kept private.
In short, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Nadler is demanding that the attorney general break the law! 
But Nadler knows the left-wing media won't tell you that.  He also knows that Barr won't break the law, so he going to charge Barr with contempt to smear his reputation and make it look like the attorney general is doing something illegal to protect the president.
No Love In Philly
Philadelphia is known as the "City of Brotherly Love."  Someone might want to explain that to State Representative Brian Sims, who is making a name for himself for verbally accosting constituents he disagrees with. 
Sims is making headlines for attempting to shame an elderly Catholic lady who was simply praying outside of a Philadelphia abortion clinic.  Sims yelled, "Shame on you. What you're doing here is disgusting! This is wrong! You have no business being out here!"
Well, some might say that what is going on inside that Planned Parenthood clinic is disgusting and wrong.  But like so much of the left, Sims has no tolerance for diversity of opinions.  Sims has threatened to "dox" pro-life teenagers too.
Maybe you're reading this in Tennessee or some other part of the country, and you're tempted to think, "It's Pennsylvania.  It has nothing to do with me." 
Wrong!  It has everything to do with you.
Sims is the face of today's left.  They wrap themselves in tolerance, but they don't have any.  His tirades are just more evidence of the left's desire to silence men and women of faith and to shut down any and all debate. 
The left has won the abortion argument for now.  Abortion on demand is legal in the country today.  But the left can't tolerate anyone praying that it ends. 
The left won the legal debate over the meaning of marriage.  But the left can't tolerate your faith.  They will threaten your job and your kid's Christian school if you believe traditional religious teachings about marriage. 
Everyone knows the left wants to repeal the Second Amendment.  But the "tyrants of tolerance" increasingly want to repeal the First Amendment too.  They would ban religious freedom and conservative views as "hate speech."
I urge anyone who is not yet in this fight, in the face of this outrageous assault from the left, to stand up!  Speak up!  Refuse to be silenced!
A Busy Day
When I was driving in this morning, I was thinking about all the things I have to do today.  And then I thought about the president's last few days. 

  • He got sick and tired of the games the Chinese are playing.  He told them to get serious in the trade talks or tariffs would double on Friday.  Previous presidents groveled in order to avoid offending Beijing.  It didn't help
  • Trump issued new regulations to ensure that no one would be required to violate their conscience in the performance of their job. 
  • As chatter picked up that the Iranians might be preparing to strike U.S. interests in the Middle East, Trump ordered the deployment of an aircraft carrier strike group to the region. 
  • Remember how Obama released the traitor formerly known as Bradley Manning from prison and released Taliban leaders to get deserter Bowe Bergdahl back?  Trump just pardoned a U.S. soldier who killed an Al Qaeda terrorist in self-defense. 
  • Before today is over, Trump will meet with Republican senators at the White House to outline the steps needed to end the chaos at our southern border. 
  • And, in his spare time, he found a few minutes to give Tiger Woods the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which Woods graciously and emotionally accepted while liberal heads all over America exploded. 

Meanwhile, Pete Buttigieg, who is having something of a moment in the Democrat primary, joined the long list of left-wing presidential wannabes who have declared that America was never really great.  And Joe Biden, supposedly an expert on foreign policy, was briefed on the name of the prime minister of Great Britain.
Repairing A Nation
Peggy Noonan, an old friend and alumnus of the Reagan White House, is certainly one of the most gifted wordsmiths of our day. 
In her latest column, she describes all the problems we know we are confronting: the breakdown of the family, the decline of faith, drug abuse, a failing educational system -- a "continuing cultural catastrophe" as she describes it. 
Add to this toxic mix the left's attack on fundamental values such as patriotism, the very symbols that unite us, capitalism and even the idea of America itself. 
Then Noonan explains why this will someday come back to haunt us, and perhaps even destroy us.  She writes:
"You can't see all the world's weapons and all its madness and not know that eventually we will face a terrible day or days when everything will depend on our ability to hold together and hold on.
"Maybe it will involve nuclear weapons, maybe an extended, rolling attack on the grid, maybe bioterrorism. But it will be bad; there will be deep stress and violence.
"The great question in those days, under that acute pressure, will be:  Will we hold together?  Will we suffer through and emerge, together, on the other side? Which is another way of saying: Will we continue as a nation, a people?"