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Tuesday, January 4, 2022 -- Federal Abortion Centers, Iran & The Left, Biden's Friend

Federal Abortion Centers?


In the next six months, the Supreme Court will issue a decision that could finally erase abortion on demand from our society.  The high court's decision is expected to allow pro-life states to regulate abortion in ways that reflect their pro-life values. 


But the socialist political left is in absolute meltdown.  They are so vested in the continued destruction of innocent preborn babies.  Some leftists are threatening to pack the Supreme Court with more liberal justices who would preserve abortion on demand.


How desperate is the left to continue the destruction of innocent human life?  A couple of pro-abortion law professors just urged Joe Biden to issue regulations allowing abortion centers on federal property – thus freeing them of any state restrictions on abortion.


Just imagine our majestic national parks defaced by abortion centers.  Imagine going to your local IRS or FBI office.  While there, you can walk across the hall and get an abortion.  Another suggestion was that these death-dealing sites could be built on Native American tribal lands. 


This horrible idea should go nowhere.  But the left is so desperate to preserve abortion that we can't rule it out. 


Isn't it odd that while we mourn the death of any individual from COVID, our government is desperately trying to take more lives by preserving abortion on demand?


I've always worried that God would remove His hand of protection from America because of abortion.  If we open abortion centers on federal property, that could be the end of America. 


So let me be clear:  I will do everything I can to make sure this outrageous proposal never sees the light of day!




Iran & The Left


I'm always amazed at how the socialist Democrat left and America's enemies so often seem to have the same talking points.  The two main centers of anti-American propaganda are leftist American universities and the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing.  Now we've got another example. 


Yesterday, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi threatened that if Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo are not put on trial and executed for ordering the strike against Iran's terrorist mastermind Gen. Qassem Soleimani, Iran will strike back.  Raisi said:


"If Trump and Pompeo are not tried in a fair court for the criminal act of assassinating General Soleimani, Muslims will take our martyr's revenge.  The aggressor, murderer, and main culprit -- the then-president of the United States -- must be tried and judged under the law of retribution, and God's ruling must be carried out against him.  Otherwise, I will tell all U.S. leaders that without a doubt the hand of revenge will emerge from the sleeve of the Muslim nation."


Soleimani had the blood of U.S. troops on his hands, and Donald Trump, Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo took him out.  Bringing that murderer to justice was a tremendous accomplishment for peace in the Middle East.


But notice the confluence of goals.  Iran wants to put Trump in prison, just like Pelosi, Schumer and the White House, who also want Donald Trump in prison.  Iran regularly calls Trump, Pence and Pompeo war criminals.  So do many American leftists


The Biden/Harris regime is currently negotiating a new nuclear deal with Iran.  Maybe this is one of their bargaining chips.  I'm joking, but anything is possible with the crazy left these days.




Assaulting Our Republic


The calendar has turned, but the threat to our constitutional Republic posed by Biden, Schumer, Pelosi and their leftist allies continues unabated.  Their New Year's resolution is to do whatever it takes to pass their federal takeover of election laws. 


The media, including even our friends at Fox News, continue to refer to this legislation as a "voting rights bill."  It is not a voting rights bill unless you're talking about illegal votes. 


The bill will embed structural cheating in all federal elections.  There is no other way to explain the insane provisions. 


The left wants massive, no excuse mail-in voting spread out for weeks before the election and even days after the election.  They don't want any voter ID laws.  They don't want any requirements to remove dead voters and residents who have moved out of state from the voter rolls. 


In other words, they want all the things needed to make a major election fraud effort successful.  It is hard to imagine how this law would stand up under court review, but who knows? 


But I do know this: Their proposal is more of an attempt at an insurrection than anything that happened on January 6th.  The people who entered the Capitol could not have prevented the certification of the Electoral College votes. 


However, if the left's proposal passes, it will make it virtually impossible for one half of the country – you and me – to ever elect populist conservatives to govern us again.  And, of course, that is the whole point – undermining our elections and ensuring the left's permanent power.  Now that's an insurrection.


The left is so committed to this goal that Chuck Schumer is willing to get rid of another safeguard of our constitutional Republic – the provision that allows for extended debate in the Senate, otherwise known as the filibuster. 


They want to take over all elections in the country, and they want to do it with a party-line vote of 50 senators with Vice President Kamala Harris casting the tie-breaking vote.  They are empowering 50 liberal senators and a left-wing vice president to do to the country what thousands of people in their wildest imaginations could never do by entering the Capitol on January 6th. 


You could argue that if this bill to undermine the integrity of our elections actually passes, the odds would massively increase that America ends up in a widespread civil conflict.




Biden's Friend


Joe Biden said yesterday that he got an earful recently from "a good friend" about how much meat prices have increased.  I don't know who the good friend is, but I hope we can figure it out. 


Maybe that friend can also educate him about our open southern border, rampant crime in the streets, radical indoctrination in the schools, outrageous health mandates and out-of-control socialist spending.


Seriously, does Biden ever talk to normal people?  Is it possible that anyone in the country could not know that meat prices have dramatically increased? 


Well, one person seemingly didn't know, and he was the president of the United States!