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Thursday, October 27, 2022 -- Prodding The Prosecutor, Prioritize Educational Reform, Why It Matters

Prodding The Prosecutor


Senators Charles Grassley and Ron Johnson just sent hundreds of pages of documents, including bank records, to the U.S. attorney investigating Hunter Biden.  The financial documents detail millions of dollars of transactions between Chinese companies and Hunter’s businesses.


The president’s son has supposedly been under federal investigation for more than two years.  Hunter even admitted it himself a month after the 2020 election.


Senators Grassley and Johnson are prodding the federal prosecutor to act.  In their letter to Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss, they wrote: 


"If you are conducting a full and complete investigation, you should already possess these records.  In the case that you are not and do not possess these records, we suggest that you review them in detail."


In addition, House Republicans are demanding information from FBI Director Christopher Wray about JiaQi Bao, Hunter’s former secretary. 


Before joining Hunter’s company, Bao worked for the communist Chinese government.  One of Hunter’s business partners was a man Hunter described as the “spy chief of China.”  It’s more than likely that this “spy chief” placed Bao in Hunter’s service for a reason – to compromise him the same way Rep. Eric Swalwell was compromised.


Bao repeatedly urged Hunter to convince his father to run for president, saying he would be “one of the best presidents in history.”  Not surprisingly, Bao was also critical of Donald Trump’s tough trade policy toward communist China.


Once again, there is more than enough evidence to believe that the Biden family was compromised by communist China, and that there is a serious national security issue – perhaps a real Manchurian candidate – inside the White House today.


That’s just one more reason to vote for Republican candidates in this election.  We must restore checks and balances to Washington!  Congress must conduct serious investigations into the Biden crime family.




Prioritize Educational Reform


The Democrat Party is a powerful institution. It controls the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives.  It has a monopoly on big city governments, and it controls large states like California, Illinois and New York. 


Another political powerhouse is the teachers’ unions. There two of two them, and they are controlled by socialist, neo-Marxists ideologues. 


Every step of the way, these two powerful institutions – the Democrat Party and the teachers’ unions – are blocking educational reform.  Rather than preparing America’s children for the competitive world they will live in, they are pushing radical indoctrination based on race, gender and anti-American history.


Poor children are hurt the most because Democrat politicians and their teacher union allies will not allow them to escape underperforming schools.


I’m sure it won’t come as any surprise that the teachers’ unions are spending nearly $20 million to elect more Democrat governors, congressmen, senators and state legislators. 


This is a partnership between leftist Democrats and leftist “Educrats” in which America’s parents and children are forced to sit at the back of the school bus.


It was progressive politicians and their teachers’ union allies who closed our schools during the pandemic and caused record learning loss and tremendous emotional and mental distress


They did that to your children and grandchildren! 


As a former Under Secretary of Education in the Reagan Administration, it makes me sick!


It’s outrageous!  It’s inexcusable!  It’s unacceptable! 


But if we don’t break this monopoly soon, our country is going to lose in a very competitive and very dangerous world.


The left is not entitled to control our schools.  Democrats do not own our children.  As taxpayers and voters, we have every right to say how our tax dollars are spent in the schools we pay for.


Every Republican governor and state legislator must make educational reform a top priority.  Taxes and regulation are important issues.  But giving tax breaks to brainwashed liberals and woke corporations isn’t going to save the country. 


Reforming education and rescuing our kids from the left’s radical indoctrination just might.


Help me take back our schools! Help me defeat the radical Democrats!




Why It Matters


The William F. Buckley Program at Yale just released the results of its annual survey of college students.  To say the results are disturbing is an understatement.  This survey is a blaring siren warning us about the perilous future of America.


  • 48% of college students expressed hostility to the freedom of speech.
  • 41% embraced the notion that violence was acceptable to prevent speech.
  • 41% embraced “speech codes” to regulate what can be said on campus.
  • 43% felt that “political opinions I find offensive should be reported.”
  • 38% believed that “political comments I disagree with can be harmful to mental health.”
  • 50% agreed with the statement “America is inextricably linked to white supremacy and most minorities are excluded from the promise of equality.”
  • 35% said the Constitution was “outdated.”  Only 49% said it should be “followed and respected.”
  • 33% said they would prefer to live under socialism.  Only 31% preferred capitalism, while 35% were unsure.
  • 27% admit to stating their preferred pronouns in formal settings.
  • Just 15% identified as conservative.


America is at a tipping point.  I know I write that a lot.  But this survey is precisely what I am referring to.  If these opinions are at all representative of the rising generation of voters and leaders, then hour is late, indeed. 


Conservatives must wake up and understand the fight we are in.  This is not Ronald Reagan’s America anymore.  We don’t have much time left to save this great experiment in ordered liberty under God. 


Please, my friends, help me fight for Faith, Family and Freedom!




Foreign Aid Fiasco


Need another reason to vote Republican?  Here’s one:  The Biden Administration is using your tax dollars to fund drag shows in foreign countries.  What vital national interest does this serve?  Well, it’s not entirely clear. 


When asked to explain the grant providing tens of thousands of dollars for drag shows in Ecuador, the State Department offered some progressive gibberish about “advancing key U.S. values of diversity and inclusion” and “ensuring representation to equity and accessibility.” 


Then again, drag shows just might be the perfect representation of Biden’s confused and chaotic foreign policy!