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Monday, May 9, 2022 -- BREAKING NEWS Supreme Court Compromises On Abortion, Left-wing Violence, Maher's Revelation

BREAKING NEWS – Supreme Court Compromises On Abortion


I bet that headline got your attention!  No, the conservative justices haven't backed down from Samuel Alito's draft opinion.  (Not yet at least.)  A Washington Post story over the weekend confirms that the conservative majority needed to "overturn Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey remains intact." 


What I'm suggesting is that the Alito draft itself, which is causing all the overheated rhetoric, is in fact a compromise – exactly what the American people say they want from our leaders on a host of issues.


What isn't a compromise is the one-size-fits-all approach dictated by Roe v. Wade, and the left is constantly demanding more.  Joe Biden wants you to subsidize abortions with your hard-earned tax dollars. He's also trying to force Christian doctors and hospitals to perform abortions.


The pro-life side, including me, wants preborn babies to be declared fully human under the Constitution and to be protected under the law.


What the Supreme Court's draft opinion does is something in between.  While it declares that Roe v. Wade is bad law and must go, it does not go as far as to recognize a pro-life position in the Constitution under the 14th Amendment. 


Instead, the majority adopted a federalist position that allows each state, through their voters and elected representatives, to make its own decision.  Far from being an "assault on democracy," it encourages more debate and discussion on the issue of abortion.


It's quite likely that at least five justices share the pro-life view that life begins at conception.  But, in spite of the claims of the left, they did not try to force their views on the entire country.




Left-wing Violence


There has been a disgusting outburst of left-wing violence and intimidation ever since this draft opinion was first leaked to the media.  Antifa attacked a crisis pregnancy center in Portland last week.  The office of a pro-life organization in Wisconsin was firebombed over the weekend. 


Demonstrators showed up at the justices' homes. Justice Alito and his family had to be taken to a secure, undisclosed location for their protection.  Pro-abortion protesters disrupted church services in New York City and Los Angeles this weekend.


If you're involved with a pro-life ministry or actively involved in your church, please send me an email if your church or pro-life organization has been threatened or vandalized.  Send me a description of what happened so we can catalogue these examples of left-wing violence and share them with policymakers here in Washington. 


When one abortion clinic is attacked, left-wing politicians demand protection for abortion clinics all over the country.  Is anyone calling for protection for crisis pregnancy centers and pro-life ministries now?


When concerned parents showed up at school board meetings to lobby their elected representatives and express concerns about what was being taught to their children, those parents were labeled as "domestic terrorists."  


Joe Biden was quick to condemn parents for lobbying their school boards.  The weight of the FBI and the Justice Department was brought down on them. 


But the pro-abortion radicals blocking churches and demonstrating in front of the justices' homes are likely violating state and federal law.  Of course, there is no sign that the FBI is being mobilized against the pro-abortion "domestic terrorism" taking place now. 



Maher's Revelation


I don't often agree with liberal comedian Bill Maher.  He's pretty left-wing on most issues.  But he said something last week that got my attention. 


While the Democrat Party and the fake news media were working overtime to divide the country over the issue of abortion and foment outrage to energize the radical left-wing base, Bill Maher took the time to actually study the case before the Supreme Court, and he learned something new. 


Here's what Maher told his audience Friday night:


"I learned things this week . . . that are pretty basic things that I did not know about abortion.  Like in the modern countries of Europe, [are] way more restrictive than we are. . .  If you are pro-choice, you would like it a lot less in Germany and Italy and France and Spain and Switzerland. . .  I learned most people who are pro-life are women, did not know that. . .


"So, for the people who say, 'We're going back to 1973,' we're not. That's just factually inaccurate."


Bill Maher is a well-educated man who follows political issues.  If he did not know until last week that, because of Roe v. Wade, America has some of the most extreme pro-abortion laws in the world, chances are your friends and family members probably don't know that either.  So, please share this report with them. 


And when Roe goes to the ash heap of history, as is expected any day now, it is critical that we separate fact from fiction.  You can read more in my latest opinion piece at




Another Biden Crisis


It would take pages to describe everything that is going wrong in America today.  From skyrocketing gas prices to the supply chain crisis, it's not surprising that only 28% of Americans feel the country is on the right track. 


But did you ever imagine that America in the 21st Century would run the risk of babies not getting enough to eat?  We now have a growing shortage of baby formula


This is not because of an explosion of births.  Births declined throughout COVID and are below replacement level


But in a growing number of communities across the country, formula supplies are 40% below where they should be.  Mothers are driving for miles, desperately searching for formula, and President Biden has said nothing. 


Meanwhile, the health bureaucracy is pushing COVID vaccines for infants and young children. How about feeding our six month-olds?  How is this not a public health crisis?


So, please, no more lectures from the left about conservatives waging "a war on women."  Under Biden, new mothers can't find formula for their babies.  Joe Biden's failing economy is inflicting tremendous pain on struggling women and mothers, and his extreme gender policies are crushing the hopes and dreams of young female athletes.




Suddenly Silent


Thursday we reported that some major corporations quickly jumped into the abortion fray by offering to pay expenses for employees who have to travel out of pro-life states to get abortions in pro-abortion states. 


It's worth noting that the list of corporations making such announcements is a lot smaller than the list of corporations that initially condemned Florida's Parental Rights In Education law.  I suspect that's because they saw the backlash against Disney, and the aggressive way in which Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida Republicans fought back. 


By the way, Disney hasn't said a word about the abortion controversy.  I guess they concluded it might be a bridge too far to pay for Minnie Mouse to leave Florida for an abortion after Mickey abandoned her.




Biden vs. Putin


Has Joe Biden already committed America to another war, this time against Vladimir Putin's Russia? That's the question New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman is asking.  Frankly, every so-called "journalist" should be asking the same question.


Friedman notes recent stories suggesting that U.S. intelligence helped Ukraine target and kill multiple Russian generals and sink the Russian flagship Moskva, killing as many as 300 Russian sailors.  Friedman writes:


"The staggering takeaway from these leaks is that they suggest we are no longer in an indirect war with Russia, but rather are edging toward a direct war – and no one has prepared the American people or the Congress for that."