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Monday, December 2, 2019 -- A Miracle Baby, A Rally To Remember, Trump's Thanksgiving

A Miracle Baby
Fox sports announcer Gus Johnson told a remarkable story during Saturday's college football game between the Michigan Wolverines and the Ohio State Buckeyes.  J. K. Dobbins, a Buckeyes running back, was having an incredible game, rushing for 211 yards and four touchdowns, for a 56-to-27 win over the Wolverines.
Johnson noted that Dobbins's mother, Mya, got pregnant at 18.  Like many young women, she was struggling financially at the time.  She went to talk to her doctor about having an abortion.  Thankfully, she changed her mind, and calls J. K. her "miracle baby."
Most normal people were touched by the story, but the left-wing social justice warriors were furious with Johnson for sharing it on national television.  Some took to social media to blast Johnson as "despicable" and to demand his firing. 
Their outrage served as a sad example of the simmering hatred on the left.  The death cult that has been built up around the destruction of innocent unborn babies is truly frightening.
It wasn't that long ago when supporters of abortion argued that it should be legal but "rare."  There was broad agreement that taxpayers shouldn't be forced to subsidize abortions, and that gruesome procedures like partial-birth abortions should be prohibited. 
But today the pro-abortion movement is increasingly aggressive.  It is rolling back restrictions on late-term abortion wherever it can.  It wants to force faith-based ministries to promote abortion.  It even wants to force Catholic nuns to pay for abortions.
I am pleased to report that the Trump/Pence Administration is holding the line, and even advancing pro-life policies in a number of important areas.  But this nation, which was founded on the belief that we are all endowed by our Creator with the unalienable right to life, will continue to fall short of its full potential as long as Roe v. Wade remains the law of the land.
A Rally To Remember
Raucous Trump rallies are often held in major cities like Orlando, Florida, Lexington, Kentucky, Dallas, Texas, and Cincinnati, Ohio.  But this Thanksgiving weekend, there was a big pro-Trump rally you probably missed. 
It took place in a major urban center with more than seven million people.  The crowd carried Trump signs and even broke into the nation anthem.  American flags were everywhere.  It could have been Houston or Huntsville.  But it was actually Hong Kong.  
As they have every week for months now, thousands of Hong Kong residents took to the streets to protest Beijing's oppression.  These people, who the Chinese communists think are "deplorable and irredeemable," showed up on Thanksgiving Day to honor President Trump for signing the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. 
Their appreciation for our country should make every American proud.
And as a Trump-appointee to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, I am keeping the heat on communist China's war on religion!
Trump's Thanksgiving
The position of Grinch is apparently open, and many pundits were auditioning for the job this weekend. 
President Trump flew to Afghanistan to spend Thanksgiving with the troops.  Many talking heads blasted him for holding a "photo op."  The fake news was so bad that one reporter was fired for filing a false story.  (And kudos to Vice President Pence for celebrating the holiday with our troops in Iraq.)
I am under no illusion that this president will ever receive the fawning adoration that Barack Obama got from the "mainstream media."  But it shouldn't be so hard for his critics to tip their hats on occasion, especially when it involves acknowledging our men and women in uniform. 
Sadly, there is nothing this president can do that the left-wing media or his critics will cite positively. 
For example, the president is on his way to London for a hugely important NATO summit.  This meeting comes as Turkey, a NATO member, is increasingly siding with Russia. 
And what are House Democrats up to?  They are launching a second round of impeachment hearings, this time in the Judiciary Committee.  Chairman Jerry Nadler even had the audacity to invite the president to testify Wednesday, even though he knew the president will be in London protecting the interests of the United States.
I hope every fair-minded American can see through this charade.  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blasted House Democrats for playing politics while the president is overseas working to bolster our national security. 
By the way, the NATO summit hasn't started yet, but there's already good news: Our European partners are actually exceeding their commitments and will spend an additional $30 billion this year on their own defense. 
That wouldn't be happening without Donald Trump's insistence, and I assure you that Vladimir Putin isn't happy about it.