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Friday, October 14, 2022 -- The War On Cops, The War On Faith, Don't Buy The Spin

The War On Cops


It’s been a very bad week for the Thin Blue Line.  Twelve police officers have been shot across the country so far this week.  Six were killed.  I haven’t heard a word about it from President Biden, Vice President Harris or Attorney General Garland.


When we hear the shocking news that a dozen police officers have been shot, what immediately comes to mind is that we need tougher laws. 


We need to stop letting people out of jail without bail.  We need prosecutors who will prosecute, especially repeat offenders.  The left-wing idea of defunding the police was stupid.  Far too many young people are not being taught to respect the police.


That’s all true, but it misses the real issue.  The real issue is that there is a war on cops in America today.


For example, two police officers murdered in Bristol, Connecticut, this week were ambushed.  This is a growing phenomenon. 


The murderers will call 911 and report a crime, an assault or a domestic disturbance.  But the call is fake.  The assassins lie in wait for the officers to arrive to do their job, which is to protect the innocent.  But then they are gunned down in cold blood.


That doesn’t have anything to do with “disrespecting law enforcement.”  That’s not about lax prosecutors or even the size of police department budgets.


What we’re seeing is an ideologically driven movement that sees police as fascist enforcers of white supremacy, and neo-Marxist nihilists want them dead.  They are engaging in tactics of war because these radical thugs think they are taking out “the enemy.”


Joe Biden has smeared American law enforcement as “systemically racist.”  As I noted in yesterday’s report, President Biden, Vice President Harris and Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas smeared innocent Border Patrol agents as racists.


Members of Congress have called our immigration officers Nazis.  Kamala Harris compared them to the KKK.


When conservatives warn that the American nation is in danger, this is what we mean.  You cannot have a functional society without law and order. 




The War On Faith


Today’s progressive movement is waging a relentless war against men and women of faith.  Here are three more examples.


Melanie Standiford recently lost her job as a news director and co-anchor at a local TV station in Curtis, Nebraska.  Why?  Because she was promoting a pro-life ballot initiative at her church.  When word of her pro-life activism reached her bosses, she was fired for “practicing partisan politics.”


First of all, supporting ballot initiatives is not partisan politics.  And if “practicing partisan politics” is a dismissible offense in the media, a lot of partisan hacks who think of themselves as “journalists” should be in the unemployment line!


My good friend Ambassador Sam Brownback recently started a new organization to defend religious liberty.  There’s a lot that goes into starting a new group, including establishing bank accounts. 


But several weeks after opening an account with JPMorgan Chase, Brownback’s organization was notified that their account had been closed.  Initially, no one at the bank would explain why. 


Eventually, a Chase employee contacted Brownback’s group with a list of demands.  They wanted the organization’s donor list, a list of political candidates it endorsed and the criteria for endorsements.  Obviously, the bank is not entitled to any of that information. 


Of course, Brownback’s group isn’t the first conservative organization to be canceled, demonetized and deplatformed.  And this is exactly what Canada’s totalitarian, socialist government did to pro-freedom demonstrators.


Lastly, it’s not enough for the radical left to have concerned parents investigated as “domestic terrorists.”  Now left-wing Democrats in Virginia are getting ready to turn concerned parents into felons. 


Delegate Elizabeth Guzman has introduced legislation that would investigate any parent for felony child abuse who does not affirm a child’s gender identity.  Guzman said parents should not only be investigated by social workers, “but there’s also a police investigation.”


Guzman insisted she wasn’t threatening anyone, just “educating parents because the law tells you the do’s and don’ts.”  But she added, “We know that a CPS [Child Protective Services] charge could harm your employment . . . because nowadays many people do a CPS database search before offering employment.”


Guzman’s extreme position seems to be shared by many Democrats in Virginia, including a top surrogate for Rep. Abigail Spanberger, who is facing a strong challenge from CWF-endorsed conservative Yesli Vega.


In a recent report, I noted the “slippery slope” that we have been on since the Supreme Court legalized same-sex “marriage.”  Over and over again during that debate, I was asked, “How does it affect me if two men get married?”


Well, here you go.  We wouldn’t be having this debate about transgender boys in girls’ bathrooms or parents being investigated for felony child abuse because Jimmy thinks he’s really “Jane” if we had maintained the traditional definition of marriage! 


But once that standard got thrown out, all standards are now being challenged.


And I can’t tell you how many times liberal pundits and even some establishment Republicans would insist, “You can’t legislate morality.”  Well, someone had better explain that to Del. Guzman, who evidently sees it as her job to tell us “the do’s and don’ts.” 


The fact of the matter is that all law is someone’s idea of right and wrong.  The question is: Who is going to decide?


I’m all for children being transferred to religious schools or homeschooling them.  But don’t assume that will be enough.  The left is coming after your children and they’re coming into your home!


Pastors, please speak up!  Use your pulpits to educate your congregations about the attacks on faith, family and freedom!


Help CWF defeat the radical Democrats!




Don’t Buy The Spin


I feel sorry for the poor staffer at the Biden White House who has to figure out how to manipulate every bad economic report so Biden can spin it as good news.  They are clearly working overtime!


Yesterday, Biden actually tried to tell us that the inflation figures were improving, that there was progress over the past three months.  Have you noticed any progress?


You can manipulate figures and statistics all you want.  But rhetoric doesn’t change reality.  Words don’t alleviate the pain hurting parents and seniors on fixed incomes are experiencing at the grocery store and the gas station. 


Meanwhile, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain took a shameless bow yesterday for seniors getting a big boost in their Social Security checks.  Klain tweeted, “And for the first time in a decade, SS benefits will go up while Medicare premiums are going DOWN. So, seniors will get ahead on inflation.”


Just to be clear, the size of Social Security checks is determined by law.  Joe Biden didn’t give anyone a boost in their benefits.  The increase – 8.7%, the largest since 1981 – is happening because of inflation! 


Once again, this White House is trying to have it both ways.  Biden is saying inflation isn’t such a big problem, “up just an inch,” while they’re bragging about the big boost in Social Security, which is legally tied to the massive increase in inflation.




Good News


  • The Supreme Court vacated an appeals court decision that allowed the counting of mail-in ballots that were not properly dated, as required by Pennsylvania law.  The high court’s order prevents the decision from serving as binding precedent going forward. 


  • The Delaware Supreme Court struck down vote-by-mail and same-day voter registration laws as unconstitutional.


  • A federal judge ruled that the Biden Administration exceeded its authority when it issued new workplace regulations regarding preferred pronouns and bathroom usage for transgendered workers.


  • A federal judge refused to block Florida’s Medicaid rules that prevent the use of puberty blockers and other transgender medical procedures for minors. 


  • The Biden Administration has acknowledged that transgender women aren’t real women, but are, in fact, men who must still register for the draft.  Now, if the Biden Administration would only agree to keep these biological men out of girls’ sports, bathrooms and locker rooms!




Chag Sameach


Carol and I wish all of our Jewish friends and supporters celebrating Simchat Torah this weekend a happy and joyous holiday!