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Friday, January 28, 2022 -- Remember His Name, Release The Transcript, Truth That Transforms

Remember His Name


As New York City is about to get pounded by a strong winter storm, thousands lined the streets around St. Patrick's Cathedral as they city buries one of their finest today.  A service was held this morning to honor Officer Jason Rivera


A storm has been raging in New York City every day for many months now.  It's a storm of violence.  It's a storm of hatred for law enforcement.  It's a storm of moral decline.  It's a storm caused by the abandonment of God and the demagoguery of progressive politicians


The hearts of most New Yorkers are broken right now, and many live in fear of thugs like those who killed Officer Rivera.  Unbelievably, as the city mourns one slain officer, another wannabe cop-killer just walked free on bail!


Officer Rivera was an immigrant from the Dominican Republic.  He wanted to be a police officer ever since he was a young boy.  He married his childhood sweetheart just a few months ago. 


Rivera got up last Friday to go to work not knowing that a frightened mother being threatened by her son, who had a long criminal record, would call 911 that day.  She didn't call Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  She didn't call the local Black Lives Matter chapter.  She called the only place she knew there would be someone willing to put their life in danger in order to save her life. 


Officer Rivera and his partner, Officer Wilbert Mora, and another officer, Sumit Sulan, went to that apartment and the ex-con ambushed them.  As Rivera and Mora both fell to the ground grievously wounded, the murderer attempted to escape.  But Officer Sulan permanently removed him as a threat to the people of New York. 


I assume flags are flying at half-staff in New York City today.  They are not flying at half-staff at the White House because this murder can't be easily exploited by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for their political gain. 


Streets all over America did not erupt in protest in defense of police who keep us safe.  There's a new mayor in New York City.  I hope at the very least he moves to name a bridge, a highway, a school, something in honor of Officer Rivera. 


The sorry reality is that within a few weeks or months virtually no one will remember his name, other than flesh of his flesh and blood of his blood, his family and those who love him. 


We besmirch the heroes of the American founding and we disrespect today's heroes, while we name bridges, buildings and schools after woke leftists. 


I haven't checked the program at the cathedral, but I know that Joe Biden won't be there.  Kamala Harris won't be there.  Jesse Jackson won't be there.  Al Sharpton won't be there.  This is one death of a minority man the memory of whom they're hoping fades away.  We can honor Jason Rivera by not forgetting him. 




Release The Transcript


Joe Biden spoke with the president of Ukraine yesterday.  Quoting unnamed White House sources, CNN reported that Joe Biden told the Ukrainian president Russia will invade soon, and that the capital of Ukraine could be sacked.  CNN also quoted Ukrainian officials as saying the call "did not go well." 


The Biden White House disputed CNN's report as fake news, and the liberal network dutifully took down its report, which supposedly relied on its White House sources. 


Let me remind you that Biden had a long press conference last week.  He said that if Russia launches a "minor invasion," our response would be minor.  But he said something else that was also totally inappropriate. 


Biden attempted to psychoanalyze former KGB colonel Vladimir Putin, saying, "He's trying to find his place in the world between China and the West.  My guess is he will move in. He has to do something."  Biden seemed to be encouraging an invasion. 


There's not much difference between what Biden said publicly last week and what he reportedly said on the phone to the Ukrainian president yesterday.


But there is an easy way to clear up all this confusion. The White House should release the transcript of the phone call and let everyone see it.  After all, that's exactly what Joe Biden demanded of Donald Trump.


As you may recall, there were several occasions during the Trump presidency when leaks about his calls with foreign leaders caused outrage in the media.  Well, there are always multiple people on these calls from various U.S. intelligence agencies.  And there are transcripts of these calls.  After a controversy erupted over his call with the Ukrainian president, President Trump ordered the transcript of the call to be released. 


Okay, Joe. It's your turn.  Release the transcript!




Truth That Transforms


As the Supreme Court reconsiders Roe v. Wade, I was honored to join my friends at D. James Kennedy Ministries to discuss the state of the pro-life movement and why, for the first time in decades, we are on the verge of ending abortion on demand.  You can watch my interview here.




Good News


  • A federal judge blocked the Biden Administration's vaccine mandate for federal workers.


  • A New York judge declared Gov. Kathy Hochul's mask mandate unconstitutional.



  • Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin is asking parents to report schools that are teaching critical race theory.



  • Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is cracking down on election fraud.