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Friday, December 17, 2021 -- Christmas Comes Early, The Pro-Abortion Left, Children At Risk

Christmas Is Coming Early


Joe Biden must have been naughty this year because he's getting nothing but coal in his stocking.  The administration is suffering defeat after defeat. 


Biden admitted late yesterday that his "tear down faster" bill, inaccurately described as "Build Back Better," won't pass this year.  Why not?  Because he can't get his own party in line.  (See next item.)


They're not giving up completely.  They plan to try again in January.  But for now, Biden, Schumer and Pelosi have a big lump of coal, ironically thanks to the senator from one of the biggest coal states.


Here's more good news:  The Senate parliamentarian told Chuck Schumer yet again that he cannot jam a massive amnesty for millions of illegal aliens through the Senate on a purely party-line vote.  That violates the rules of the Senate.


Meanwhile, another federal court struck down the latest effort by the Biden White House to repeal Trump's "remain in Mexico" policy.  The administration has been ordered by other courts to reinstate the program, but they are dragging their feet and doing everything they can to "slow walk" the court orders. 


But wait. . . There's more!


The Justice Department abandoned negotiations with the ACLU to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to illegal aliens who were separated from their children when they tried to enter the country. 


The backlash to this plan was enormous, and undoubtedly contributed to Biden's plummeting poll numbers.  Support for this insane idea was limited to the neo-Marxist fringe of the Democrat Party. 


Clearly, the Biden/Harris team is on its heels.




Holding Children Hostage


As we have reported, Biden's "tear down faster" bill is a massive left-wing wish list stuffed full of $5 trillion in socialist spending and Green New Deal garbage. 


Joe Manchin will only agree to roughly $2 trillion in additional spending, and he's trying to force Democrats to pick their priorities.  But they won't.  They want it all.  So, they tried to use a host of outrageous budget gimmicks, and Manchin called them out for it.


For example, one of the most popular items in the bill is the increased child tax credit to support working families.  It's also one of the more expensive parts of the bill.  But to make it fit into a lower price tag, Biden, Schumer and Pelosi only extended it for one year. 


Manchin thinks that's absurd.  He wants the child tax credit funded for much longer.  As a stand-alone bill, expanding the child tax credit would likely get many Republican votes, and could be an opportunity for real bipartisan agreement.


But Democrats refuse to give up any of their other radical ideas.  Nancy Pelosi said this week:


"I don't want to let anybody off the hook. . . I think that is really important leverage in the discussion . . . that the children and their families will suffer without that payment."

In other words, they're holding children hostage to their far-left socialist agenda!




The Pro-Abortion Left


Yesterday, the Biden regime acted once again to ensure there are more abortions in America by permanently ending rules that required women to see a doctor before obtaining abortion-inducing pills.  Now these pills can be approved online and shipped in the mail. 


The rules requiring a doctor's visit were instituted because the pills not only kill a preborn baby, they also have severe risks depending on the health of the mother.  But with pro-life states like Texas passing laws to restrict abortion on demand, the pro-abortion Biden Administration is doing everything it can to ensure there are more dead babies. 


Just think of the irony here.  Biden came into office promising to stop the carnage of COVID.  As we noted yesterday, he said during one debate that no one should be president who presides over 220,000 deaths. 


But Biden has proudly presided over the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent babies.  And he's doing everything he possibly can to make the womb the most dangerous place in America for babies to be. 


Yesterday, Biden said we're heading into "a winter of death" for the unvaccinated.  But with Biden's abortion agenda, we're going thru a winter, spring, summer and fall of death.  The Democrat Party is lock, stock and barrel the party of abortion on demand, while they claim to be saving lives by fighting COVID.




They Really Care About Abortion


Six thousand illegal aliens can cross our border each and every day, and progressive politicians don't care.  An American mother and daughter can be killed by a human trafficker or drunk illegal alien, and they don't care. 


Ask the Squad about the anarchy and crime in the streets, and they don't care.  Tell them that the virus came out of a Chinese lab, and they don't care. 


But tell them that somewhere an abortion in the second or third trimester has been blocked, and they go ballistic.  There is nothing on the left's agenda that means more to them than the destruction of preborn children.


There was a report this week suggesting that Guatemala was not invited to last week's Summit For Democracy because the government there is proudly pro-life and does not allow abortion on demand.


Abortion on demand is everything to the left.  How can any Christian vote to support that? 




Not Nice


Joe Biden delivered the commencement address at a historically black college in South Carolina today.  During his remarks, he again repeated a grotesque lie about events in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August of 2017 and Donald Trump.


There were clearly neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, and everyone condemned them, including Donald Trump.  There were also people protesting against the tearing down of historical monuments. 


Donald Trump was referring to that second group of people when he said there were "very fine people on both sides."  He specifically added, "And I'm not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists -- because they should be condemned totally."


Joe Biden knows this.  This lie has been thoroughly debunked, even by left-wing media outlets like CNN and the BBC.  But he keeps repeating it.


Just think about the implications of that.  And remind your friends of the truth the next time someone says, "I may disagree with him, but at least Joe Biden's a nice guy."  No, he isn't!


Biden is plunging in the polls, and he's fueling racial discord in a desperate attempt to stop the hemorrhaging in his support among black Americans.  That should automatically disqualify anyone from being "a nice guy."




Children At Risk


Earlier this year, my good friend Dr. James Dobson and I recorded two shows for his Family Talk radio program.  The shows were based on the book we co-authored 30 years ago called, "Children At Risk."  Our discussions were so popular that Family Talk re-aired those broadcasts this week as part of their "2021 Best Of Broadcast" series.


If you missed my conversation with Dr. Dobson this summer, I encourage you to tune into Family Talk today.  You can listen to part two of our discussion online at the Family Talk website




Good News


  • Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis issued a series of measures cracking down on illegal immigration, including denying contracts and licenses to private entities that facilitate the resettlement of illegal aliens.  DeSantis also said he would seek state funds to relocate illegal aliens to Delaware.


  • Sen. Marco Rubio introduced legislation to cut off federal funds to cities that allow non-citizens to vote.


  • Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton launched an investigation into two pharmaceutical companies for pushing puberty-blockers for gender transitions, in spite of the fact that the FDA has never approved the drugs for that use.


  • Disgraced former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was ordered to repay $5 million he received for his book on leadership during the pandemic.  A state ethics board found that Cuomo violated an ethics agreement and used state resources to write the book.


  • A leading New York Times columnist called on Joe Biden not to seek reelection, and CNN ran a story recommending possible replacements.


  • More polling finds that Hispanics are abandoning the Democrat Party.