Tuesday, November 21, 2017 -- What Did She Do, Kudos To Walker, What About Jones

What Did She Do?
Remember Lois Lerner?  She was the IRS official in charge of ensuring that conservative Tea Party organizations were subjected to extra scrutiny and harassment. 
First she admitted that the IRS had engaged in illegal activity and she apologized for it.  Then she denied ever doing anything wrong and refused to publicly testify before Congress about what she supposedly didn't do or what she had previously apologized for.
Predictably, the Obama Administration refused to prosecute Lerner for contempt of Congress.  What is less clear is why Attorney General Jeff Sessions let her off the hook.
But, while Lerner refused to talk to Congress, she could not refuse to talk to the courts. 
When conservative groups sued the IRS, Lerner and her then-deputy, Holly Paz, were put under oath and gave depositions in those cases.  As you know, the result of those lawsuits was a recent settlement that included a formal acknowledgment of wrongdoing by the IRS.
The Cincinnati Enquirer, which has covered the legal case, is now asking the court to make Lerner's and Paz' testimony public.  The Trump Administration is backing the request.  But Lerner and Paz have petitioned the court to permanently seal their depositions.
According to court filings, the women fear physical harm to themselves and their family members if their explanations for what really happened at the IRS are ever revealed.
Excuse me?  This legal motion raises all kinds of questions.  What exactly did they do that now makes them fear for their safety? 
Lois Lerner abused her power as a government bureaucrat for years to harass conservatives.  Now she's claiming to be a victim?  Give me a break!
It is also ludicrous for Lerner to suggest that violence is coming from the political right.  The people being harassed or attacked over the years for their political views are not IRS workers, or liberals going out to dinner or people with Obama hats. 
No, the people being attacked for their views and values are kids wearing MAGA hats, conservatives going out to dinner or attempting to attend speeches and rallies.
Kudos To Walker
Football legend Herschel Walker is no fan of the NFL's national anthem protests.  During a recent interview, the former Heisman Trophy winner said this:
"I absolutely think the protests are so upsetting, and I blame the commissioner.  I know people are going to be angry when I say it, but he should have stopped the protests at the very beginning.
"Our flag is very special, and black lives matter, but what we should do is go to Washington after the season and protest there instead.
"We have young men and women fighting for the flag. And we have to respect the White House.  I been working with the military for eight years. I don't care what people say.
"The National Anthem is the United States of America. That's where you live.  That's where we get everything we have -- here in the United States.  You never protest that."
I couldn't agree more.
The players have every right to protest over issues they care deeply about -- on their own time or after the season ends.  But when they are in uniform, they are essentially employees at work. 
Once they step onto that field, they do not have a right to insult the paying customers of the NFL -- the fans in the stadiums or those watching at home.  No employee at Starbucks or McDonalds has a right to protest on the job.  Neither do NFL players.
Walker made the comments during a promotion for the "True American Hero Truck Giveaway."  Walker said, "An American hero for me is a military active serviceman or a police officer.  Police officers are not getting the credit they deserve -- that's a hero to me."
Walker is absolutely right, and I applaud him for speaking up!
By the way, most Americans agree.  A recent poll found that 77% of those surveyed said that football players should stand for the national anthem.  Sixty percent disapproved of the way NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has handled the situation and 59% said there should be a rule requiring players to stand. 
What About Jones?
Virtually all of the attention in the Alabama Senate race has focused on Judge Roy Moore and what may or may not have happened 40 years ago.  There is a lot at stake in this race, including tax reform and whether President Trump is able to confirm another Supreme Court nominee. 
But let me remind you of what has been missing in all the coverage -- any scrutiny of Moore's opponent:  Democrat Doug Jones.
It has been 20 years since a Democrat represented Alabama in the U.S. Senate, and Doug Jones is no Howell Heflin.   For one thing, Heflin was pro-life.  He once said, "As a former fetus, I'm opposed to abortion." 
Doug Jones is a pro-abortion extremist.  Jones even opposes limits on late-term abortions.
When Jones talks about the Second Amendment, he talks about its "limitations."
Jones supports the radical transgender agenda and is endorsed by the nation's largest homosexual rights lobbying group.
He opposes President Trump's border wall.
And Jones is endorsed by the left-wing group MoveOn.org, which also supports Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts liberal Elizabeth Warren. 
In short, Jones is no moderate.  He is being supported by the progressive left and is part of the movement that wants to destroy Donald Trump. 
If elected to the Senate, Jones would be a vote against the conservative agenda, against conservative judicial nominees and for the impeachment of President Trump.
That is not what the people of Alabama want.  They made that clear last year when 62% of Alabama voters cast their ballots for Donald Trump.
Asked about the Alabama Senate race as he was leaving the White House this afternoon, President Trump stated very simply, "We don't need a liberal Democrat in the seat."

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