Monday, January 8, 2018 -- Oprah 2020, Flynn, Mueller & Israel, Every Vote Counts

Oprah 2020?
Many observers on the left and the right say that Oprah Winfrey's remarks at last night's Golden Globe Awards will be seen in retrospect as the kickoff of her 2020 presidential campaign.  Close friends say she is "actively thinking" about it.  And for a time, NBC seemed to be cheering her on.
Some "#NeverTrumpers," such as John Podhoretz, were cheering the idea of a Winfrey candidacy.  Last night Podhoretz tweeted, "She would eat. Trump. Alive."  He also tweeted, "She. Is. Running."
If she runs, it will be funny watching all the leftists who claimed that Donald Trump didn't have the experience to be president suddenly claiming that Oprah does or that their previous criticism of Trump doesn't matter.  By the way, if she wins does everyone get a free car?
Here's the one sentence in her speech that really jumped out at me:  "What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have."  With that sentence, Oprah Winfrey just told the world that on one of the things that most divides us, she is on the wrong side. 
There is no such thing as "your truth."  There is only Truth.  There are many things called "your opinions," but opinions are not truth.  The famous adage is not, "Your opinions will set you free."  Instead, Scripture teaches us that, "The Truth will set you free." 
If you are old enough to remember Superman on TV, you will know that he did not fight for your opinions, Justice and the American Way, but "Truth, Justice and the American Way."
Oprah is a product of the morally relativistic culture, which, sadly, defines our age.  The notion that there is no right or wrong, no truth, only what you think is true or false, seems to be the prevailing mindset among our elites.  The left demands tolerance for every crazy idea out there, but it is extremely intolerant when it comes to Truth and reliable standards of right and wrong.
On a separate point, we've spent more than a year entertaining the fantasy that Russia colluded with the Trump campaign to get Donald Trump elected president.  Here's my prediction:  If Oprah does run in 2020, every dictator, every anti-American thug will collude together to ensure that she wins because they know that a foreign policy directed by Oprah will not end well for America.
Flynn, Mueller & Israel
The Wall Street Journal published an interesting story recently about the "intense" efforts of the Trump transition team to derail a December 2016 vote at the U.N. Security Council condemning Israel as an "occupying power" in East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. 
They did this because the president-elect and those around him were strongly pro-Israel.  Plus, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu personally asked the president-elect if he could help.  Efforts to stop this vote were indeed "intense."  I even got calls from good friends asking if there was anything we could do to get people to act. 
As part of the transition team's efforts, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who was at the time the president-elect's national security adviser, made multiple calls to foreign diplomats urging them to oppose or delay the vote. 
Some have suggested that Flynn may have violated the Logan Act, which has never been enforced because it is routine for incoming officials to communicate with their foreign counterparts.  Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz argued that while Flynn was wrong to mislead the FBI, his efforts on behalf of the transition team were not wrong.
Left-wing media outlets have told us over and over again that Michael Flynn is in big trouble because he lied to the FBI about the Trump campaign's collusion with Russia to influence the election.  But according to the Journal's reporting, Flynn's lobbying efforts against the anti-Israel U.N. resolution "formed part of the basis of the December plea deal he struck" with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
Serious journalists should ask those cheerleading for the Mueller investigation whether they are really serious about bringing down the Trump/Pence Administration because it went the extra mile to protect Israel.
Every Vote Counts
2018 brings the first mid-term elections of the Trump presidency.  I'm not making any predictions about how those elections will turn out.  But I do want to urge everyone reading this report to make sure they, as well as all their friends and family members, are registered to vote.
Every vote counts, my friends.  If you don't believe me, just ask Delegate David Yancey of Virginia. 
Late last week, Yancey was declared the winner of a random drawing after his race for the 94th House of Delegates seat ended in a tie vote.  Yancey's victory gave Republicans a 51-to-49 majority in state House of Delegates, preserving the GOP's control of the Virginia legislature.
Every vote really does matter!  But you can't vote if you are not registered.
Don't delay.  Click here to learn more about voter registration deadlines in your state.

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