Friday, October 14, 2011

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Company Caves; Protestors Attack

The private company that owns Zuccotti Park backed down from its demand that the Wall Street protestors clear out so the park could be cleaned. And how did the protestors respond? Just as Iran or the jihadists in the Palestinian territories do -- at the first sign of weakness they attack!

Emboldened by their victory in occupying the park, the protestors decided to take their mops and brooms and "go clean up Wall Street." Chanting "The Whole World Is Watching," the mob attempted to breach the police barricades that had surrounded the park. And that wasn't the only lawlessness.

A Fox News affiliate in Boston reports that the Coast Guard has warned its members to avoid the Occupy Boston protestors while in uniform. Why? According to the report, one female Coast Guard member was spit on twice, verbally harassed and had a water bottle thrown at her.

No one in the great American middle class would be so disrespectful to a uniformed member of the Armed Forces. But these are the kinds of folks attracted to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Unfortunately, there is more. Click here to watch the Featured Video on our homepage showing the anti-Semitism on display at the Occupy Wall Street protests.

What Do They Believe?

Thanks to New York Magazine we know a bit more about the protestors.

Reporters for the magazine recently interviewed 100 Occupy Wall Street protestors, and here's what they learned:

  • 37 said that capitalism was inherently immoral and cannot be saved.
  • Only six could correctly identify what the Volker Rule is -- one of the key demands of the big government regulatory crowd and a central component of the Dodd-Frank bill. In other words, these people don't know much about why they are there and what they are protesting for.
  • When asked what they thought of Obama, one said he was doing great; 22 said he was doing the best he can; 40 said they believed in him, but he has let them down; and 27 said they never believed in him.
  • The reporters also asked the demonstrators to rank how liberal they were compared to Barack Obama, Paul Krugman, Ralph Nader and Noam Chomsky.

    Three said they were "liberal but mainstream -- like Barack Obama." Twelve said they were "strongly liberal -- like Paul Krugman." Forty-one were "fed up with the Democrats and felt the country needed a major overhaul -- like Ralph Nader." And 34, like Noam Chomsky, are "convinced the U.S. government is no better than, say, Al Qaeda."

Other demonstrators recently interviewed told reporters that they wanted cuts in the defense budget ranging from 80% to 100%. No, that isn't a typo. This is not mainstream America, my friends. These people are the grass roots of the Obama/Pelosi/Barney Frank Democrat Party!

How To Create Jobs

At a White House press conference yesterday with the president of South Korea, President Obama took the opportunity to bash congressional Republicans for failing to produce a jobs bill of their own. Obama said, "I haven't yet seen [a GOP jobs plan].  And so, eventually, I'm hoping that they actually put forward some proposals that indicate that they feel that sense of urgency about needing to put people back to work right now."

Later in the day, President Obama called Speaker John Boehner to thank him for passing three free trade agreements. According to Politico, it was a terse ten-minute conversation with Boehner telling Obama, "I want to make sure you have all the facts." Boehner then reminded Obama that Republicans introduced their jobs plan several months ago and that it had been discussed "numerous times" with top White House aides.

Yesterday, Senate Republicans introduced their jobs plan -- cut taxes, reduce regulations and boost domestic energy production -- which is largely similar to the House GOP's approach.

Speaking of jobs, the administration is reportedly dropping the phrase "saved or created" when referring to stimulus jobs. The new buzz words are "supported jobs." At least it is a more accurate description. We know from the rising unemployment rate that Obama's first stimulus bill didn't create any jobs. In fact, it seems to be a good example of how not to create jobs! But what exactly are "supported jobs"?

The Wall Street Journal noted this week that the green jobs stimulus program is such a failure that the Labor Department's Office of Inspector General has recommended its $500 million program be shut down and the remaining funds returned to the Treasury. The Journal reports, "The program was supposed to train 125,000 workers, but only 53,000 have been 'trained' so far, only 8,035 have found jobs, and only 1,033 were still in the job after six months." But wait…there's more!

According to congressional investigators, many of these jobs were neither new nor "green," but were jobs "supported" with stimulus money and therefore reclassified as "green jobs." What kind of jobs? Drivers of buses converted to natural gas, government bureaucrats, "university professors teaching ecology," -- and this one will make your blood boil -- "even the Washington lobbyists who secure energy loan guarantees (Solyndra?!) count as green employees for the purposes of government counting."

Which vision of job creation do you think will work best: Obama's call for higher taxes to fund more big government, stimulus-"supported" jobs or the GOP plan? This will be a key question facing voters when they cast their ballots in November 2012.


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