Friday, August 3, 2018 -- Media Bias Blowout, The Double Standard, Threats & Retirements

Media Bias Blowout
In yesterday's report I wrote about the left-wing media's role in dividing the country.  Contrary to Jim Acosta's pontificating, many reporters these days are not true journalists in the sense that they do not impartially report facts. 

And with the rise of Donald Trump, many reporters gleefully dropped the charade of objectivity.  The New York Times acknowledged the media's anti-Trump resistance with an August 2016 column entitled, "Trump Is Testing the Norms of Objectivity In Journalism."

Well, with its latest hire of Sarah Jeong as a member of its editorial board, it seems the Times has abandoned common decency too. 
Jeong's Twitter feed is littered with bigoted rants against white people.  [WARNING: Graphic Language.]  I'll share just one from November 2014:
"Dumba** f***ing white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs p*ssing on fire hydrants."
It would have been amazing if the New York Times had not done its due diligence before it hired Jeong.  But it quickly issued a statement defending her. 
In fact, the Times admits that it was well aware of her social media history.  And they hired her anyway because she was just defending herself from online "harassment" and criticism. 
That excuse doesn't pass the straight face test.  Jeong has also tweeted lots of disgusting anti-police rants too.  (I seriously doubt cops were trolling her.)  And still the New York Times hired her.
Martin Luther King, Jr., must be rolling over in his grave! 
Why are forces on the left trying so desperately to divide us over what matters the least -- the pigment of our skin?  It was Dr. King's dream, and one I believe most Americans share, that we judge one another not by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character. 
Every civil rights group should denounce the hiring of Jeong.  Racism of any kind is wrong, and it should be rejected by all people of goodwill. 
Here's the good news.  The left's race-baiting may no longer be working. 
The latest Rasmussen poll finds that Trump's support among black Americans has risen from 15% last year to 29% now.  His support among Hispanics is rising too.
The Double Standard
How does one square the circle of Roseanne Barr losing her sitcom over a racist tweet and the hiring an editorial writer who demeans an entire race and law enforcement?
Take any of Jeong's offensive tweets and substitute another race -- Hispanics, blacks, Asians.  I presume Twitter would have banned them immediately.
Donald Trump has been lambasted for suggesting that some illegal immigrants are criminals.  He's absolutely right.  Yet, he's been called a racist for saying it. 
Over and over again, the left has demonized Middle America and increasingly attacked white working class Americans -- whether it's Obama's "bitter clingers" or Hillary's "basket of deplorables" or the new Harvard-educated editorialist at the New York Times.
Throughout history, the smearing of entire ethnic groups has always ended in a human rights disaster.
It is this kind of rhetoric that causes Republican congressmen to be shot at baseball games. 
Or causes a teenager to have his hat ripped off his head by an "adult" man. 
Or causes a deranged liberal to ram a car with a Trump sticker. 
Or results in Sarah Huckabee Sanders not being able to enjoy dinner in a restaurant.
Or any of the 500+ other acts of violence and intimidation against conservatives.
Progressive leaders must denounce the hate-filled rhetoric against hard working, patriotic, tax-paying Americans.  But I am not holding my breath.
Rising Threats & Retirements
Is this non-stop rhetoric dehumanizing conservatives, Christians, white Americans, pro-life activists, etc., already reaping results? 
As you know, a deranged Bernie Sanders supporter last year tried to assassinate House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.  A New York man was arrested yesterday for threatening to shoot Scalise's children.  But that's not all. 
A man was arrested last month for "making terroristic threats" against New Jersey Congressman Chris Smith.  Rep. Smith told reporters that the tires on his car have been slashed seven times this year.  Seven times!
Smith also said that he believes there is an orchestrated effort underway to intimidate conservative members of Congress and force them into retiring.  "I know it's worked on some," Smith said. "They just got tired of being threatened.
Smith isn't the only one saying that, and danger is real.  Threats against members of Congress have doubled since 2016. 
Is there an organized effort to intimidate conservative congressmen?  I don't know.  But we do know that there was an organized left-wing effort to stoke violence at Trump rallies during the 2016 campaign.
My friends, as much as we really do need your financial support to help pro-life conservatives like Rep. Smith win the 2018 elections, we should all be praying for the safety of our elected officials, for a return to civility in our public discourse and for God's healing upon our land.
But none of that will happen if the radical left gains power this November!
Please help me fight back!

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