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Tuesday, July 23, 2019 -- The Left vs. Law Enforcement, Trump Expands Deportation Authority, Deep State Update

The Left vs. Law Enforcement
A disgusting video hit social media today showing New York City police officers getting hit with buckets and having liquids thrown on them as they attempt to make an arrest, while a crowd cheers the assault. 
We regularly see flag-draped coffins of officers shot in the line of duty.  Clearly, the police have been demonized. 
Sadly, far too many people didn't realize or have forgotten why Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem.  He was showing his disdain for police and for America.  That's why he wore socks depicting police officers as pigs.  That's why he praised communist Cuba.  That's why he objected to the Betsy Ross flag.
But Kaepernick wasn't alone.  Barack Obama routinely injected himself into high-profile disputes involving law enforcement and almost always sided against the men and women on the Thin Blue Line, while reminding the country of "our history" of police violence and abuse. 
Thankfully, we have a pro-law enforcement president and administration today.  But many on the left are still demonizing law enforcement.  They have compared ICE agents to the Nazi Gestapo.  Chants like "Pigs in a blanket,  fry em like bacon" never get the media as outraged as "Send her back." 
By the way, the same people who demonize our police also demonize the U.S. military.  The left-wing mob in Aurora, Colorado, that took down the U.S. flag and replaced it with a Mexican flag also vandalized a Blue Lives Matter flag and chanted "F--- the troops!" 
Not surprisingly, recruiters for the military, Border Patrol and local police departments are having difficulty filling their ranks.  Gee, I wonder why.
Trump Expands Deportation Authority
The Trump Administration announced yesterday that it was expanding the authority of immigration officials to quickly deport illegal immigrants under a policy known as "expedited removal." 
It is important to note that expedited removal is not a novel concept or something Donald Trump just invented because "he hates immigrants" or because he is "a racist." 
As one left-wing organization noted, the policy was created during the Clinton Administration and expanded by George W. Bush so that any illegal immigrant detained within two weeks of arrival and within 100 miles of the border could be quickly deported. 
The Trump Administration is expanding the policy to apply to anyone in the entire country who entered illegally at any time in the past two years.  That's not bigotry.  It's just common sense.
And, of course, the ACLU and open borders advocates are vowing to sue to block the enforcement of this new authority. 
Here's the bottom line:  Donald Trump is serious about securing the border and ending illegal immigration.  Meanwhile, Congress is paralyzed between the GOP Senate and Pelosi's House, the courts are still dominated by left-wing hacks and the media refuses to expose the left's open borders agenda.
And when it comes to immigration, the American people are solidly behind the president.  New polling finds that the left's open borders agenda is deeply unpopular. 

Just 27% think Elizabeth Warren's plan to decriminalize illegal entry into the country is "a good idea."  Even among self-identified "moderate Democrats," free healthcare for illegal immigrants and open borders are political losers.
Deep State Update
While Washington is buzzing about tomorrow's testimony from former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, there are signals that the left is increasingly nervous about what upcoming reports may reveal about the deep state's actions.  
For example, Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, recently took a shot at Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, saying his work was "tainted from the start" and "motivated for a political end." 
That was a striking accusation given Horowitz's reputation for independence and extremely thorough work.  Horowitz was appointed inspector general by Barack Obama, not Donald Trump. 
So why is Schiff trying to preemptively discredit an Obama appointee? 
It may have something to do with new evidence indicating that fired FBI Director James Comey had a spy working inside the Trump White House and had been deliberately misleading the president of the United States.
We will keep you posted!