Obama Vs. America

Barack Obama is out-of-touch with mainstream American values.  His extremism is laid bare by public opinion polls demonstrating how he consistently sides with a radical minority against the commonsense views held by most Americans. DOWNLOAD PDF OF THIS ARTICLE

OBAMACARE 56% of voters want ObamaCare repealed.i  39% support it.
BIG GOVERNMENT 72% of Americans believe ObamaCare's individual mandate is unconstitutional.ii  Only 20% believe the mandate is constitutional.
RELIGIOUS LIBERTY 57% of Americans oppose Obama's mandate forcing religious institutions to pay for services that violate their values.iii  Just 36% said religious institutions should be forced to pay for services they morally object to.
MARRIAGE By an average vote of 68%, 31 states have passed constitutional amendments to protect the meaning of normal marriage. iv On May 9, 2012, Barack Obama endorsed same-sex "marriage."
ENERGY 60% of voters support building the Keystone XL pipeline.  Just 24% oppose it.v
TAXES 75% of likely voters say the top tax rate should be 30% or less. But Obama wants to raise it to nearly 40%.vi   Only 4% of likely voters felt the top tax rate should be 40% or more.
VOTER ID 75% of likely voters, including 63% of Democrats, support voter ID laws.vii   But the Obama Administration is blocking voter ID laws in Texas and South Carolina.
STIMULUS 62% of Americans, including 45% of Democrats, think Obama's $800 billion stimulus bill just created more debt.  Only 28% think it actually helped the economy.viii
IMMIGRATION 61% of likely voters support an Arizona-style anti-illegal immigration law.  Only 28% of voters support the Obama Administration's lawsuit against the law. ix
GROUND ZERO MOSQUE 68% of Americans, including 54% of Democrats, opposed the construction of a mosque near Ground Zero.x   Just 29% supported it.
ABORTION 72% of Americans believe there should be some restrictions on abortion or that it should be illegal.xi   Just 22% support abortion-on-demand.  Obama sides with the 22%.
MISSILE DEFENSE 55% of Americans support a missile defense system.  Just 16% oppose it. xIi
OCCUPY MOVEMENT 55% of likely voters have an unfavorable opinion of the OWS movement, while 36% view it favorably. xIii