In March 2009, Barack Obama and congressional Democrats began their latest attempt to socialize our health care system.4 They did so to the neglect of all else, including jobs and the economy.

The Constitution was written by our Founding Fathers with the purpose of limiting government's power. They had just thrown off the yoke of the British crown and did not want to create another government that could exert excessive control over the people. In their wisdom, the Founders created a system of checks and balances that makes America unique by dispersing power. Throughout America's history, politicians of both parties have recognized the genius of this system and respected its boundaries.

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When it comes to abortion, Barack Obama and the Democrats are extremists.  Here is a brief history of Obama's record on abortion. Note the contrast between Obama's positions and public opinion. It's clear who the real extremist is. [READ MORE]

Barack Obama is out-of-touch with mainstream American values.  His extremism is laid bare by public opinion polls demonstrating how he consistently sides with a radical minority against the commonsense views held by most Americans.


Since Obama has been in the White House, unemployment is up, gas prices are up, and government spending has SKYROCKETED!

Help Campaign for Working Families elect Pro-Family, Pro-Life, and Pro-Growth candidates to undo what President Obama has done.

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Thursday, October 8, 2015 -- Speaker Scramble, Planned Parenthood Probe, Investigating The Intel, Bush = Romney?

Speaker Scramble

House Republicans were scheduled to meet behind closed doors today to choose their nominee to replace John Boehner as speaker of the House. Daniel Webster of Florida and Jason Chaffetz of Utah had declared, as had House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Yesterday, former Vice President Dick Cheney and former Speaker Newt Gingrich...

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News & Information

Obamacare Five Years Later, Unpopular As Ever

Obamacare Increases Premiums 78%

Obamacare To End Private Employer Health Plans

Obamacare To Add "Significant Complexity" To Tax Season

HHS Audit:  Obamacare Sign-ups Riddled With Errors

Government Report:  Obamacare Increases Premiums For 65% of Small Business Employees

CBO Report:  Obamacare To Cost More Than 2 Million Jobs

Obamacare To Cancel More Than 50 Million policies

Democrat "Cringed" When Obama Lied About Keeping Current Insurance

Only One Person Signs Up for Obamacare in NC

Only Six People Sign Up in First 24 Hours

Washington Post Says Obama Lied

Millions To Lose Coverage Thanks To Obamacare

Obamacare Navigator Confesses Zero Signing Up Due To Rate Shock

Obama Administration Warned Healthcare.gov Not Ready

Georgia Seeks Emergency Delay As Obamacare Raises Rates 198%

Obamacare To Hike Premiums 88% in Ohio

Obamacare To Raise Premiums 40% in Florida

Obamacare To Raise Premiums 72% in Indiana

Businesses Cutting Hours & Workers Because of Obamacare

Business Owner Faces Million Dollar Obamacare Bill 

The People Against ObamaCare

Doctors Against ObamaCare

Economists Against ObamaCare

Repealing ObamaCare Will Save Taxpayers $540 Billion

Dem Gov: You Will Lose Your Coverage Under ObamaCare

How did your representative vote?

How did your senators vote?

Government-run Socialized Medicine Will:

These Folks Want To Run Our Healthcare?

US health care tab to keep growing under overhaul

Support Gov't-Run HealthCare? Be Careful What You Wish For.

What Health Reform Will Do to My Insurance

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