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Friday, August 25, 2017 -- Left-wing Insanity, The Silent Majority, Brown vs. Kaepernick

More Left-wing Insanity

Wednesday afternoon, the ACLU posted a picture of a beautiful little girl in a "free speech" onesie holding an American flag. The picture was captioned, "This is the future that ACLU members want."

I have no doubt that the progressives at the...

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Thursday, August 24, 2017 -- She's Back, NFL Protest, Another Radical Imam

She's Back!

Hillary Clinton is back in the headlines as excerpts of her new book are being leaked in advance of its release next month. A lot of Democrats in Washington just shake their heads and wish she would go away. Hillary is not the future of the Democrat Party.

I understand how they feel, but who is the future of the left? Is it 75 year-old Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders? Is it 74 year-old Joe Biden? Maybe it...

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017 -- Fire & Fury In Phoenix, Left-wing Insanity, Swift Moves

Fire & Fury In Phoenix

President Trump was clearly fired up during last night's rally in Phoenix, Arizona. Thousands of conservatives braved left-wing mobs to get into the rally. And they had to endure the same mobs to leave the rally, but they did it.

The left-wing protestors were so disorderly that police had to respond with tear gas and stun grenades. Thankfully, Arizona conservatives refused to be...

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017 -- The President's Speech, Another Collision, The Left's War On Cops

The President's Speech

President Trump addressed the nation last night from Fort Myer in Arlington, Virginia. His remarks about winning the war in Afghanistan were measured and his tone was presidential.

Trump has appeared numerous times before military audiences, and the troops are always boisterous in their support. But last night, they clearly had been told that this was a serious, solemn...

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Monday, August 21, 2017 -- The Eclipse, The Race Card, Attacking Law & Order

The Eclipse. . . Of Reason

The degree to which irrationality is now driving public debate is depressing and, quite frankly, frightening. It would take too much space here to catalogue all the places in America where memorials and statues have been attacked, defaced and vandalized. But I will mention two.

A monument in Kansas City, Missouri, honoring...

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Friday, August 18, 2017 -- Barcelona Bloodbath, The American Taliban

Barcelona Bloodbath

Once again, the world is being subjected to images of dead and dying people on the streets of Europe. Yet another vicious attack has been carried out by a committed enemy. Fourteen people in Barcelona, Spain, were killed and more than 100 were injured when jihadists turned vehicles into weapons of mass destruction. (As I write, there are breaking reports of a massive fire at the Barcelona airport.)

In spite of...

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Thursday, August 17, 2017 -- Sessions vs. Sanctuary Cities, Trump vs. Flake, NARAL's Disgusting Attack

Sessions vs. Sanctuary Cities

The hate we saw in Charlottesville over the weekend overshadowed another weekend of death in the city of Chicago. Thirty people were shot and nine were killed.

Many of these deaths are the result of drug gangs fighting each other. Tragically, all too often innocent victims get caught in the crossfire. Sunday,...

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017 -- Jew Hatred Is Evil, Denouncing David Duke, Iceland's Nazi Problem

Jew Hatred Is Evil

Many vile and hateful things were said and done in Charlottesville over the weekend. This morning, a good friend brought to my attention a video that I had not previously seen capturing some of that vileness.

A group of marchers in Charlottesville were chanting...

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017 -- Fire & Fury Wins, Cultural Revolution, Irony Abounds

Fire & Fury Wins

President Trump warned North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un that he faced "fire and fury" if he attacked the United States or our allies. Secretary of Defense James Mattis said yesterday that if Kim fired missiles toward Guam or the U.S., "It's game on. . . The bottom line is we will defend the country and for us that's war."

It seems North Korea's Stalinist dictator...

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Monday, August 14, 2017 -- Trump Addresses The Nation, Truth, What Now

Trump Addresses The Nation

Shortly after noon today, President Trump addressed the nation from the White House. His remarks, which largely echoed his comments from this weekend, were a powerful condemnation of bigotry and racism. He notably added a condemnation of specific groups, including the KKK, neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

The president vowed to bring those responsible for the violence in Charlottesville to justice, and...

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