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Wednesday, November 4, 2015 -- A Great Night, Your Vote, Backlash In Iran

A Great Night For Conservatives

Several states and localities held off-year elections yesterday. For the most part, it was a great night for conservatives! Here's a brief summary of the major contests.

·  Kentucky -- Kentuckians elected only the second Republican governor in more than 40 years. The winner, Matt Bevin, came out of the Tea Party movement. He challenged Sen. Mitch McConnell last year, and narrowly...

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November 3, 2015 -- Obama's Lawlessness, Obama's Radical Agenda, Stand With Israel

The Left's Lawlessness

There are disturbing reports in a leading Capitol Hill newspaper that the Obama Administration is, once again, looking for ways to circumvent Congress and ignore the courts.

Using his pen and his phone, Obama is hoping to enact a radical climate change...

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Monday, November 2, 2015 -- Obama's Jail Break, Servergate Update, Victory For Free Speech, Goodbye Fred

Obama's Jail Break

Over the weekend, 6,000 so-called "non-violent criminals" were released from federal prisons, part of the Obama Administration's efforts to relax sentences for non-violent drug offenders. An additional 8,500 prisoners may be deemed eligible for early release next year. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Administration officials estimate that as many...

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Friday, October 30, 2015 -- Fallout Continues, Border Security Is National Security, Kudos To North Carolina, GOP Is Thriving

The Fallout Continues

The fallout from Wednesday's contentious CNBC debate continues. Politico reports that the presidential candidates are taking matters into their own hands.

Representatives from at least nine campaigns will be meeting in Washington, D.C., Sunday to discuss how they can force changes to the debate structure. No one from the Republican...

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Thursday, October 29, 2015 -- Speaker Ryan, Cruz & Rubio Score Big, The Biggest Loser, Who Is Your Favorite

Speaker Ryan

Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin became Speaker Ryan this morning. In doing so, he becomes the youngest speaker of the House in nearly 150 years. He is now second in the line of presidential succession, behind Vice President Joe Biden.

While I have concerns about some of Ryan's positions, I will say this for the new leader of the House: Well-known for his devotion to policy...

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015 -- Impeachment, What's At Stake, Nervous Breakdown


Yesterday, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, introduced a resolution of impeachment against IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. The impeachment resolution was co-sponsored by 18 members of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

"Commissioner Koskinen violated the public trust. He failed to comply with a congressionally issued subpoena, documents...

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015 -- Something To Strive For, Comey vs.Obama, The Anti-Israel Left, Cruz Control

Something To Strive For?

When we think of things worth striving for, usually something noble comes to mind -- striving for a better education, a new job or reaching a life goal. But by the standards of most Americans, one abortionist is striving for something sinister.

The latest undercover video exposing Planned Parenthood's barbaric fetal harvesting practices features Dr. Amna Dermish...

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Monday, October 26, 2015 -- This Weekend's "Cycle of Violence," Bush Has Better Things To Do, Getting Gridlock Wrong, Clinton Defends VA Mess

This Weekend's "Cycle Of Violence"

Friday, an Israeli family, driving near Beit El, was attacked with firebombs. A four year-old girl suffered burns to more than 35% of her body. Her parents and two siblings were also wounded.

Saturday, a 16 year-old Palestinian pretending to be a candy salesman attempted to stab Defense Ministry...

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Friday, October 23, 2015 -- What We Learned, Hillary's War, Planned Parenthood Next, Battle For Iowa

What We Learned

Contrary to the consensus media narrative that nothing new was learned at yesterday's Benghazi hearing, there were in fact a number of revelations. And before the media absolves Hillary completely, remember that there is still an active FBI investigation that could result in Mrs. Clinton facing charges under the Espionage Act.

Here's what I think deserves further attention...

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Thursday, October 22, 2015 -- Focus Please, Second Thoughts, Hillary To The Hill, Obama Vetoes Defense Budget

Focus, Please

In recent weeks across the nation of Israel, fanatical Palestinian Muslim youths have attacked and killed Israeli Jews. Using knives, axes, and ice picks, they have murdered grandmothers, women and children. The United Nations has collectively yawned.

For the most part, the Obama Administration has condemned the "cycle of violence" -- a phrase which suggests both sides...

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