Wednesday, November 30, 2011

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Obama Ratchets Up The Rhetoric

Barack Obama was in Scranton, Pennsylvania, today selling his Social Security payroll tax cut. Not surprisingly, he ratcheted up his class warfare rhetoric in his sales pitch to this largely blue-collar area.

I think tax cuts are great. And I think it is telling that even Obama's economic advisors are strongly recommending that this tax cut be not only renewed, but also expanded because of its economic benefits. But Obama and his liberal congressional allies are proposing to pay for this "middle class" tax cut by raising taxes on small business owners and entrepreneurs. They are, once again, dividing us -- pitting one group of Americans against another.

As one commentator noted, Pennsylvania "has voted Democratic in the last five presidential elections." That Obama felt the need to deliver this speech in Scranton suggests the Democrats are afraid of losing the Keystone State, and with good reason. I think the good people of Pennsylvania should remind themselves of two things, and hopefully the state GOP will help them remember.

Just a few years ago, Obama went to San Francisco and mocked the very people he spoke to today. As the 2008 Pennsylvania primary approached, Obama was asked at a fundraiser filled with left-coast liberals why he was having a hard time connecting with folks in small towns in states like Pennsylvania. Obama responded that economic difficulties lead those middle Americans to become "bitter, and that they cling to guns or religion … as a way to explain their frustrations."

Unfortunately for Pennsylvanians, economic conditions haven't gotten any better during Obama's time in office. In fact, they have gotten worse. When Obama took office, the unemployment rate in Pennsylvania was 6.8%. Today it is above 8%. If voters in Pennsylvania are bitter, Obama is a big part of the problem. And that leads to the second thing I hope folks there remember.

Scranton is sitting on top of massive wealth -- huge natural gas deposits locked in the Marcellus Shale formation. Yet the Obama Administration and its radical environmentalist allies are hostile to the oil and gas industry. Rather than supporting successful industries and utilizing proven resources, Obama has wasted billions of hard-earned tax dollars chasing after windmills and other so-called alternative energy projects, while doing everything he possibly can to stifle domestic production of traditional energy sources.

In Defense Of Capitalism

Like Georgia small businessman Bill Looman, Leon Cooperman, CEO of Omega Advisors, has had enough of Obama. Monday Cooperman sent a blistering letter to President Obama, taking him to task for his "desperate demagoguery."

The entire letter is worth reading, and we will post a link on our home page at But Cooperman also defends capitalism, and I want to share that portion of his letter.

"Capitalism is not the source of our problems, as an economy or as a society, and capitalists are not the scourge that they are too often made out to be. As a group, we employ many millions of taxpaying people, pay their salaries, provide them with healthcare coverage, start new companies, found new industries, create new products, fill store shelves at Christmas, and keep the wheels of commerce and progress (and indeed of government, by generating the income whose taxation funds it) moving.

"To frame the debate as one of rich-and-entitled versus poor-and-dispossessed is to both miss the point and further inflame an already incendiary environment. It is also a naked, political pander to some of the basest human emotions - a strategy, as history teaches, that never ends well for anyone but totalitarians and anarchists."

Cooperman is right. Capitalism may not be perfect, but socialism does not work. Just look at Greece. Please share this message with friends and family members who may be tempted by the siren's song of the Occupy Wall Street movement or on the fence about supporting Obama next year.

Has The War With Iran Already Started?

There are a lot of reasons to think that a war with Iran is looming. But a series of recent events might lead one to suspect it has already begun.

Two weeks ago, an explosion near Bid Kaneh virtually destroyed an entire military industrial complex devoted to Iran's ballistic missile program, killing a major general and more than a dozen others. Earlier this week, another explosion occurred in Isfahan, seriously damaging a key nuclear facility.

Intelligence experts doubt both explosions were accidents. Gen. Giora Eiland, a former director of Israel's National Security Council, said, "There aren't many coincidences, and when there are so many events there is probably some sort of guiding hand, though perhaps it's the hand of God."

Tuesday, in a scene awfully reminiscent of the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis, Iranian students stormed the British embassy in Tehran. The British government evacuated its embassy staff, and Britain has expelled Iranian diplomats in London in retaliation. France has recalled its ambassador from Tehran, and the Norwegians closed their embassy as tensions rise.

The Christmas Wars Begin

Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee is taking heat today for announcing that the official lighting of the state's "holiday tree" will take place on December 6th at the capitol building. State lawmakers and religious leaders are not happy.

In protest, State Rep. Doreen Costa (R) will put a Christmas tree in her office. Costa said, "Anybody that wants to go see a holiday tree can do so, but I will be decorating a Christmas tree. It may only be a little Charlie Brown Christmas tree, but at least it will be a Christmas tree." Bishop Thomas Tobin called Chafee's rhetoric "most disheartening and divisive," adding that it was "an affront to the faith of many citizens."

Meanwhile, homosexual rights groups have once again launched an effort to boycott the Salvation Army's Red Kettle campaign because of its opposition to homosexuality. You'll probably run across one of the Salvation Army's bell ringers in the days ahead, and I encourage you to support their efforts. You can learn about other ways to donate to the Salvation Army here.

Also, our friends at Liberty Council have put together a "Naughty & Nice" list identifying retailers that are Christmas-friendly and those that are not. It is good to see many major retailers on the "Nice" list such as Walmart, which has told employees and greeters they are free to say "Merry Christmas." You can thank Walmart here.


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