Wednesday, November 2, 2011

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Another Democrat Wall Street Scandal

MF Global, one of the largest hedge funds in America, filed for bankruptcy protection this week, after making a 40-to-1 leveraged bet on European debt. Now the FBI and the SEC are launching investigations in the wake of reports of possible fraud and violation of securities laws.

This scandal is ready-made for the class warfare that the left and their media allies have been waging in recent months against conservatives, Wall Street and investors. As the story unfolds, one would think Occupy Wall Street would be on the march, but it isn't. Why hasn't Obama used this latest example of greed gone bad to launch another attack on the 1%? Where is the media frenzy?

Here's why the silence is deafening: the chairman of MF Global, Jon Corzine, is a partisan liberal Democrat. Most Americans don't know that because in story after story big media have failed to report his political loyalties.

Corzine previously worked for Goldman Sachs. Then he won a Senate seat in New Jersey by spending a record-breaking $60 million on his campaign. After one term he "bought" the governorship of the state, again breaking all records on spending. Throughout his career he has been a major contributor to the Democrat National Committee, the Clintons, Obama and various left-wing causes. Finally in 2010, Republican Chris Christie defeated Corzine, sending him back to Wall Street.

Can you imagine how this story would be reported if Corzine were a conservative Republican? But Corzine is not an exception. Many of the worst "players" in the Wall Street/banking meltdown were loyal partisan Democrats. Most of them donated to Obama's 2008 campaign.

Even today, as Obama and the Democrats rush to embrace the Occupy Wall Street movement, they continue to rake in most of Wall Street's political cash. Ponzi scheme operator Bernie Madoff was also a liberal Democrat, and a major contributor to the left-wing causes. And, of course, who can forget hedge-fund billionaire George Soros!

Will She Or Won't She?

Late yesterday evening the Washington Post reported that one of Herman Cain's accusers has come forward to tell her side of the story. Speaking on CBS this morning, her attorney, Joel Bennett, contended that Herman Cain, by commenting to the extent that he has, had violated the confidentiality agreement reached in the settlement.

But now the Post is reporting that the woman "might be having second thoughts." Evidently, she works for the federal government and, therefore, is bound by the Hatch Act, which prevents government employees from engaging in political activities. (Telling her side of the story could, theoretically, be construed as actively opposing Cain's candidacy.) In addition, her husband is a Washington lobbyist and a registered Republican.

The National Restaurant Association released a brief statement this afternoon indicating that Mr. Bennett will contact the Association's lawyers tomorrow "after he met with his client." Stay tuned.

What happens next could have tremendous repercussions. If Cain's accusers come forward, the story lingers, his support could collapse, leading to a new GOP front-runner. (More on that below.) But if they don't come forward and the story goes away, or, as I hope, the alleged "harassment" is baseless, Cain could emerge stronger than ever.

Your Reaction

Given the attention these allegations have received over the past three days and knowing the support for Herman Cain among "End of Day" readers, I wasn't surprised by the tremendous response we received to our request for feedback yesterday. Thank you, my friends. It is very helpful for me, especially when speaking with reporters and other conservative leaders.

Cain supporters who wrote back were virtually unanimous in their reaction: These media-driven attacks have only strengthened their support for Cain. It also explains why Cain's campaign is reporting a surge of online donations in the past 48 hours.

Is Newt Next?

We also asked for feedback regarding a second choice candidate if Mr. Cain should falter in the wake of these allegations. Not everyone answered that question, but among those who did, 41% chose Newt Gingrich. Undecided was second with 19%, followed by Rick Perry (14%), Rick Santorum (10%), Mitt Romney (8%) and Michele Bachmann (7%).

Coincidentally, a prominent polling firm reports it is also finding a lot of support for Gingrich among identified Cain voters and Tea Party supporters.

Colorado Rejects Obama

Barack Obama has a problem in the swing state of Colorado. Yesterday the state's voters rejected a ballot measure to raise taxes to fund an additional $3 billion for education spending. The vote wasn't even close -- 36% to 64% against the education tax hikes.

Why is this a problem for Obama? As you may recall, "investing in education" has been one of his major themes. In fact, after the Senate failed to pass his $450 billion stimulus bill, Harry Reid broke it up and tried to pass it in pieces. The first piece they tried to push was $35 billion for more teachers. Obama thought it was a slam dunk, saying:

"They'll have to tell you why teachers in your community don't deserve a paycheck again. They'll have to tell your kids why they don't deserve to have their teacher back. They'll have to tell you why they're against commonsense proposals that would help families and strengthen our communities right now."

Well, the voters of Colorado just shot down one of Obama's biggest talking points. So, when will Obama condemn the voters of Colorado for being greedy and heartless when it comes to education? Don't hold your breath.

Obama doesn't hesitate to sue Alabama and Arizona for trying to stop illegal immigration, and he doesn't hesitate to stop South Carolina from opening up a new manufacturing facility -- because he doesn't stand much of a chance of winning those states. But he needs Colorado to win reelection. Maybe Coloradans have decided they don't need him!


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